Zumba is one of ever-growing group exercises in the country. In fact, this Latin-inspired dance workout is reportedly being performed by 12 million people across 125 countries in the world, including Philippines. Indeed, Zumba has become an international workout phenomenon.

Raving across the country, Acacia Estates is bringing you the ultimate fat burning workout that will have you sweating within minutes!

We are inviting everyone to join Zumba Fitness on November 15, 2014 at The Tent, Acacia Estates. No registration needed. Just show up and dance your way to a fitter you. Zumba Fitness will start from 9:00am up to 10:00am.

The Tent, Acacia Estates

Zumba Fitness at The Tent, Acacia Estates

If you wish to have a healthier skin, stronger immune system, flexible and more toned body in a less frustrating and happier way, Zumba is yours to try!

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