Whether you’re living alone, with a group of friends, or with your family, it’s always fun to rent and live in a condo in the Philippines.

However, there are times when we need to share our condo unit with people we barely know in order to defray monthly expenses. Fortunately, each new roommate is a great chance to build lasting friendships. With this sentiment in mind, it’s important to know how to make a roommate feel welcome.
Here are 11 creative ways to welcome your roommate and get off on the right foot.

Surprise Welcome Party

Surprise Welcome Party

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If you deem your new condo roommate as a person who loves parties, throwing a surprise welcome party is definitely a great idea to welcome him or her. It doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive. Some chips, beer, and other finger food will do.

A party is surefire way to break the ice. It will initiate insightful conversations that will help foster a great condo roommate relationship for the long haul. If they come from a distant area, it will help them forget about their homesickness, too.

Give a Thoughtful Gift

Thoughtful Gift

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Sometimes, you’ll land on a new roommate who likes to keep to himself or herself. This roommate probably won’t talk much, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle to connecting with your roommate.

Engage your new condo roommate in a thoughtful manner by giving a nice gift. Asking them what they do in their spare time is a great way to learn more about them and what kind of gift they’ll probably appreciate. Gifts like books and artistic materials are always a safe bet.

Take Them on a Personal Tour

Personal Tour

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If your new roommate is new to the area, one of the best ways to break the ice while acquainting them with the perks and quirks of the place is to give your them a personal tour.

From inside the condo up to the amenities of the condo building and out on the streets, show your new roommate what he or she should look forward to from condo living and which ones to avoid at all costs. Not only is this a great way to bond with them, it also makes your new roommate thankful for the useful information.

Prepare a Treasure Hunt

Having a new condo roommate doesn’t always mean you only have to learn more about them, it also means they have to learn more about you. Make your new roommate know more about you in a fun way through treasure hunting.

Leave clues inside the condo unit with tidbits of information about you and condo living in the area as well. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can leave the clues around the condo building. Just make sure that you get the go signal from building administrators.

Show Your Inner Chef

Show Your Inner Chef

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Showing your inner chef is definitely a creative way to welcome your new condo roommate. Whipping up your tried-and-tested best dishes will surely break the ice in no time while your roommate is having a great time enjoying your meal.

Baking pizza, cake, or cupcakes is a great idea as well. By doing this, not only are you starting your condo roommate relationship in the right path, you might pleasantly discover that your roommate is a foodie who can help you improve your cooking skills too!

Attend a Local Sports Game Together

Attend a Local Sports Game

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Attending a local sports event together with your new condo roommate is a great way to properly introduce them to the local culture around your area. Watching games allows you to relay the history of the area through the sports teams and individuals. Most of the time, rooting for the local team can give off a sort of adrenaline rush that helps in establishing great rapport with your new roommate. Being one with a crowd of supporters makes for a great first-time experience as well!

Reveal Your Most Embarrassing Moments

Most Embarrassing Moments

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Telling your new condo roommate about your most embarrassing moments and asking them about theirs is a solid way to break the ice and build great rapport quickly. Knowing about each other’s embarrassing moments right off the bat is a great recipe for an enduring roommate relationship.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is an incredibly fun and engaging way to welcome your new roommate while providing insights and key information about each other. All you have to do is to prop up a cardboard on a stick with one side saying, “I have" and the other side saying, “I have never." Never Have I Ever is an interesting game that will surely set your relationship with your new condo roommate in the right direction.

Social Media Catch Up

Social Media Catch Up

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This might be a great way to uncover a huge amount of information about each other quickly while having fun. Checking on each other’s social media accounts gives you a lot of things to discuss with your roommate. This is an incredible way to see similar interests and build a great relationship with that information alone.

Checking each other’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as blogs will quickly provide you and your condo roommate information that may quickly blossom into a beautiful friendship. You’ll also learn more information that might be necessary in case of emergencies.

Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie

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Two Truths, One Lie is a staple getting-to-know activity that you can use to welcome your new condo roommate in a creative manner. This activity is very effective as the mechanics are very simple: you have to provide two truthful information about you and one lie.

The sheer fun of guessing which one isn’t true adds up to the budding condo roommate relationship you have initiated. You’ll be able to know more about each other in an unconventional yet fun way as well.

TV Series and Movie Marathons

TV Series and Movie Marathons

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Binge-watching favorite TV series and movies with your new condo roommate is a great way to welcome your him or her with a bang. You’ll both be able to show each other’s quirks as TV series and movies tend to reveal particular biases against and towards particular genres, actors, actresses, and other entertainment factors.

To make sure everybody’s getting a fair share of fun, alternate between each other’s favorite TV series and movies.

Now that you know how to welcome a new roommate in a creative manner, bumpy transitions and awkward situations are now more less-inclined to happen. The 11 fun tips provided in this article should make welcoming a roommate in your condo a whole lot easier.

Cheers to lasting friendships!