Manila has been known to be the center of commerce even before the Spanish era. Being the second largest city and the capital of the Philippines, Manila is considered to be the economic and political heart of the Philippines. It is a strategic location of commercial spaces for rent in Manila as well as the government’s judicial and executive branches.

With numerous commercial properties popping around the metro, finding the perfect spot for your business is becoming difficult. Most investors look into different factors such as location, space, accessibility, type of property, and of course the budget. If it’s space, design, maintenance, and location, these best commercial spots in Metro Manila will surely suit your taste and needs.

1. Town Center Acacia Estates

Acacia Estate Town Center

Town Center, Acacia Estates

Located in the busy streets of Taguig, the Town Center at Acacia Estates is a commercial hub which houses numerous well-known retail establishments. They key to a good commercial spot is strategic location. Investors should look into the location and accessibility to the public. They should establish good research and ocular inspection before going in for a deal. Since the Town Center at Acacia Estates is located near a neighborhood and a main road, leasing this commercial space is an excellent income-generating decision.

2. MN-1 Office and Commercial Spaces

MN1 - Office and Commercial Space

MN1 - Office and Commercial Space

MN-1 is a 5-storey building located in Makati, one of the sixteen cities that make up Metro Manila. Built with parking lots in front, MN1 office boasts of external areas for storage, loading, parking spaces, the total package when it comes to commercial spaces for lease to accommodate your business operation. If you are on a tight budget, MN1 office and commercial spaces are flexible to meet your financial budget by adjusting your property requirements.

3. Cedar Crest

cedar crest dmci homes

Cedar Crest, DMCI Homes

Just like the Town Center in Acacia Estates, Cedar Crest is located in Taguig City. Built within the walls of a condominium, you are sure to have customers thriving your establishment. This residential compound is dotted with medium-rise buildings which is designed to weather hard conditions like storms. If you are planning a business like a cafe, mini-mart, or laundry shop, you already have customers within the vicinity. Location-wise, Cedar Crest is located near the C-5 road and a few minutes away from Makati and Taguig so your business is safe in the hands of Cedar Crest.

4. Cypress Towers

Skylounge, Altiva Building, Cypress Towers

Cypress Towers, DMCI Homes

As numerous buildings abound Taguig City, another great commercial spot is here, the sky lounge at the Cypress Towers. The view at the sky lounge is great for meetings and coffee breaks. Currently occupied by a cafe, the sky Lounge gives you a view of the entire city. It is important however, to know that the nature of your business could greatly affect your choice of strategic location of commercial spaces. Consult with the leasing services early on to find out your budget and ask the environment of the place to suit your business needs.

5. East Ortigas Mansions

East Ortigas Mansions

East Ortigas Mansions, DMCI Homes

Considered as one of the best commercial spots in Manila, East Ortigas Mansions features high-technology perimeter fence and a 24-hour security system for theft protection and other security issues. It is a condominium and a townhouse project in one close to Ortigas and the Libis Commercial area in which several means of transportation are available. Large parking spaces are also made available to the guests, so if you need to meet up with clients, parking is not an issue. The area gives off a Mediterranean feel to it so whatever operation or business you may have, you could always find the time to rest and relax in between.

6. Illumina Residences Manila

Illumina Residences Manila

Illumina Residences Manila, DMCI Homes

Located in the heart of Santa Mesa, Manila, Illumina Residences is crowded with elevators and a wide parking space great for business operations. It has a grand reception lobby like that of a hotel and the space for rent or the room they have for commercial leasing has large windows and excellent ventilation system. Lessees have access to phone lines and to a WIFI connection which is a major plus point in looking for commercial spaces for lease.

7. Magnolia Place

Magnolia Place

Magnolia Place, DMCI Homes

Magnolia place is considered one of the best commercial spots in Manila not only because of its strategic location but also because of its overall amenities. If your business caters to services and selling, leasing in Magnolia Place gives you access to a great number of customers as it is surrounded by shopping centers, hospitals, and schools. The entire property of this medium-rise residential building covers 3-acres of land. Having your business operate in such a tranquil place, frees you from the stress of the work at hand, be it night or day.

8. Flair Towers

Flair Towers

Flair Towers, DMCI Homes

Strategically-located near the commercial centers and of Alabang, Makati, and Taguig, Flair Towers lets you do away with the stress and hustle of business districts. Flair Towers is a two-tower residential condominium in Mandaluyong City. The designs of each room value maximum natural light and ventilation which enhances the overall urban living atmosphere of the area. There are two vacant commercial spaces for lease located at the ground floor and the Basement 2 of the South Tower. If you are interested, you may check in with DMCI Homes or DMCI leasing services and check the property.

Have you decided which one to rent? When looking for a commercial property, make sure to do your research and consider the location, space, amenities, and your budget. If you are having a hard time looking for a great leasing deal online, go for commercial leasing services from a specific agency and have a look at the commercial space. Do not go for pictures alone because most of the time pictures are deceiving. Stick to your budget and ask for a deal. Make sure to understand the property rules and regulations and see if it fits your business needs.

Expanding or moving your business in Manila, the heart and soul of commerce, is a wise thing to do. In a couple of years, competition will rise higher than expected so find yourself the best commercial spot through DMCI Leasing and negotiate the ideal commercial leasing deal.