Every relationship has its high and lows, and it can also be the case with your condo roommate. Do you still remember the first time you’ve done something sweet to welcome your roomie? It’s nice to recall the good times, but it’s also important to face reality. You thought that condo living would be great, until you’re forced to think about living problems with your roomie. Parting ways with anyone can’t always be easy. However, you must learn to do it if the relationship has become unhealthy. Here are 11 definitive signs it’s time to part ways with your roommate.

1. They Can't Pay the Bills on Time

Can't Pay the Bill

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Periodic late payments is one of top signs your roommate is not ready to rent. It’s you who will end up suffering the most if you put up with it. Either you shell out the extra cash or face eviction for being behind on condo monthly dues. Consider it a red flag when they say they’re struggling with rent money yet they regularly have some new purchase to show off. Being responsible with money is a priority in all healthy relationships.

2. Do We Hear Wedding Bells?

Wedding Bells

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Not all reasons for parting ways with your roommate are like horror stories. Happy reasons to part ways include marriage. When your roomie decides to get married, it’s a definitive sign that both of you must plan to part ways. You should have an amicable arrangement. Marriage entails moving on to the next chapter of your life.

3. In Need of MORE Space

In Need of MORE Space

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The need for more physical space is a practical consideration to part ways with your roommate. For example, is one of you making a career move? Depending on the career shift, parting with your roomie can benefit both of your career choices. Does your roommate need an extra room as workspace? Do you need the living room for your graduate school books? Parting ways may seem like a huge adjustment. But know that condo renting in the Philippines has better options for your own space requirements.

4. You’re Not Comfortable With Roomie’s Social Circle

Roomie’s Social Circle

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Condo sharing in the Philippines is a great way to save money and enjoy the benefits of modern living. However, all the good reasons turn bad when your roommate disregards your privacy. A serious reason to part ways with a roomie is when their friends or partner dominate your unit. Get-togethers are fun, sure. But if your roomie’s social circle practically live with you, then you know that it should end.

5. The Cancer Sticks Affect Your Health

Cancer Sticks Affect Your Health

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If your roommate is a smoker or has started the unhealthy habit, you sure have more reasons to leave your roommate. It’s definitely personal, because it concerns your own health. The dangers of secondhand smoke are too serious to disregard. The smell of cigarette smoke is irritating for non-smokers, and the smell lingers and sticks to you despite all efforts.

6. Mistrust Becomes Your Roomie

Mistrust Becomes Your Roomie

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You can’t expect your roommate to be perfect all the time, but at the very least you need someone you can trust. Having serious trust issues with your roomie is an indication that you need to say goodbye. Stealing and sustained lying are two trust issues many people consider to be too serious to disregard. Trust is specific to each relationship, and it’s you who can best say if you can still repair the relationship. Doubting your roomie is an opportunity for a heart-to-heart talk. Before doing something hasty, assess if the signs indicate that you’re living with the wrong roommate. Nonetheless, never feel guilty to stand up for your values and to move on from anyone who spoil them.

7. They Drown You with Their Negativity

Drown You with Their Negativity

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The burden of having negative roommate outweighs the cost of condo living. Living in a space with someone who constantly whines about everything can take  a toll on your own emotional health. True, you’re roommate doesn’t have to be an angel. However, if you find that their negative energy has started to influence how you view the world, then it’s time to create a new environment without them. Start finding a roommate who has more positivity.

8. The Struggle with Cleanliness is Real

Struggle with Cleanliness

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Condo rental in the Philippines has come a long way, encouraging people from many walks of life to benefit from a shared living environment. For students and young professionals, having a roommate can cut down rent costs while enjoying the amenities and convenience of condo living. Things, however, become literally dirty when basic standards such as cleanliness are disregarded. Finding yourself doing all the cleaning is a sign of a serious roommate problem. Start discarding the mess that is your roomie if the problem persists despite all efforts.

9. They Damage Your Things and Don't Replace Them

Damage Your Things

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One of the perks of living in places like DMCI Homes is you get to enjoy a vibrant and comfortable environment. Sharing the responsibilities with a roommate makes condo living easier and more fun. Things get tricky, however, when your roommate constantly uses your personal items, or worse, breaks them. Accidents happen, but it’s something else if it’s a recurring problem. If your roommate damaged your laptop or stained your favorite shirt and still hasn’t exerted any effort to fix the problem, then you’ve got a more serious problem to “fix”—parting ways with your roomie.  

10. They Eat Your Food

They Eat Your Food

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A condo unit for rent is wonderful space to share with a roomie. But it can also be toxic when something as basic as food becomes the reason of conflict. Ideally, food is best enjoyed when shared. This does not mean, however, that your roomie can simply consume your private stash of food without permission. It’s just downright disrespectful. Part ways with a roomie who can’t comprehend boundaries in the kitchen.

11. They’re Sick with Laziness

Integral to any roommate rental agreement is the idea of shared responsibilities. From payments to chores, having a clear and agreed set up on cleaning duties, food preparation, bathroom use and so on can bring order to your busy life. If, however, your roomie is lazy and consciously breaks these shared rules, then it’s a sign to let them go before you get too stressed out.

Finding the best roomie that you can also call your friend can be hard. However, it’s not impossible. Use this guide to reflect on the signs that it’s time for a new roommate. Remember that it’s best to give your roomie a chance if the problem can still be discussed and resolved. That being said, it is still you and your gut feeling that can truly say if it’s time to part ways. Breakups can be hard, but they are necessary for the better.