Planning a Parañaque food trip?

Each city in Metro Manila boasts a vibrant and delicious street food culture. From popular street food snacks that can be found across the country, to one-of-a-kind restaurant delights, each city boasts its unique culinary flair across the National Capital Region.

Parañaque is no different. With a local flavor and lifestyle, this city is brimming with yummy fulfillment from classic dishes and dynamic local meals. By situating yourself in this massive town, you get to taste the gastronomic delights and cultural vibrancy that this area has to offer.

Use this guide to discover the truly Filipino and one-of-a-kind flavors through street food spots and affordable restaurants in this urban jungle with DMCI Homes today.

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A cultural tapestry: Parañaque weather, life, and food

Parañaque is a bustling landscape filled with different kinds of lifestyles, locations, and lively street food stops. With hidden gems for every urban explorer, the city is an excellent place for residents and travelers alike to get a taste of the busy life within the Philippines.

Much like the rest of Metro Manila, this town experiences tropical weather with hot summers and many rainy months. Situated near Manila Bay and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the area also is very much known for its diverse visitors and clientele that come from the various resorts, casinos, and entertainment centers that line the coast.

Of course, there’s more to this wealthy city than meets the eye. The area boasts a safe and serene home life for residents who live farther away from the metro. It also hides a fantastic culinary scene that extends from fancy five-star restaurants to its accessible and affordable street food scene.

Why Parañaque food spots are so sought after

The street food and restaurants in Parañaque are incredibly popular across the metro, and for good reason. The notable variety of cuisines and culinary explorations that pop up in the area can be attributed to its proximity to international seaports and airports. There’s also a lot of cultural diversity in this town, coming from all the foreign visitors that stick around and bring their country’s flavors to the area’s residents.

You can always look up the popular and well-known restaurants that populate this city. Street food stalls and other unique spots, however, can be a little harder to find. To lead you to the dishes that truly define the urban tastebuds of this location, keep on reading this guide by DMCI Homes today.

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The most popular street food dishes in the scene

No matter where you go in the metro, you’ll find people lined up for delicious and beloved street food dishes at the humblest of outdoor stalls. For a real taste of the urban palate, make sure to try the following Philippine street food favorites:

  • Fish and squid balls: These starchy balls are made from fish or squid paste, and are then deep-fried in front of you for you to pick up with a skewer.
  • Kwek-kwek: Often sold alongside fish balls and squid balls, this snack is a hard-boiled quail’s egg that is covered in an orange batter and deep-fried as well.
  • Balut: Simply put, balut is a boiled fertilized egg embryo that you can eat straight from its shell, with the addition of salt or vinegar to taste.
  • Isaw: A best-rated favorite, isaw refers to marinated, boiled, and grilled chicken or pork intestines, coiled and skewered on a barbeque stick.
  • Betamax: Not to be confused with the cassette tape, betamax is another grilled snack that is made of solidified and cubed chicken or pork blood, mixed with various spices.
  • Adidas: Again, not to be confused with the shoe brand, adidas refers to grilled chicken feet served on a stick, much like betamax and isaw.
  • Pares: Literally meaning “pair,” pares is a two-part meal that consists of a braised beef stew and garlic fried rice, often served with a bowl of clear soup.
  • Taho: This iconic Filipino street food is a dessert or breakfast favorite, consisting of fresh soft tofu and arnibal syrup sprinkled with sago pearls.
  • Banana cue: Another sweet snack, banana cue is made by shallow-frying saba bananas then generously coating them in a thick layer of caramelized brown sugar.
  • Dirty ice cream: Also known as sorbetes, dirty ice cream is a beloved treat that comes in flavors like chocolate, cookies and cream, ube, mango, cheese, avocado, and more. It’s not actually “dirty” - rather, it uses carabao milk or coconut milk instead of its dairy milk-based counterpart.


Now that you know what the most popular eats are on the street, you should learn about the iconic experiences you can get when finding these stalls across town. Check out the next section for the most exciting ways to find these foodie experiences in Parañaque right now.

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Iconic street food experiences in Parañaque

Whether you’re actually living in the area or just passing through, you should explore the iconic street eats in town. Here are three of the most popular ways to explore street food in this part of the metro right now:

  • Pares, mami, and more along Sucat: Not only does Sucat boast great condo rental locations, but it also boasts a multitude of pares and mami stalls along the way. Pares is a braised beef stew served with garlic fried rice and soup, while mami is a hot noodle soup served with either chicken, beef, or pork.
  • Multicultural meals at Ugbo sa Baclaran: If you’re looking for a wider range of dishes to explore, then Ugbo sa Baclaran is your next bet. This spot is actually an alley behind the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, better known as Baclaran Church, an incredibly revered pilgrimage destination. Due to the volume of visitors that go to Baclaran Church each day, Ugbo sa Baclaran is lined with dozens of stalls with cuisines ranging from Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and more.
  • Fresh seafood at Seaside Market Baclaran: Have an appetite for healthier fare? Then you should check out Seaside Market Baclaran instead. This location is one of the original wet markets in Manila that lets you source all kinds of delicious seafood, straight from the ocean itself. Seaside Market Baclaran is also home to multiple “paluto” stores that cook your seafood ingredients for you-making it one of the freshest ways for you to sate your shrimp, crab, or mussel cravings.


