Now that you’re done with paper work and have settled your fees (almost) for your new home, it’s more than tempting to just plop down your couch, rest your legs on the table, put your hands behind your head and say, “This is the life!” Like a boss.

But not quite yet.

As a new condominium dweller, you’re probably not aware that there’s a lot of work ahead in your new place. You see, while the developer has provided your pad with pretty much everything you need (especially if your place comes fully furnished), there are matters that you should take care yourself. Sorry to burst your bubble, but condo living won’t always be a walk in the park. Utility personnel might not be always around to help you and it can get so lonely in the neighborhood sometimes. That said, put your handyman belt on and get yourself these important house tools for every condo resident. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fix it Felix or a Wreck it Ralph, maintaining a home is something you can learn with little to no experience.

That’s why when getting these essential things especially for first-time condo renters or dwellers make sure to get good quality tools at a good price. If taken with care, these tools can last you decades and save you time and money.

Box of Toys

Having a toolbox is probably your great leap to condo preparedness. It’s important to have all your tools in one place, safe and sound. If something needs fixing, won’t it be nice to just grab everything at once and go? You can go for the conventional toolbox or those that have pockets for specific tools.

Handyman’s Eye Candy

Safety glasses may not be the most fashionable pair in the store but they can save you from a number of accidents from not wearing one: splinters, dust, shrapnel, and what have you. Put the spectacles on when you’re working with chemicals, spray paint, dust, sawing, cutting grass, or even fixing a light bulb –because you’ll never know.

Your Own Mjolnir

If Norse mythology god/comic hero Thor has his Mjolnir, you should have a hammer. Uses are many: from hanging portraits on the wall to demolition jobs to keeping the frost giants away from Asgard. Or not. But a hammer is one of the most helpful tools you’ll need. Get a hammer that you would actually use in terms of weight –some are too light you can’t drive anything down, others too heavy to even lift –and grip –some have a texture hostile to sweaty hands.

No More Screwing Up

If you ever noticed, screwdrivers aren’t all the same. There’s the Phillips or X-shape screwdriver then there’s the flathead screwdriver. You need both. The Phillips can help you hinge (or unhinge) screws in your photo frame, light switch, furniture, and whatnot. Meanwhile, the flathead has also other condo troubleshooting powers like loosening light prying; unloose stuck door knobs, or lifting unhinged doors. Quick tip: make sure the electricity is turned off BEFORE you start sticking a screwdriver in a light socket to pry out a broken bulb.

Measure for Measure

A tape measure will tell if your waistline lost an inch or two but a sturdy tape measure will determine if that French armoire from the department store can actually fit in your tiny bedroom, or that huge flat screen TV has enough space in your living room. It can tell if you’ve grown taller, too.

Hidden Super Pliers

Pliers are one of the most important tools everyone should have because a) it can cut wires, b) pull out errant nails in small places, c) cut jagged edges sticking out from things, d) twist and cut metals, and e) even pull out a kid’s tooth! Dentists might have a tool similar to pliers for tooth extraction, so just use your imagination. But don’t risk it anyway.

Cutting Edge

A cutter is mostly used in DIYS and projects but a helpful tool nonetheless. It can open packages, tear mails, sharpen wood, strip wires for easier electrical work, and basically a good alternative to a kitchen knife. But don’t prepare your meals with it.

Stick It

Duct tape is a wonderful thing if you only know how to use it. Aside from sealing big packages and rogue wires in your home, use the duct tape to prevent shattering glass during storms, seal the uncanny hole in your couch, keep leaks from your faucet, and even remove unwanted hair! Ouch. But kidding aside, duct tape is also great for water-resistant sealing jobs especially come rainy season.

Within Reach

Unless you’re living with the world’s tallest man under one roof, you need a ladder. It doesn’t matter if your pad has a low ceiling or you have no second floor. Ladders are great for hard-to-reach paint jobs, changing light bulbs, or dusting off the ceiling and tall furniture. Do you know that ladders can be transformed into bookshelves and external closet too? Just use the tool horizontally and let your imagination do the rest.

Son of a Gun

Staple gun needs mention in this list because it’s heaven’s gift to DIYS. But crafts aside, staple gun is used for upholstery, carpeting, reconstruction and decorating jobs, sealing boxes, and even as a bind for thick documents and paper work. The tool has other varieties in the market like manual, compressed air, or electric powered staple guns. The electric powered staple guns are the most powerful, and may be available in cordless or corded formats. Don’t forget to stack a hefty supply of staple wire.

Beginner or not, you don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed in order to maintain your home sweet home. In fact, there are many more tools out there that you’d need later on as your place might need an upgrade five to 10 years from now –windows, flooring, the kitchen, and etc.