Quezon City is a great place to pick your next school or university, as it is surrounded by some of the best educational institutions in the country. But doing well in your studies can be tough, so you need to lessen all the things that you have to worry about. For one, daily and long commutes should be the least of your worries, and living in condo properties for rent will definitely help a lot.

Fortunately, Quezon City is also one of the best condo locations in the Philippines. With Zinnia Towers for rent as one of the true safe havens for student commuters like you. Complete with easy access to your school of choice and relaxing amenities, Zinnia Towers has everything that will refresh your tired body and mind after a long day at school.

Want to learn more about the benefits of living in a Zinnia Towers unit? Read on to discover the priceless condo experience that this unit can provide for student commuters like you.

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Why DMCI’s Zinnia Towers is the best choice for student commuters

Studying is already hard enough. Lighten up your everyday stress by renting a unit that is conducive to learning and relaxing. Here are the many ways why you should not hesitate in choosing Zinnia Towers for Rent as your next home during those tough years in the university.

1. Convenience is always within reach

What are the things that a good condo unit should have? Convenience. It should be near your chosen school or university. Excellent schools are within the vicinity of DMCI Zinnia Towers, and there are lots of them to choose from.

Some of the best colleges and universities near the location are Colegio de San Lorenzo, Grace Christian College, the Philippine Science High School, and the Philippine Women’s University - JASMS.

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2. Premium amenities that you can easily access

Swimming pools are not the only relaxing amenity for students like you. You can also go to swimming pools with therapeutic services! This is exactly what DMCI Leasing Properties like Zinnia Towers for Rent are offering for condo residents like you.

Achieve your fitness goals as well with great fitness centers within the condo. Just remember to become a responsible condo resident by keeping these amenities clean and tidy for the next user.

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3. Spend your day in relaxing recreational spaces

You need to choose a place that lets you breathe after that tiring exam. Release all those frustrations from that difficult exam in Zinnia Towers’ excellent recreational spaces. Play basketball, badminton, exercise, or simply just bask in the lush green surroundings of these green spaces.

On top of that, every DMCI property like a Zinnia Towers unit provides a truly green design, so you are sure to have natural lighting, cross-ventilation, and aesthetically pleasing shades for a comfortable vibe after enjoying in our recreational centers.

4. Easy access to transportation hubs

One of the conveniences of choosing Zinnia Towers for Rent is your university can be just a walking distance or a short drive from your home. But this doesn’t mean that you or your friends won’t be hanging out or going anywhere else.

Fortunately, this prime condo location is also near key transportation hubs. Buses and jeepneys heading to different locations like Manila and Makati are readily available near the area, and DMCI Zinnia Towers is also near LRT1-Roosevelt Station.

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5. Located near essential facilities and institutions

Aside from being near the best universities in Quezon City, your condo unit should be within access to other important establishments such as shopping centers and hospitals.

DMCI Zinnia Towers is near shopping malls like Landers Superstore, SM City North EDSA, and Walter Mart Munoz. For medical services, you can visit Quezon City General Hospital, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, and the Capitol Medical Center.

6. A step away from food trips and nightlife

Quezon City, being a business hub, is also a good place for food and entertainment establishments. And of course, it wouldn’t hurt for a stressed out and caffeine-loaded college student to have some fun every now and then.

Zinnia Towers is basically near exciting food and entertainment escapes like cozy cafes, affordable restaurants, and cool bars. Unwinding is essential for a student like you, so that you can also take a breath from all the stresses of your school projects and exams. Just remember to party hard but study harder the next day, okay?

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7. Learn independence and responsibility

Having your own condo unit or sharing it with your college buddies can be fun. You have more unsupervised time with them, and you can basically do anything you want. But be careful: independence comes with great responsibility!

Don’t forget to pay your condo unit fees, maintain a good relationship with your roommates and neighbors, and always stay updated with the condo rules and regulations before doing anything to your Zinnia Towers unit.

8. Safety is a top priority

There will always be bad people in the world, but you can always prevent falling victim to them. Living in a safe and gated community like DMCI Zinnia Towers is one of the great ways to ensure you are protected. You can sleep easy at night knowing your home is guarded by highly-skilled security guards roaming around.

Like all DMCI properties, a Zinnia Towers unit also comes with additional tech support for security purposes. The condo provides a 24-hour concierge service and high-quality equipment such as burglar alarms, CCTVs, specialized locks, and more condo safekeeping systems.

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9. Opportunity to save money

Since you’re living near your university, you can also take this time to save some of your money. After all, instead of using your daily allowance to pay for bus or jeepney fees, you get to save them for other stuff like food or school projects.

You can also use this opportunity to invite your friends over for a chill and expense-free night binge-watching a new series, or save your schoolmates from the hassle of finding a safe and nearby place to finish your group project that is due next week.

10. Learn better time management

Just because you are only a few minutes away from your university, it doesn’t mean that you’d be waking too late for your classes. It is one thing that living in DMCI Zinnia Towers would teach you: the value of time management.

You need to wake up early and get ready for your next class, and practice true self-independence by being responsible. Plus, you’ll learn to decide whether you’d stay in school during a long break for your next class, or simply go home and take a nap (but don’t forget to have an alarm or you’ll risk missing your class!).

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Eliminate unnecessary hassles

Commuting sure has a lot of hassles. It’s like a battlefield out there: trying to find a ride to get home, enduring the hot or rainy weather, and staying alert from pickpockets. But a student like you should have the least of these worries by living in a condo that is only a walking distance away, has great and relaxing amenities, and provides a safe environment for you.

Release yourself from everyday hassles. Choose to go home to a Zinnia Towers unit today, with relaxing recreational spaces, premium amenities, accessible transportation hubs, safe and secure buildings, and more opportunities to unwind through various lifestyle establishments such as restaurants and malls.

Key takeaway

Your years in the university should be spent on preparing you for your future career. You can always eliminate unnecessary stress to help you ace every school task. Here are the key advantages of living in a comfortable unit like Zinnia Towers.

  • Reach your university easily. Eliminate the hassles of daily commute. Get to your school on time, and get home fast to relax or finish your school tasks.
  • Unwind through safe and secured amenities. Relax after a tiring day at school, without having to go somewhere far. Take a relaxing dip in the pool, or just sit in the picturesque gardens of the property.
  • Explore other lifestyle establishments when you are free. Have a long weekend? Take this opportunity to explore cool restaurants and lifestyle centers like malls within your condo’s area.

Find out more about Zinnia Towers for Rent and other premium DMCI properties near your school of choice.

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