When planning a school reunion, choosing the right venue is highly important. Above all, you want a space that will complement a fun and memorable get-together. The Iris Observatory, located at the roof deck of the Tivoli Garden Residences, is a fantastic choice with its stunning view of the Makati and Ortigas skyline, spacious indoor and outdoor area, landscaped promenade, walkways, observation decks, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

A stylish and modern events place for rent, Iris Observatory can serve as the perfect setting as you reconnect with your former classmates. With the perfect venue, it becomes easier to plan an epic class reunion. Here are 8 ideas that will add pizzaz to your reunion at Iris Observatory.

1. Dazzle with a school-themed decor

Iris Observatory School-themed Decor

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Designed with style by DMCI Properties, Iris Observatory provides lots of opportunities for a dazzling decor. Evoke school spirit with the creative use of color, mascot, motto, and other meaningful aspects of your school life. Your school color can be reflected in the design of tablecloths, napkins, plates, glasses, and flowers. Consider balloon arches with alternating school colors for a nice effect. You can also put up a wall art where you can hang school pennants, motto banners, and logos. Confetti can come in many shapes and sizes, but make sure that this party staple is aligned with your school’s vibe.

2. Capture memories with event photography

While it’s alright to take a selfie with your smartphone, hiring a professional photographer can ensure the quality of the photos. As the reunion is a special occasion, you want someone trained in capturing group interactions and candid moments. A good idea is to recreate the same pose in your old class photo. Having old and new versions of the same photo is a great way to reminisce. For something fun and inexpensive, you can opt to have a photo booth. A photo booth can spice up the reunion. You and your schoolmates can take numerous photos that can serve as fabulous keepsakes.

3. Evoke nostalgia with fun games

As an events place for rent in Mandaluyong, Iris Observatory provides a stylish and spacious area perfect for fun games and activities that will evoke nostalgia, from forgotten crushes to old rivalries. Break the ice with an imitation game, wherein someone will mimic former teachers and classmates while the rest of the guests try to guess who is being impersonated. Another fun activity is called jog the memory. Play a slideshow of images that relate to your collective school experience, such as school plays, sporting events, prom, and so on. Ask your classmates to identify the image and reward correct answers with a prize.

4. Have a movie night under the sky

After dinner, why not watch a movie from your graduation decade? While watching the movie indoors is a good option, you might want to throw a legendary movie night outdoors. Iris Observatory, as the name implies, comes with an impressive outdoor space perfect for a movie party under the starry sky. The magic of watching a movie outdoors can be an exciting prospect. You don’t need complicated requirements and super hi-tech devices for a fun movie. The experience should be about getting you and your former classmates together. In any case, a basic HD projector and a sound system should prove sufficient for a cozy viewing.

5. Party the night away with live music

School Reunion Iris Observatory Live Music

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Live music can add tremendous fun and energy to your reunion. A talented band can be effective at encouraging interaction and dancing. The band entertainers should be able to play your batch song and, if possible, your school hymn. You can also prod the group to give their song requests or offer a song number. Avoid playing just one type of music. Jazz up the music playlist by combining different genres. As a top events place for lease, Iris Observatory has an acoustic design that will enhance the whole music experience.

6. Serve a signature cocktail drink

School Reunion Iris Observatory Signature Cocktail Drink

Photo courtesy of Aydin Aksakal via Pexels

Serving a delicious and unique cocktail drink can keep the reunion party going. A nice drink can be really effective for socializing. There are a lot of really good recipes to try, and you can create a non-alcoholic version for those who do not drink. You can serve a large batch of cocktail as is, or why not hire a skilled bartender to amp it up? With a bartender and a customized drink, you can easily elevate your reunion party.

7. Set the stage for an unforgettable program

School Reunion Iris Observatory Set the Stage

Photo courtesy of freestock.org via Pexels

A reunion wouldn’t be complete without a program that includes speeches and presentations. If any of your former teachers will be attending, let them give a short speech. With their experience of the different personality types of your classmates, teachers and school administrations can contribute some really funny and heartwarming stories, stories that you may not have any knowledge of during your school years. During the banquet, you can also randomly select among your batchmates and have them answers questions about their funniest memory, favorite teacher or school crush.

8. Customize well-made party favors

School Reunion Iris Observatory Well-made Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Apart from photos, party favors are great as a form of memorabilia. Make sure that the items are well-made and have sentimental value. Alumni items such as stickers, pens, t-shirts, and hats are popular choices, but make sure they’re of good quality. There are a lot of companies that can also create personalized monogrammed items such as mugs and magnets. Don’t hesitate to ask the group beforehand about the items they prefer. With the right souvenirs, your schoolmates will be have something valuable to remember the event.

Meeting your schoolmates after so many years is a moment to treasure. With these 8 school reunion ideas to try, you can certainly make the event one for the books.