Pasig city CBD

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A fusion of the old and the new, Pasig, one of the most competitive cities in Metro Manila, Philippines, traces its roots from the rural settlements formed on the banks of the Pasig River. This body of water made the area prosper in terms of industrialization and now, Pasig City is teeming with a variety of commerce commercial developments. It is no wonder, then, that this city is getting its fair share of visitors from all over the world. Foreigners who go to the Philippines for financial, medical or leisure purposes will find what they need in the city with one of the most bustling business central districts in the metro.

Whatever your purpose is in coming here, renting a real estate property in the Philippines is one of the first things that you need to take care of. A smart alternative to pricey hotels in the metropolitan area is opting for short-term condo rental. You will get to enjoy the same amenities of hotels, but for a lower price and the warmth of a condo community, but with utmost security. You’ll just have to carefully take into account important considerations such as fees, deposits, amenities, rules, contracts and so on. Whether you plan to stay for days or for months, this article will walk you through condos for rent in Pasig City.


Be On Familiar Terms With The Law

understand local laws

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If you are considering acquiring a real estate property in the Philippines, your best option is to buy or rent to own a condo unit. While foreigners are not allowed to buy land, they can purchase condo units here. However, keep in mind that the Philippine law still has restrictions such as permitting only up to 40% of a condominium project to be owned by non-Filipinos. Moreover, you need to review other pertinent information such as the real estate property tax in the Philippines that every condo owner are obliged to follow.


Be Clear With What You Are Looking For In A Condo

Sit down and think: what are your needs and wants when it comes to choosing a condo for rent in Pasig that you will call home while here in the Philippines? Are you okay with any condo as long as it is highly secure and conveniently situated in prime locations? Or do you also put premium on the vibes that a condo’s design brings?

look for the right condo

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Remember to balance your needs with your wants. For instance, young professionals who want to go home to a modern Asian-themed condo amidst the concrete jungle should consider the Mayfield Park Residences. Meanwhile, those who prefer a cozy atmosphere might want the Riverfront Residences, which is a condo community of mid-rise buildings overlooking the lovely Marikina River.


Plan Your Stay To Know The Best Location

With most condos strategically located near key establishments and public transport systems all over Pasig, you will be able to get around the city conveniently. However, each condo seeker has a set of specific needs in mind. This is especially true for foreigners who are here in the Philippines for a limited time only. Because of this, you need evaluate the location that will work best for you according to your purpose for coming to this country.

cozy athmosphere

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If you are here for a business trip, a condo rental in the Ortigas business district — one of the busiest commercial hubs in the country — will suit you. It is also a good thing that the Philippine Stock Exchange headquarters is located in Pasig. If you are here for a medical procedure, get a condo unit near the hospital. Meanwhile, there is a wide selection of shopping malls and markets for your entertainment and relaxation.

Compare And Contrast The Different Amenities

Mayfield Park Residences pool area

Mayfield Park Residences, Pasig City, DMCI Homes

Amenities, which add convenience and luxury to daily condo living, vary depending on the condo and the developer. Again, stick to what you need and want so you can make the best decision. Do you need scenic gardens to relax, perhaps those inspired by your favorite travel destination? Or do you want to swim in an Olympic-size swimming pool in a Mediterranean-inspired condo community? If you are particular about amenities, see to it that you get a tour of the condo premises. Ask things you need to know such as if there are separate fees required for the use of these amenities or if the costs are included in the condo association dues.


Meet Your Match Online

online condo search

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Find the condo unit that perfectly suits you, that is. The internet is a smorgasbord of condos for rent, making online condo search a great idea. However, avoid getting overwhelmed or else, you’ll only be wasting time on an inefficient condo hunt. With the list of your preferences and ideal locations in mind, scour the condo listings. It will also make the process a whole lot easier if you organize your notes. Most importantly, know how to contact the right people (the landlord and/or the condo administration), not the scammers who lurk online.


Getting There

enjoy your new home

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Once you have decided on a condo unit to rent, learn how to negotiate with the landlord. Be clear regarding how long you are staying in the country. Are you renting the condo unit for a few days, weeks or months? From there, you can work out a payment arrangement that will benefit both parties.


Know Your Rights As A Condo Renter

know your rights

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Aside from the Philippine laws that you need to abide by especially when it comes to foreigners and real estate properties in this country, you need to know the rights that you have as a condo renter. These rights, as stipulated in Philippine legislation, include the right to be properly and thoroughly informed about rent increase, advance payment, deposit, bedspacers, and so on.

All in all, renting a condo in the Philippines is a practical alternative to the pricey hotels. You’ll get the same convenience, but without the expensive check-in rates. Also, this will let you immerse yourself in Filipino culture as you become part of a condo community in this country. Remember this guide to renting a condo in Pasig City and experience supreme condo living — for less.