Have you ever thought of what life is like in the North?

The Northern side of Metro Manila, especially Caloocan City, is known for having the perfect balance between urban life and a relaxed atmosphere. Since more and more people are considering living in a less stressful environment, consider Caloocan City as one of your locations.

You’re in luck because DMCI Homes Leasing has an upcoming property in Caloocan City - the Calinea Towers - where you can begin a new life in comfort and proximity to the city.

Why live in Caloocan City?

From its humble beginnings as a small barrio in Tondo, Caloocan City is now a rising city as business centers, malls, and other necessary establishments continue to pop up. It’s no wonder why more people choose to live in this city.

If you’re working in some of the busiest cities in Metro Manila, like Quezon City or Manila, getting a condo unit in Caloocan allows you to live near your work office without having to deal with the stressful city life.

Apart from this, living in Caloocan also means you’ll be living in proximity to business establishments, malls, grocery stores, hospitals, and many more - so everything you need is just a few steps away.

Why should you invest in a condo in Caloocan City?

gray curtain glass wall buildingPhoto courtesy of Nadine Shaabana via Unsplash

Caloocan City is the third most populated city in the National Capital Region. Along with that is a lot of infrastructure and establishments being developed in the city, making it a good place for investment whether you’re planning to live there or buying a condo for rent. Here are more reasons why investing in a condo in Caloocan City is a practical choice.

  1. Greener environmentCaloocan City, when compared to other cities in Metro Manila, is greener in nature and has uncongested traffic and transportation. If you plan on living in Metro Manila but don’t want to deal with the stress a fully-urbanized city could bring, then Caloocan City may be the perfect balance you’re looking for.
  2. Practical location for a condo investmentWhile Caloocan may be less congested and not well-developed yet versus other cities, it still has a lot to offer. The city has its own variety of establishments in the neighborhood like the SM Grand Central, Victory Central Mall, Holiday Island, and more. On top of that, Caloocan is also home to the country’s highly distinguished universities like the University of the East Caloocan, Manila Central University, the University of Caloocan City, and La Consolacion College - Caloocan.
  3. Place for growing businesses and infrastructuresDubbed as one of the most business-friendly and wealthiest cities, you surely won’t miss anything if you decide to live in Caloocan City. Mall establishments, recreational areas, and even transportation centers continue to rise in the city. It’s no wonder why more and more people become interested in Caloocan City. And if starting your own business is something that you’re planning to do, the city may just be the best place to start.
  4. Home to historical landmarks and nature parksIf you’re the type who loves to be one with nature every now and then, you’re in luck because living in Caloocan City allows you to be near nature parks like the La Mesa Watershed and Eco Park and the Caloocan Nature Park. If you’re into historical things, then the Bonifacio Monument, Thai To Taoist Temple Pagoda, and the Horace Higgins Hall await you.
  5. Convenience is hereLiving on the outskirts of urbanized cities in Metro Manila is not as bad as it looks. Even in Caloocan City, all your necessities can be found within your reach, whether it’s groceries, banking, medical, and even leisure.
  6. Peace and quietSince the hustle and bustle aren’t as rampant in Caloocan, coming home to your DMCI Condo would give you the peace and quiet you need after a hard day’s work without having to leave to the outskirts of Metro Manila.


What condo life is like in the North

green trees near swimming pool during daytimePhoto courtesy of Paul Szewczyk via Unsplash

Condos in the north are quite different from the ones you normally see in the south. For instance, DMCI Homes’ Calinea Tower offers a lavish resort-inspired community to its future tenants. If you’re still not sure, here’s a glimpse of what condo life is like in the North.

  1. Living in the north is cost-efficient The cost of living in Caloocan City for one person with rent is around ₱28,480 ($522), which is relatively low compared to other fully urbanized cities. A lifestyle you have always dreamt of is within reach here.
  2. Living in a condo in the north provides easier accessA lot of condos, including DMCI Homes, are strategically located in accessible areas in the city. Living in the condo allows you to have easier access to almost everything.
  3. Living in the North is far from the hustle and bustleIf you’re working in Quezon City or Manila, but refuse to deal with the congested and noisy roads 24/7, living in a Caloocan City condo allows you to escape that without going too far.
  4. Living in a Condo brings a friendly community to youA lot of people can attest to the idea that those living in the north, especially in Caloocan City, are very friendly people. You’ll surely feel welcome no matter what.
  5. Living in a condo brings you closer to Nature Especially when you choose to live in DMCI Homes, would bring you closer to a greener environment thanks to the condo’s facilities and Caloocan City’s nature parks such as Amparo Nature Park, La Mesa Nature Reserve and Caloocan City People’s Park.


The Calinea Tower

Calinea Tower DMCI HomesPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Finally decided to move to Caloocan? You’re in luck! DMCI Homes will soon be launching its newest property right in the heart of the city, The Calinea Tower. This high-rise condominium brings resort-inspired living to all its future residents thanks to its modern contemporary design. Here are more things you should look forward to about this new condominium.

  1. Get fit without leaving the propertyThe new Calinea Towers has its own fitness gym and a basketball court and play court that will provide the community an avenue to comfortably do exercises and get fit without having to leave the community.
  2. Get a glimpse of natureDMCI Homes is known for embracing nature in its condominium design. The Calinea Towers will offer landscaped gardens, a sky park, and an open lawn and picnic grove where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful breeze nature has to offer.
  3. A dip in the poolNo need to drive to Bulacan or even to Laguna just to get Vitamin Sea. The Calinea Towers have three pools: Lap pool, Kiddie Pool, and the Sky Deck pool so you can easily take a dip after a long day at work.
  4. Work from home friendlyIf you have a hybrid work setup and your unit is not the most conducive place to work, The Calinea Towers offer coworking spaces and common areas for you to work in. Plus, DMCI Homes offers internet in units for this property, so connections won’t be an issue anymore.
  5. Everything you need is right hereAfter a long day at work, you’re probably too lazy to go out to do chores. If you live in Calinea Towers, convenience stores, water stations, and laundry stations are within your reach.
  6. You’re safe hereOf course, comfortable living begins with the idea that you’re safe in your home. At DMCI Homes, communities are protected with 24-hour security. Furthermore, condo units have provision for CCTV cameras, so you can keep an eye on your unit even while you’re away.


Tailor-fit condo living in Caloocan

Calinea Tower high-rise condominiumPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Living in Caloocan City is perfect for those who don’t want to live in a fast-paced urban city life. Caloocan provides the perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of the city and the peace and quiet of a province. It is understandable, though, that not everyone is cut out for this life. It would take a lot of adjustments especially if it will be your first time living in the metro. But consider this, having a balanced lifestyle between work and relaxation would be good for your mental health - and Caloocan City may just be the place you’re looking for.

Key takeaways

Living in the city may be tough, but with the right balance between hustle and comfort, you’ll be able to live your dream life in the city. Here are some things to always keep in mind

  • Choose an accessible place to live. As much as Caloocan isn’t a highly urbanized city yet, it’s important to live in a place that’s near your necessities like groceries and transportation to make it easier for you.
  • Comfort above all. A condo may become your second (or even permanent) home in the metro. Never sacrifice your comfort inside and outside your condo unit when choosing your next home.
  • Find that balance. For the sake of your mental health, choose a condo unit that will allow you to easily escape the stress and anxiety brought by work and city life.


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