Who wouldn’t be dreaming of experiencing condo living that’s Instagram-worthy? With the popularity of resort-style condo living in the Philippines, renters have stepped up their social media game. You see a multitude of Instagram photos taken in covetable properties such as the Flair Towers, serving as stomping grounds of stylish renters. Want to see more? Here are 30 stunning photos that sum up the best of DMCI’s resort-style living.

Chic lifestyle photo

The elegant condo spaces of DMCI provide the perfect venue for lifestyle photos. A simple photo of your sun-tinted living room can show off your chic design savvy.

Delicious treats fresh out of the oven

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Care to pique your sweet tooth? These mouthwatering pictures of DMCI residents’ scrumptious creations will surely trigger a craving.

Fitspiration in the outdoor space

Residents get to enjoy a good amount of outdoor space that’s perfect for their fitspiration photos.

Sweet and romantic moments

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Romance is in the air! Condo living can be perfect for ambitious young couples who value their relationship, the good life, and their dreams.

Showing off your hobbies and interests

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Resort-style condo living affords you the extra time and space to sustain your creative passion. Enhance your hobbies and interests and post them on Instagram.

Dream-worthy bedroom

Woke-up-like-this photos look much better in the right space. Whether you’re single or are living with a partner, the resort-style living can energize your waking hours.

Art around the neighborhood

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DMCI properties are situated in prime locations. The condo properties allow people to walk around the neighborhood and marvel at inspiring street art. One might even see the much rarer artist resident painting up a masterpiece!

The classic selfie

Taking a selfie inside your posh condo space? Check! Avid Instagrammers living in DMCI properties are in luck for having a fantastic space for selfies.

Happiest kids

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With the peaceful and relaxing environment, it’s not surprising why resort-style condo living is perfect for raising the happiest kids.

Fun weekend boodle fight!

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Events like weekend boodle fights are more fun in DMCI properties. It feels like vacation, except you get to enjoy everything in the comfort of a resort-style condo property.

Focused student life

Students get to focus on their studies while enjoying condo amenities. DMCI properties are near many of the country’s top schools, allowing students to get to their classes quicker than others.

Gorgeous living space

Drool-worthy living spaces are all over Instagram, and those enjoying the resort-style condo living in DMCI can easily take gorgeous photos of their quarters.

Feast for the eyes

With resort-style condo living, have as many celebrations and take as many delectable photos of the food you prepared.

Chillin’ with the pooch

Bonding with your dog in your condo showcases an easy and fun-filled life.

All smiles in (and under) water

Kids love splashing about in the pool, and it makes the perfect setting for relaxed, joyful photos! If you want to go next level, put your GoPro to good use with an underwater shot of your child in the the kiddie pool of the DMCI property.

Entertainment right in your condo

There are plenty of cinemas nearby and your DMCI condo may even have it’s own mini theater, but there’s something resort-like in enjoying a good film in your own condo space.

Adorable kitten in the condo kitchen

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A cute photo of a kitten in the condo. Need we say more?

Welcoming the new baby

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A nursery photo signifies a love-filled condo space of a growing family.

Mouthwatering brekkie

A photo of your healthy breakfast can start your day right. After all, you don’t need to rush to work since your office is easily accessible from your condo.

Busy being productive

Reach for your dreams while working in a conducive condo environment as you snap a photo of your work station.

Power dressing

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Look driven and powerful in a suit as your prepare to conquer the day.

Fierce OOTD

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Because your condo location allows you to get to work in a jiffy, you can look great in your OOTD while biking around and beating the metro traffic.

Living the life in a resort-style condo

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Abstract shots of the skyline captures the image your superior yet serene condo life.

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