The rainy season is indeed here, and the gloomy weather can surely ruin even the most positive mood. Rains can be a hassle, especially if it keeps you inside your condo and prevents you from doing your normal routine of activities. But don’t worry, you can spend more time with friends, family, and condo neighbors. Even if the rains are on and off these days, there’s no stopping you from doing condo activities that can make this rainy season an unforgettable one.

The cold weather and strong rain can make people a little bit sad and bored, since you can’t go out of your condo to visit the mall, or take a swim in the pool. If you’re limited to watching television, sleeping during rainy days or playing with pets, it is time for you be informed of other fun rainy activities that you can do in your condo. Here are 14 kill-boredom and exciting condo activities during the rainy season that will surely bring fun and laughter in your everyday condo living.

1. Build a Fort for Kids

If you want your kids to avoid being bored during rainy days, you can spark their interest by building an indoor fort for them to play and enjoy. You can use 4 long and strong sticks to serve as base support, blankets, and strings to make this DIY indoor fort for kids. Once finished, put some pillows, books, or toys inside it so that they can enjoy the space provided for them. This can serve as their rainy day hide-out, part reading nook, and part playhouse combined.

2. Have Fun with Marble Run

One of the best indoor activities during the rainy season is playing games. Got a lot of toilet paper tubes but unsure if you’re gonna throw them all away? You can still use them for your next indoor marble run game with your kids. Be creative by covering the tubes with colored tape, and then cut the tubes into half-pipe or window cutouts based on your preference. Then, you can start the game by attaching them in your condo wall or refrigerator. Let them assemble and reassemble the tubes as they want, and don’t forget to place a small box on the floor to catch the marbles.

3. Rainy Days are Karaoke Days

Filipinos love to sing. And with our inseparable love with music, we can definitely kill boredom just by singing our favorite songs while enjoying the rainy season. Gear up with your karaoke mic, invite the entire family in the living room, and sing to an array of your favorite songs. Just be sure not to be too loud to avoid disturbing your condo neighbors.

4. Start a Blog

Ever had that thought of starting your own blog but not finding the right time to do so? Now might be the perfect time to do it. You can start by writing about the first thoughts that came to your mind and then publishing them online through your preferred blogging platform. You can even write about how you conducted your rainy day activities with your family. If you’re fortunate enough, you may even earn extra just by blogging.

5. Picture, Picture!

Since it is raining cats and dogs and you won’t be able to take good photos outside, why not take photos indoors with your camera or your smartphone? Better yet, have your kids take photos as well for your bonding moments. Instantly upload these photos and your selfies to your social networking sites and let your kids enjoy viewing the photos that they produced.

6. Play a Round of M&Ms Straw Game

If you’re inviting friends to visit you on a rainy condo weekend, you can raise the fun and excitement to the next level by playing the M&Ms straw game. All you need is a pack of M&Ms from your refrigerator, some regular- sized straws and cups. Put the candies into the bowl and use the straws to suck the candy and transfer it to the cup. The player with the most number of candies in his cup wins. Pretty challenging and exciting on a rainy day, right?

7. Be Challenged with the Hallway Laser Obstacle Course

This is one game that will really challenge the minds of kids and the kids at heart and one surefire way to kill boredom on a rainy day. Pretend that you are in a “Mission Impossible” task and be strategic as you try to reach the other end of the hall without hitting the string or paper lasers attached in the walls. The fastest one can be awarded a special prize. You can use strings or yarns in various colors and thickness to make it more exciting.

8. Write and Send Letters to Your Loved Ones

With the popularity of emails and online messaging platforms, who doesn’t appreciate receiving a handwritten letter, especially from your friends or family? If during the rainy season, the internet’s a bit too slow, you can take this time to write a special thank you note to a friend, your special someone, or your relatives abroad. Use that idle time during the rain to organize your letters and then you can send it when the weather is already sunny. They’ll be happy to read and receive your letters, and they may even write you back. Be creative by using a special stationary or other colored pens when writing your letter.

9. Send Grandparents Some Love Through Art

Rainy days are also perfect for some indoor art to be made. Why not show your appreciation to grandpa or grandma by making a special artwork dedicated to them? You can encourage your kids to creatively paint their special masterpiece and grandparents will surely appreciate the artwork made out of love. Worried about the condo clean up due to spilled paint? Just follow the tips and tricks for a no-hassle condo cleaning, and you’re sure to brush off your cleaning worries in no time.

10. Plan a Family Vacation

There are times when you just want to look outside your condo window and reflect of your plans while watching falling raindrops. But how does it feel if you’d happily spend the moment planning your next family getaway? Gather your family in the living room and list down your plans for your next trip while searching for information in the internet. The idea of travelling will indeed make the entire family excited, and you can look forward to the sunny days ahead for your trip.

11. Fill Up your Vacation Memory Jars

While planning your vacation during the rainy day, do you want to reminisce and check again those places that you’ve been to? You can easily recall great memories of your trip through your vacation memory jars which can also be part of your condo redecoration. Fill empty jars with photos and other souvenirs that you’ve bought during the trip. This will help you to remember great memories from your previous trips, and you may even plan on going back to your favorite destination.

12. Enjoy a Family Rainy Day Bingo

Another way to kill boredom with your family is to play bingo—with a twist. Make a rainy day bingo card for each of your family member and fill each squares with activities that can be done together inside the condo, whether it is to play hide and seek with kids, or simply cooking a hearty meal for mom. Tick off each activity every time you accomplish one and reward each member of the family who finishes the entire task in their bingo cards.

13. Design your Sweatpants with your DIY Lego Stamp

The cold weather makes you want to wear your sweatpants for added comfort and to make yourself feel warm. Wondering if your sweatpants are looking too plain? You can design it with a simple DIY Lego Stamp technique. Stack 2 Legos, apply paint to the bottom of it and stamp it to your sweatpants and let it dry. You’ll have a new design for your sweatpants that is perfect for the rainy season

14. Produce your own Condo TV Show or Movie

If you’re bored during the rainy day, why not try to produce a condo TV show or movie that can bring out your hosting and acting skills with your family? You can use your smartphone or video camera to create your family video and then gather everyone in the living room to showcase your final product.

Rainy days are not meant to hinder you from doing worthwhile activities. With a healthy mix of creativity and fun, you’re sure to kill that boredom feeling with these helpful and fun rainy activities you can do in your condo that can also serve as the perfect bonding time with your family and friends.