Did you know that Quezon City is four times the size of Manila and six times the expanse of Makati? With a bustling land area, it’s hardly surprising that key housing players like DMCI continue to create world-class living environments at the heart of the city. Whether you’re looking to long-term lease a home for your family or short-term lease, Quezon City has a lot to offer. But while the city size is an advantage, it can also feel overwhelming for both locals and incomers who wish to find their home in the vibrant metro. No worries! Here’s your ultimate guide to renting condos in Quezon City.

1. Compare Home Prices

Finding the ideal setup for condo renting in the Philippines is no easy task, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming if your search is focused on Quezon City. There’s simply a lot of good options in this place, whether you’re in your 20s and ready to rent a condo or if you’re going for a short-term lease. After figuring out your budget, it then becomes a matter of finding the condo, agreeing to the contract, signing on the dotted line, and then moving in. To make the search smoother, you can check out applications like DMCI’s property search, which allows you to filter your property search by home type, location, and budget.

2. Know the Distance to Key Places

The location of your Quezon City condo should be factored in. Real estate advice even implores you to consider location as your “everything.” It may be an exaggeration, but there’s a truth in it. Check if the home or condo you’re eyeing is near the establishments you’ll be frequenting. Whether it’s business and commercial hubs or public transportation points, it’s important that you make sure that the location conveniently allows you to go around. What’s great about many Quezon City condo properties is they’re smartly designed at the center of action. Places like the Accolade Place or Stellar Place are situated in accessible areas that allow you to save time traveling to key establishments.

3. Reflect on the Cost of City Life

city living costs

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The cost of living in Quezon City is something you should incorporate into your condo renting plan. It’s wise to have a general picture of how much your daily expenses would be, with special attention to rent, utilities, food, transportation, leisure and savings. There are great free online services to help you come up with a smart budget, among them is Numbeo. It’s a helpful app that calculates the cost of living in Quezon City. Bear in mind, however, that the cost of living changes from time to time, so it’s wise to be keen on changes when budgeting.

4. Explore the Cafes and Food Finds

Quezon City doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cafes and food finds. It’s a city that is home to a number of local and international restaurants. There’s at least one food joint putting up business in many Quezon City neighborhoods. You’ll notice that many of the places for rent are near these gastronomical gems. For example, The Amaryllis is walking distance to Tomas Morato, where there are fantastic options available to foodies. It’s hard for you to get bored in a place that has so much food to satisfy your cravings.

5. Don’t Forget to Bargain

You got your first offer for the rental price? It’s smart to bargain a bit. Condo leasing is a fantastic housing option where you can try to negotiate your way into getting the ideal price and unit. If your landlord seems settled with his offer, then try to find ways on how to get a better deal. Perhaps your can ask for free parking or a freshly painted unit. Sometimes, landlords are more amenable to lower the rental prices when you can prove your capacity to pay before the first month. When you’re negotiating, remember that you’re talking to another person. As much as you’re steadfast, be open-minded, diplomatic and flexible.

6. Read the Contract Carefully

contract review

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The best tips for renting a condo in Quezon City are never complete without this important advice: always carefully read the contract before signing it. This significant document should contain all the terms you’ve discussed with the landlord, including the house rules and payment schedule. It should also contain details on utility bills, security, housekeeping, and amenities. Reading the contract allows you include matters that may have been left out, or to negotiate some terms you think will benefit you.

7. Be Friendly to Your Neighbor

Being friends with your neighbors should be one of your #squadgoals. It can provide you with the necessary support system to make your condo living happy, convenient, and secure. If you’re feeling shy knocking on your neighbor’s door to introduce yourself, greeting them in common areas like the elevator can send a positive signal. Your life in a condo is more colorful when you’re in friendly terms with your neighbors.

8. Maximize the Use of Condo Amenities

condo amenities

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Major condos are proving to be as convenient as resorts and hotels. With gyms, pools, open gardens and other recreational areas, you’d feel like you’re living the life. Depending on the place you’re considering, make sure you have access to specific amenities you prefer. While fitness centers are becoming a staple in many condos, you may also want to consider if the location has an open space for walking and running. Condos like the Magnolia Place and The Redwoods are worth considering if you want places that are designed like a vacation destination with all the available necessities for city living. Do your research to make sure you have all the amenities you need for the most comfortable stay.

9. Make the Space Your Own

While it’s great to have a fully furnished unit, it can sometimes feel like you’re living in another person’s space. You don’t necessarily have to do major overhauling, although if you feel the need for it, you have to discuss it with your landlord before signing the contract. Personalizing your rented condo is easy with few simple tricks. Adding your portrait to the wall can immediately lend a personal touch to the place. You can also focus on accent pieces like rugs, candles and furniture to make the space your own.

Following this condo renting guide in Quezon City can truly make your stay in this exciting metropolis worth it. The bustling city has a lot to offer for modern living, so it’s just a matter of planning smart and being open to possibilities before finally moving into the condo that that you can call your home.