People in the metropolis live their lives differently now. They are always in a hurry and on their phones. They are struggling for a balanced life, and demanding convenience on the side. And Philippine real estate trends are anchored on these requirements.

The way we live is shaped by our environments and personal circumstances. Cities are in a hurry to be developed and people are always in a rush to get things done. City living isn’t just about having a residence in the capital anymore, it also means having everything you need within reach. It means comfort and flexibility, allowing people to move around fast and perform tasks conveniently.

No, condo developers didn’t develop their properties without sufficient research. An analysis of Metro Manila city trends leads to a better understanding of how condos for rent are adjusting to these trends and how they make it their business.

Highway to hell

highway to hell

Photo courtesy of pranav digwal via Pixabay

Traffic has never been this bad. It is everyone’s horror story. Monstrous traffic jams have been the reason behind long commutes and lost family time. Traffic congestion in the metro has also made it more difficult to achieve work-life balance. To address this, condo buildings continue to mushroom in busy business districts such as Makati, Ortigas, Eastwood, and BGC.

Traffic has changed the modern lifestyle. People wake up way earlier and go to bed late because of traffic. They rush their breakfasts, if they have breakfast at all, and miss dinners with their families. It is because of this that condos for rent near financial centers are greatly in demand. Why slog through hours and hours crammed like sardines in a bus when you can rent a unit in Flair Towers and trim your travel time to and from Ortigas to just a few minutes? You could spend the time stuck in traffic being with your family or significant other--or even resting! City-dwellers are finding more and more value in these things, and so condos have risen close to where the jobs are.

Road to fitness

From breakfast in bed to breakfast inside the car. Instead of slow, easy breakfast at home, professionals now commute or drive to work with a burger in one hand. This unhealthy lifestyle has also changed the way fitness centers operate. Now these establishments extend operating hours, introducing promos, and offering discounts to lure young professionals.

Condos are aware of this trend. They have included indoor amenities such as fitness gyms, allowing tenants and residents to focus on having a healthy and fit body. Apart from this, developers are also investing on more expansive open spaces to accommodate jogging paths and walkways.

Need to connect

need to connect

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It is ironic that at a time when communication devices are getting upgrades in a blink of an eye, families are falling apart. At a time when social media is changing the way we communicate, the more some people are losing connections.

Physical connections, those that don’t require a Wi-Fi password, don’t happen as frequent as before. A study by the Pew Research Center found that 54% of respondents text their friends at least once a day, while only 33% said they talk face-to-face with friends on a regular basis.

Condo developers understand this disconnect. Playgrounds, picnic grounds, and recreational areas are among the amenities most condos offer to encourage families and friends to get together.

Staycation in style

staycation in style

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

It’s the weekend, and families and friends brave the traffic just to bond over dinner and a movie. But with condo living, there is no need to spend thousands and flock to malls or resorts. With more and more developments bringing resort-living to the city, staycations are made more fun. Now, families do not have to leave the comfort of their homes just to bond over the weekend.

Flair Towers, a DMCI community in Mandaluyong, has dedicated 70% of its land area to amenities, offering a seamless blend of resort and country-club living amid cosmopolitan conveniences. It has a pool zone where families can take a dip, relax in one of the cabanas or grill barbecues.

Sense of community

diverse people making faces at camera

Photo courtesy of Matheus Bertelli via Pexels

Cynics argue that the sense of community is lost in a condominium set-up. To them, only the traditional neighborhood set-up could work.

But as people crave belongingness, condos have also took it upon themselves to strengthen the bond of the community. It encourages and sponsors community events. Some are also offering bigger venues for rent to expand the network and give homeowners and renters options on where to hold their next event.

Communing with nature

communing with nature

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

There’s a reason why people don’t mind paying more for a scenic view. Everyday, urban dwellers see nothing but cars, buildings, and computer screens. They have to go on vacation for some dose of green. And with this need to enjoy nature, condos ensure that their lawns, gardens, and landscapes are well-designed and expansive.

The Riverfront Residences, for example, is bordered by the 3,000 sqm. Sunset View Park overlooking the scenic Marikina River. This will make it easier for condo dwellers to be one with nature. Waking up with a view of the river is a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Convenience right outside your doorstep

Shopping online is the way to go for urban dwellers. Even groceries can now be delivered to your doorstep. But condo living does not want to take away the whole shopping experience, so much so that if you don’t have time to go to the supermarket, the supermarket will come to you. Apart from being near supermarkets and grocery stores, some condos have also dedicated a business center for the convenience of residents. There are usually convenience stores, laundry stations, spas, and coffee shops in the community.

Compact and chic

Less is more, they say. The renewed appreciation for minimalist designs is primarily due to practicality. Condos do not have the luxury of space, thus a need to live simply. Compact living is what condos are all about; every corner is maximized. Condo living also encourages people to be wise in terms of furniture and make the right investment. It also inspires people to say “no” to clutter and impulse buying.

Age of eco-living

age of eco-living

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Green living is not just a fad. Climate change is real, and it is happening right now. When it’s hot, it’s too hot; and when it’s cold, it’s biting cold. Weather conditions have gone extreme.

DMCI’s Lumiventt Technology facilitates the natural flow of light and ventilation throughout the building. Incorporating large openings into the façade and sky patios is part of the design, encouraging eco-living in the city.

These metropolitan trends are shaping city living. Condos, the most popular form of urban dwelling, adapt to these trends to make urban living convenient, comfortable, and a whole lot of fun.