The convenience that city living affords is irresistible to many homeseekers. Everyone can agree that it’s more ideal to live a few steps from virtually everything.

If you’re looking for a comfortable place in the metro, you should see Dansalan Gardens, a three-building residential property by DMCI Homes. Situated at the heart of Mandaluyong City, this condominium is the perfect example of urban living and rustic lifestyle combined. Read on to learn how living in this metropolitan paradise can improve your life.

1. Revel in the architecture’s modern tropical design

modern tropical design

Heights of the Dansalan Gardens
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Unlike other residential establishments in the city, Dansalan Gardens features a refreshing façade that pairs contemporary architecture with a countryside motif. Its modern condo design is coupled with a tropical-themed environment that makes one forget the worries of city life. The three buildings feature up-to-date architectural facets like high-speed elevators, automatic fire sprinkler systems, an overhead water tank, an underground water cistern, and a wide hallway configuration. When you step outdoors, you will be greeted by a relaxing tropical landscape that fosters plenty of greeneries and water features. You’ll have an easy access to cultivated gardens and a serviced pool. There’s always a spot for you to relax and take in the beauty of nature.

2. Feel like a VIP in the hotel-like lobby with a reception counter

lobby with a reception counter

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

If you’re searching for a condo for rent in Manila with a modern home design, look no further than Dansalan Gardens. The hotel-like lobby alone will convince you that this place is every bit classy in its own way. Proper lighting is one of the major factors that set the mood in the reception area. Multiple sources of light with different tones and intensities help in creating the right atmosphere for relaxation. The modern tropical theme also affects the ambience of the room, giving it a welcoming vibe that will make you want to stay.

3. Unwind in the sky lounge in a breezy evening

unwind in the skylounge

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

What’s better than chilling in a lounge after a busy day at work? Chilling in a sky lounge, that’s for sure! One of the great benefits of living in Dansalan Gardens is the leisure and luxury that its first-class amenities offer. That’s why it is one of the best condominiums to invest in. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy tropical-style living in Manila for the entire duration of your stay here. The metropolitan skyline is a thing of beauty when seen from a high view deck. You can watch the sun rise and set every day while comfortably seated with your friends at the sky lounge.

4. Take a private glimpse of the city with no buildings to block the view

take a private glimpse

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Why consider Dansalan Gardens for rent, you ask. Well, if you like reflecting and meditating while gazing over the city, then you’ll undoubtedly like Dansalan Gardens. This condominium is situated in a strategic location where no other high-rise buildings stand nearby. You can peer out from your window any time of the day and see the same magnificent view of the urban landscape around you. There will be no other architectural structures to obstruct your vision. Indeed, this is a great indulgence that you should take into consideration because it can turn in your favor in the long run. Closely packed condos in the city aren’t much of an article for relaxation so it’s better to stick with condos that are comfortably situated in peaceful neighborhoods.

5. Chit-chat with your neighbors at the clubhouse

neighbors at the clubhouse

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

One of the great things about living in a condo for rent is the strong bond you can form with your neighbors. DMCI condos are known for their sense of community. There are a number of amenities that promote social gatherings and simple get togethers. As a tenant in Dansalan Gardens, you can keep in touch with your family, friends, and neighbors in the clubhouse or any other shared space. The clubhouse is especially conducive for rekindling relationships and creating new connections. The Wi-Fi accessibility in this area makes it an ideal recreational spot for everyone.

6. Swim your city stress away in the invigorating leisure pool

Photo courtesy of Haley Phelps via Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Haley Phelps via Unsplash

Every DMCI condo features one basic amenity: the swimming pool. Unsurprisingly, Dansalan Gardens boasts one, too. If you want the best of vacation-style living, you can get it in this resort-style condominium. You’ll enjoy a touch of decadence with every minute you spend in the poolside. Whether you like swimming alone or with company, the leisure pool is a great way to relax your body, mind, and soul. This little indulgence can actually make a hard day feel more fulfilling. Put your worries away and reinvigorate while wading through cool water.

7. Celebrate important events in the scenic gazebo

celebrate important events

Photo courtesy of Kaleb Dortono via Unsplash

DMCI is a pro-family company that makes sure it offers the best family-oriented features and amenities across all its residential properties. Dansalan Gardens is one of the many condos that attest to this. The clubhouse, lounge area, and poolside are only a few among the many features that promote social conventions and gatherings. Another amenity you can use for reunions is the gazebo or cabana. Its open architectural design commands a sense of inclusivity and belongingness. You can invite your relatives and colleagues over for a simple get together.

8. Feel closer to nature at the sight of the koi pond

feel closer to the nature

Photo courtesy of FOX via Pexels

If you’re getting a condo for rent in Manila, you might as well get one that has unique hallmarks you’d rarely find anywhere else. For Dansalan Gardens, this hallmark is the koi pond, an uncommon water feature that even some tropical-themed condos don’t have. The koi pond is undeniably a wonderful feature to have in a condo, but its aesthetic appeal is not the only reason why it’s such a great takeaway. A study by the Michigan State University found that living in a place with an easy access to a body of water leads to decreased levels of psychological distress. Regardless of factors like age, sex, and wealth, living near a patch of blue can improve people’s mental well-being.

9. Host a picnic in the beautiful pocket gardens

beautiful pocket gardens

Photo courtesy of Jeshoots via Pexels

Dansalan Gardens’ tropical condo design will never cease to remind you of the beautiful countryside. It’s called Dansalan Gardens, after all. The abundance of pocket gardens in and out of the buildings will always give you a refreshing feeling. The sight and smell of nature are sure to give you a great mood. You can share the peace with your family and friends by hosting a picnic in the garden. They can’t say no to fresh air and free food. Also, you can walk your pets along the walkways in the morning and at night. Your pets can use some fresh air, too. Make the most out of your stay in this tropical haven by basking in the glory of nature.

10. Amuse your family and friends in the indoor entertainment room

indoor entertainment room

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Enough of the outdoor amenities. Perhaps now you’re wondering what Dansalan Gardens has to offer within its walls. Well, rest assured that this condo’s interiors are every bit comfortable and cozy. Plus, there are other amenities you can enjoy, with the entertainment room being the most prominent of them. If you feel like unwinding indoors, this is the place to go. Who knows, maybe just a few hours spent in this room can give you a few modern tropical condo ideas for your own unit. Just throwing out random (but hopefully relevant) suggestions here.

A modern architectural façade, a tropical landscape, a peaceful neighborhood, a mentally stimulating water feature, and lots of other family-friendly amenities—what more could you possibly want? Dansalan Gardens is every bit the perfect choice for homeseekers and renters who want the best of city living. Book a visit at Dansalan Gardens today to see the wonder of this place.