Condo-hunting is fun, but it’s not always easy. If you have many items in your checklist, it may take a while before you could finally settle down. Sure, the perfect condo is just waiting for you somewhere, but you won’t find it unless you search hard enough.

Since Metro Manila is becoming a central place for high-rise and mid-rise condominiums, you’ll find an overwhelming choice of condos in large business districts like Makati, Pasig, and Taguig. However, if you’re looking forward to renting a condo in Mandaluyong, you’re in luck because your choices are significantly narrowed down.

Sorry, forget everything you’ve read so far. The truth is, condo-hunting is fun and easy if you already know what you want. And looking for a condo in Mandaluyong should be the easiest and most effortless of all endeavors because—who are we kidding—you only have one viable choice: Flair Towers. If you want the best DMCI condo for rent, Flair Towers is the only answer. You’ll be nodding in agreement soon after you read these 9 facts that make Flair Towers the best condo in Mandaluyong.

1. The clubhouse amenities reinforce resort-style living.

clubhouse amenities

Photo courtesy of freestocks via Pexels

Let’s get down to business, shall we? Surely, one of the first things you consider before buying or renting a condo is the set of amenities that it offers. At Flair Towers, you can have everything you could ask for—from a fitness gym (which is a given in most DMCI condos) to a music room (which is a feature unique to Flair Towers).

If you like the outdoors, there’s a pavilion, a picnic grove, a view deck, a jogging trail, and a play court that you can access unlimitedly. If you prefer the indoors, you can always hang out in the study room and the open café. One of the best condo features that you shouldn’t miss at Flair Towers is the landscaped roof deck that serves as a sky lounge. From there, you can gaze at the city and revel in its beauty for as long as you want.

2. The three refreshing pools will make you want to stay.

three refreshing pools

Photo courtesy of Nawalescape via Pixabay

A swimming pool is among the top condo amenities that people look for in a new home. Condo living simply won’t be complete without it. As Barry Fenton, the CEO of the Canadian condominium developer Lanterra, said, “In today’s competitive condo marketplace, offering an amazing amenity program is a key differentiator. Pools that offer both a beautiful form and a desirable function are among the distinctive features that often help close the deal for many of our prospective buyers.”

Flair Towers has three pools: a lap pool, a kiddie pool, and a lounge pool. They are surrounded by a palm promenade and other lush greeneries. Both condo owners and renters are free to use the pools while visitors need to pay a minimal fee to enjoy this amenity.

3. Food, leisure, and entertainment hubs are within walking distance.

walking distance hubs

Photo courtesy of chren via Pixabay

Renting in Mandaluyong is very ideal because it’s a non-congested place where you can enjoy considerable peace while remaining close to the busy cities of Quezon, Pasig, Taguig, and Makati. Flair Towers is located in an area in Mandaluyong where you can take advantage of the best of these cities. The closest food hub you can find is Greenfield District, which is growing popular all over Metro Manila as a business park. It’s five minutes away from Flair Towers if you choose to walk, but with a car, it won’t take you a minute. Shopping centers are easily accessible, too. High-profile malls like Shangri-La Plaza and SM Megamall are accessible in five minutes or less. Other malls like The Podium, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Pioneer, and Starmall can all be reached in less than 10 minutes. Talk about real city living.

4. Transportation is never a problem since it’s near EDSA.

At Flair Towers, transportation shouldn’t be a problem even if you don’t own a private vehicle. Of all the condos to rent in Mandaluyong, Flair Towers is the only one that is conveniently located between two MRT terminals: MRT Boni and MRT Shaw. There is also a tricycle terminal right in front of the gates of the South Tower. For a minimal fare of Php8, you can ride a tricycle to EDSA, where you can take a bus to wherever you’re going.

5. Schools, hospitals, and business centers are just one drive away.

What’s great about living in Mandaluyong is that it’s close to virtually everything. If you’re a practical person, you know that an ideal condominium for lease is one that is near business districts, schools, and hospitals. Guess what? Flair Towers is your ideal place. It’s a five-minute drive from Ortigas Center, where many startups and big-league companies are located. The condo is also close to schools like the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, the University of Asia and the Pacific, La Salle Greenhills, and Xavier School. It’s a little more than 10 minutes away from The Medical City, too, so you can easily access medical care during emergencies.

6. Lumiventt technology guarantees that the indoors are always cool and breezy.

Lumiventt technology is one of the condo benefits that you can find only in DMCI properties. It’s an architectural innovation that puts emphasis on the condo residents’ comfort and relaxation. DMCI has made Flair Towers a great example of this technology by designing the buildings with breezeways in every floor and central atriums in every five floors. This allows for natural light to penetrate the corridors and for the cool city breeze to circulate around the hallways. The sky patios in every unit is also a good example of the Lumiventt technology. You can find no public area inside Flair Towers that is humid and damp. That’s a guarantee.

7. Lounge areas are occasionally infused with the smell of chocolate.

infused with chocolate smell

Photo courtesy of AlexanderStein via Pixabay

This piece of information is something that you can only learn from residents of Flair Towers. Sometimes, when the wind blows in the right direction, you can smell the velvety texture of chocolate brewing in a nearby factory. It’s from the same brand that brought Flat Tops and Curly Tops into the local market. If you don’t already love the smell of chocolate, here’s a trivia for you: the smell of chocolate triggers relaxation. A British psychologist from the Middlesex University of Enfield found that a whiff of chocolate affects the brain’s theta waves in a way that reduces attentiveness. Now, that’s a good news to all the residents of Flair Towers who love to linger in the lounge areas!

8. The musical sound of elevators is a reminder that you have the best place in the city.

musical elevators

Photo courtesy of epicioci via Pixabay

The elevators at Flair Towers are not designed to play classical songs, but their tinkling sound makes them more musical than orchestrated chimes. This sound pervades every floor but not in an intrusive way. The music of the elevators can actually be a reminder that you’re living in one of the best places in Metro Manila.

9. Parking is never a hassle in both the North and South Towers.

sufficient parking space

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

Not all condos for rent offer sufficient parking space, but Flair Towers is one of the few exceptions. Both the North and South Towers feature basement parking that can fit a good number of vehicles. While the South Tower has three levels allotted for parking, the North Tower has five levels. If you have a car, you can ensure its safety at Flair Towers.

By now, you should be convinced that Flair Towers offers the best place for a long-term lease in Mandaluyong City. Nothing compares to its resort-like amenities and other unique features that you can only get from a top developer like DMCI. If you want to experience Flair Towers before you make a final decision, schedule an ocular visit with your real estate broker or lessor. Hopefully, your visit will coincide with the time when Flair is suffused with the smell of chocolate.