Welcome to the Philippines!

Have you already thought of where you’ll be staying here? Are you here for a short vacation or are you looking to start a new life here? Whatever the reason is, anything would be better than renting out expensive hotels throughout your stay.

Have you ever thought about getting a rental in Pasig for your stay? Pasig, one of Metro Manila's most competitive cities, has its origins in the little rural communities that sprang up along the Pasig River.

There is a wide range of commercial developments in Pasig City like the ones DMCI Homes offer. So, it is no surprise that this city attracts a healthy number of tourists and foreigners from around the globe. The city with one of the busiest business core areas in the metro will meet the needs of foreigners traveling to the Philippines for financial, medical, or recreational reasons.

Finding a suitable rental property is one of the first things you should consider whether you are here for work or pleasure.

Is it practical to live in a condo?

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In the city, renting a condo is more affordable than staying in pricey hotels. You'll have access to services that are comparable to those offered by hotels, but at a lower cost and with the extra warmth of a condo community, all while maintaining your highest level of security.

However, the rules are different when you’re a foreigner. There are limitations when renting or buying a condo in the Philippines, which can be a hassle for you if you go in blindly. So you need to take into account important factors like fees, deposits, amenities, rules, contracts, and a lot more.

Whether you plan to stay for days, months, or even years, let us walk you through how a foreigner like you can rent a condo in Pasig City.

Tips on how to rent a condo

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1. Be familiar with the terms of the law

Not all condo units allow foreigners to own units. But according to the Republic Act 4726 or the Philippine Condominium Act, foreigners are only allowed to buy units if at least 60% of the building is owned by Filipinos. If you’re going to rent, that’s also fine, but you would also need a qualified Filipino who can co-sign the lease for you.

2. Be clear with what you are looking for in a condo

Before looking for any condo for rent in Pasig, it’s important to ask yourself: what are your needs and wants in what you will call home here in the Philippines? Are you fine with any condo as long as it is highly secure and is situated in prime locations, or do you want a home that has premium amenities and aesthetically pleasing designs? Answering these questions off-hand will help narrow down your search.

3. Plan your stay to know the best location

Most condos in Pasig City are located near key establishments allowing you to get around the city easily. But of course, each condo seeker has their own needs in mind. This is especially true for foreigners who are only in the Philippines for a short period of time. So, before signing any leasing contract, you would need to evaluate the location that will work best for you and your purpose of coming to the country.

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4. Compare and contrast the different amenities

Condo developers offer different types of amenities like an indoor gym, basketball courts, and swimming pools, which add convenience to your living. When looking for a condo to rent in Pasig, whether short-term or long-term, look at the amenities that you need and want so you can make the best decision. If possible, see if you can schedule a tour of the condo premises. The tour will also allow you to ask the things you need to know like if there are separate fees required to use these facilities or if it’s included in the association fees.

5. Meet you match online

If you’re not up for condo tours, then head on to your buddy: the internet. The world wide web has a lot of condo-for-rent listings and virtual reality tours for units, allowing you to navigate through great (and not-so-great) choices. But, remember not to get overwhelmed, or else, you’ll only be wasting your time. Make sure you have your list of preferences and ideal locations with you to help narrow down your search. Most importantly, you should know how to contact the right people, whether the landlord or the condo administration.

6. Getting there

Once you have decided on the condo you’ll be renting during your stay in the Philippines, maybe you can negotiate with the landlord on payment arrangements. Just remember to be clear on how long you’ll be staying in the country, and how long you plan to stay in the unit to help come up with an arrangement that will benefit both parties.

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7. Know your rights as a condo renter

Apart from the Philippine laws that foreigners and real estate property owners need to follow when it comes to renting a condo, you would also need to know your rights as a condo renter. These rights include your right to properly and thoroughly be informed about rent increases, advance payments, deposits, and bed spacers, among other things.

8. Read and sign the official lease contract

Before moving in, you would need to sign the contract with the condo developer or owner. Some contracts require a lock-in period, typically a minimum of six months, while some do not. Clauses may also be included in the official contract, so it is important to negotiate and discuss these details before signing anything. If you’re a little confused, you can consult with your Filipino co-signee to avoid being scammed.

9. Assure that the owner can be easily reached

Moving into a new home can have jitters, so it would be important to have someone to talk to whenever you hear or feel something different or suspicious, like the condo owner. When negotiating monthly rent with the condo owner, make sure to secure their contact information so you could easily contact them when something goes wrong with the unit.

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10. Talk with previous renters

If you’re still unsure about the condo you’ll be renting, you can get in touch with the previous renters. They are the best people to ask since they have first-hand experience with what it’s like to live in the unit, how the owner takes care of them, and other concerns you’re thinking about. You can ask for former renters’ contact information from the owner. You can even talk to the neighbors about what they think of the particular condo unit or the building in general.

11. Check the safety of the condo building

Wherever you are in the world, safety is paramount when searching for a condo. During the tour, check if the fire exits are easily accessible from your unit. Fire extinguishers should be brand new and in plain sight, and fire sprinklers should be available in the hallways and in the condo you’ll be staying in. And most importantly, security cameras should be installed in public areas and be running 24/7 to ensure your and the unit’s safety.

12. Review and deposit and payment scheme

In the Philippines, some condo owners require deposits before moving in. This is different from the monthly rent you’ll be paying throughout the lease contract. Before moving in, review the payment scheme in the contract as well as the necessary deposits that need to be done in order to secure the unit completely.

DMCI Homes condo for rent in Pasig

Levina Place - Featured ImagePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

If you’re still in the dark about which Condo to get in Pasig City, here are some of what DMCI Homes offers in the city.

1. Levina Place

Not a fan of high-rise condos? Then the Levina Place is the choice for you. Enjoy the sheer tropical serenity in the corner of Pasig City. This DMCI Homes property has lush greenery, courtyards, and invigorating water features.

2. Lumiere Residences

If you’ll be working in Ortigas Center, or if you just want to be near the business district, Lumiere Residences may be the perfect place for you. This high-rise condominium unit offers resort-style living that lights up Pasig City’s illustrious skyline.

3. Prisma Residences

A life between Pasig City and the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) awaits you if you decide to move to Prisma Residences. This high-rise condominium along Pasig Blvd. offers a colorful living experience with three different kinds of swimming pools, jogging, and bike trails, and a roof deck to watch the glorious Manila sunset.

4. Sheridan Towers

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Ortigas CBD? Sheridan Towers offer a country-club experience with its sky lounge, sky patios, and roof deck. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, a fitness gym also awaits you when you move in.


Key Takeaways

Pasig is a highly competitive city in Metro Manila and offers a range of commercial developments, attracting many tourists and foreigners. Feel the love and hospitality of the Filipino people by keeping these tips in mind when looking for a rental in Pasig:

  • Know the ground rules. From the Philippine laws and regulations to the rules set by the condominium administration, knowing all these will help foreigners like you to get a glimpse of a condo living in the country.
  • Know what you want. There are a lot of condos in Pasig City, which may become overwhelming for you. Keeping a list of what you want and need in a condo building will help you narrow down your choices and make your decision-making easier,
  • Find the best of the best. Between proximity between work and home, the amenities, and the facilities that surround the building - it takes a lot of research to know which condo home is the best one for foreigners.


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