The pandemic shouldn’t stop a future condo owner in search of the best unit. With all the safety protocols in place to protect the population from COVID-19, it only seems best to self-isolate and forego on-site visits to prospective condos. If so, why not go on a virtual tour of available units to see what condo companies have to offer?

Virtual tours can provide a 360-degree view of the condominiums for sale, without you having to exert any physical effort. Without stepping out of your door, you’ll get to see many units –- one of which may become your new home. It’s important to take a good look at your prospects before you purchase, especially during such an unstable time as now.

Below are five virtual tours of the following condos offered by DMCI Homes amid the pandemic:

1. Sheridan Towers

If you’re looking for a country club vibe at the heart of the metro, explore the beautiful Sheridan Towers in Pasig City. Through this virtual tour, you can get to see a sample of its cozy units aimed at up-and-coming professionals or small families.

This unit features a spacious living area that the whole family will enjoy and boasts a dainty kitchen paired with an elegant dining area. With this warm set up, you’ll love spending time with your family or even just your friends.

2. Kai Garden Residences

For Japanese aesthetics enthusiasts, the Kai Garden Residences in Mandaluyong is the place to be. Explore this quaint unit and see for yourself just how tranquil condo living can be.

This unit maximizes space, wasting no corner and utilizes a fine arrangement of fixtures and furniture that are heavily inspired by Japanese interior design. It’s very easy to relax in a home designed to calm your stress.

3. Aston Residences

If you need a space with privacy, this 2-bedroom unit at the Aston Residences in Pasay City is conveniently near schools, offices, and malls; so you won’t need to go far to get what you need.

This unit may be shared by college roommates or by a small family of three--but don’t be deceived. Its space is far from small. It includes a roomy living area and a spacious kitchen. In between these two spaces remains plenty of room for dancing or workout!

4. Lumiere Residences

Many tenants would love to rent a unit with natural light flooding the bedroom or the living room, exuding a vibrant and warm vibe. With its strategically placed windows, this unit at the Lumiere Residences in Pasig City will provide you plenty of sunlight throughout your stay.

Aside from its stylish living area, this unit features an open kitchen where the whole gang can experiment with cooking and enjoy many sumptuous feasts. You’ve also got three cozy bedrooms in this unit, perfect for a family of four.

5. Cameron Residences

If you’re looking for a tropical sanctuary in the middle of the city, the Cameron Residences in Quezon City will be a sensible option. This elegant unit can best accommodate young couples, university students, or individuals on the go.

It wastes no space and offers the right amount of functionality and design. The living area can double as a study area for students or a workspace. Its quaint kitchen is also inviting for a quick meal or full-blown meals.

Once again, because the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, safety and staying indoors should remain your top priority. To keep you and your family safe, stay at home, and follow health protocols.

Amid all of this, your search for the perfect condo need not be impacted. DMCI Homes Leasing Services offers safer ways on how to do this, even without you having to step out of your home to find a condominium for sale. You only need to maximize technology to do your condo hunting without risking your health.