Not yet satisfied with this wide array of street eats? No worries - read on to discover the best restaurants in Parañaque for unique dishes and meals off the beaten path right now.

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The best restaurants in Parañaque for unique finds

These next few local eateries don’t just have great meals - they also boast cult followings that have lasted over the years because of their unique menu offerings. So bring family or a condo roommate with you when you explore these delicious eats:

  • Sora Bulalo & Sizzling House: You’ve probably heard of Bulalo, and you’ve probably had dishes served on a sizzling plate. But did you know that you can combine the two for a one-of-a-kind dish? Sora Bulalo & Sizzling House, located along Doña Soledad Avenue, serves a tasty sizzling Bulalo along with other sizzling dishes for a hearty and meaty meal.
  • Drive-By Taco Shop: Cited as one of the top restaurants in BF Homes, Drive-By Taco Shop is a car wash and diner concept that serves up scrumptious Mexican comfort food. As the name implies, you can just drive by and order your favorite Mexican meals, such as street tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more.
  • Ramboy’s Restaurant: Satisfy your crispy liempo craving when you visit Ramboy’s Restaurant. Located along President's Avenue, this humble eatery serves flavorful and crispy pork that you can smother in a secret sauce. You can also order their signature lechon manok, along with other local dishes like sinigang na isda or sotanghon guisado.
  • Mensakaba Geishu: Another BF Homes classic, Mensakaba Geishu is a small but mighty hole-in-the-wall ramen bar. Owned by Hirofumi and Alyn Hotta, this Japanese restaurant offers warm and heartening ramen dishes at affordable prices. Some of their best sellers include the chashu ramen with slices of pork and a shoyu broth, and a tantanmen with a thicker and spicier broth.


This wide array of unique eats is more than enough to satisfy your appetite, and as a resident of this city, you can enjoy these dishes at any time of the day. So if you want to sate your hunger, read on to see how you can become a condo-dweller in this vibrant town with DMCI Homes.

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Exploring DMCI Homes condos for rent in Parañaque

DMCI Homes offers a multitude of excellent real estate opportunities in Parañaque today. Whether you’re thinking of buying or renting, you can take a look at the following properties for a fulfilling life in this bustling city:

  • Asteria Residences: This resort-like development boasts a peaceful mid-rise condo community with larger-than-life amenities, just off the busy thoroughfare of Sucat Road.
  • Calathea Place: Situated along Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Calathea Place is a blissful mid-rise development with a serene tropical vibe.
  • Oak Harbor Residences: This exclusive DMCI Homes project is the only condo community located directly in front of Manila Bay. It boasts magnificent views and lavish amenities for a one-of-a-kind seaside lifestyle.
  • Palm Grove: With its warmth and charm, Palm Grove plays host to chic residential units, lush palm trees, and a perfectly manicured landscape for a beautiful getaway amid the city.
  • Siena Park Residences: A medium-density condo village, Siena Park Residences is perfect for young families looking for a safe and serene life in the metro.
  • Arista Place: This sprawling development boasts a gorgeous Asian Tropical design, with an abundance of amenities that are perfect for any lifestyle.
  • Raya Garden Residences: A Balinese-inspired urban sanctuary, Raya Garden Residences offers a refreshing resort-like environment for relaxation at its finest.


You can embark on an exciting foodie journey when you live in one of the DMCI Homes properties in Parañaque. So don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity - get in touch with one of the real estate experts at DMCI Homes now to get started today.

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Key takeaways

Ready to get a true taste of this town? Remember these final tips before you go on a Parañaque food trip as a condo-dweller:

  • Try things outside of your comfort zone. Whether you’re visiting a new restaurant or trying a new dish, go beyond your comfort zone when you go on food trips in new cities.
  • Don’t let the name or look fool you. Just because something looks too simple or seems strange, doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. Just try the dish out, and who knows? You might just discover something yummy and affordable for your everyday eats.
  • Enjoy these delicious dishes every day. By buying or renting a condo in Parañaque with DMCI Homes, you can live largely and enjoy these meals all the time.


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