If you want an urban lifestyle for your family, consider renting a condo in Pasig City. Pasig is home to some of the most popular shopping hubs and business centers in the Philippines. It’s as great a place for permanent settlers as it is for tourists. Pasig has a satisfied community of condo owners and renters, so if you’re looking for a condo for rent, DMCI, the largest developer of residences in the Philippines, has a great place to offer: Riverfront Residences.  

Riverfront Residences is as stylish as any other DMCI condo for rent, but what makes it special is its added emphasis on family living. Here are eight features that make Riverfront Residences the best condo to raise a family.

1. It’s close to virtually everything!

close to virtually everything

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Riverfront Residences is unlike any other condos for rent. It’s a peaceful condo community that can give you rest and relaxation without taking away the active vibe of the urban life. Sitting at the center of the metropolis, Riverfront Residences is just a few miles away from major establishments like schools and universities, business centers, medical institutions, and shopping malls. If you need a more specific list, the places it’s close to are Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, University of the Philippines, University of Asia and the Pacific, Ortigas Central Business District, SM Megamall, Shangri-La Mall, The Podium, SM Pasig, Tiendesitas, Capitol Commons, The Grove by Rockwell, Metrowalk, Depot Area, Frontera Verde, and The Medical City. These places have essentially everything you will ever need to sustain your family. Renting in Pasig has never been this good.

2. A family of fur

family of fur

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One of the family-friendly condo features of Riverfront Residences is its tolerance of pets. Condos typically don’t allow pets in their vicinity, but Riverfront Residences welcomes tame, furry creatures within its gates as long as their owners take responsibility for them. Pets have grown to be an indispensable part of any family. As Professor Lance Workman, a psychologist from the University of South Wales, said, “Pets provide an invaluable taster for adult life. If you care for a pet, this helps you to develop compassion, and to realize that you have a responsibility for others. And later on in life, we can transfer those skills to our relationships with friends and partners.” Pets help a person grow emotionally as well as physically. Dr. Carri Westgarth, Epidemiology and Population Health researcher at the University of Liverpool, confirmed this by noting, “Generally, if you own a dog, you are more physically active. And this goes for children as well, in terms of increased physical activity levels.” At Riverfront Residences, even the non-human members of your family have a special place.

3. A place for you, a space for your car

space for your car

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One of the important considerations when looking for a condominium for lease is a convenient parking space. Fortunately, this feature is a given at Riverfront Residences. This condo offers basement parking to all its residents. If you avail of the condo’s parking service, you will be assigned a parking pass that will entitle you to a secure spot. That way, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your family car is in a safe place.

4. Veranda in the sky

Veranda in the sky

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For large families, the common problem about living in a condo is the issue of limited space. To some, living in one unit with six other people is unimaginable. With such a small space to wiggle in, how can one possibly have privacy? Fortunately, many resourceful people are now sharing their creative solutions to this problem to everyone else in the Web. Condo owners and renters are learning about the many ways they can solve the issue of limited space. Among the popular solutions are condo setups that can accommodate a big family. Dual-purpose furniture, for example, can save you more floor area. Vertical shelves are also a good solution. At Riverfront Residences, you can do all these small hacks to improve your condo living. What’s more, you can also store a few of your things in the spacious balcony, an architectural feature that every unit in the condo has. But if space isn’t really that much of a problem, you can use the balcony for more romantic purposes like sunset viewing and late night dinners. Depending on where your balcony is located, you can even enjoy an aerial view of the city from your home.

5. Round-the-clock security


Silver Security Camera

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The best condos to rent in Pasig are those that have a tight and reliable security system. Riverfront Residences passes this requirement since it has 24/7 security that keeps the development and its residents secure. Apart from security personnel, the condo also has CCTV cameras and ample lighting in common areas to prevent burglary and other possible delinquencies. The parking lot is also well-lit and well-guarded. In case of disasters, there are fire exits and fire escapes that residents can use. Just like any other DMCI property, Riverfront Residences puts great emphasis on the security of its residents, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your family anymore.

6. Common areas for the family

Common areas for the family

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Riverfront Residences has exceptional condo amenities that you will surely enjoy as a family. One of which is the game room where you can play billiards and hang out with your loved ones. Since it’s a public place, you can even meet new friends. The swimming pools are also great amenities that you shouldn’t miss. There’s the regular swimming pool where everyone in the family can have a dip. There’s also the kiddie pool that is exclusively for the young ones. And then there’s the lap pool for professional swimmers and swimmers-in-training who want to test their skills. All swimming pools can be used for free by residents. Other features and amenities include gazebos, grill pits, a pergola, a sunset view park, a bakeshop, a convenience store, and an audio-video room. There are other family-friendly features that you would have to see to appreciate.

7. Healthy lifestyle is on the way

Healthy lifestyle

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One of the best condo benefits that Riverfront Residences offers is the fitness studio for the health-conscious. With your many responsibilities between home and work, you are justifiably under constant stress as a busy parent and professional. Still, your responsibilities shouldn’t get in the way of achieving a  healthy lifestyle. At Riverfront Residences, you don’t have to worry about finding time to drive to the gym anymore since the gym right where you live. But if lifting equipment isn’t your thing, you can just make use of the jogging path and walkways for your morning or evening routines.

8. Playgrounds for your kids to enjoy

Playgrounds for your kids

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Don’t leave the kids out of the decision process. Their needs, too, should be considered when  you’re planning to rent. Child-friendly condominiums are among the best choices for startup families. Riverfront Residences is a place that kids will surely love since it has playgrounds and a kiddie pool where they can run and swim. You don’t have to take your children to the park or the resort anymore every weekend. At Riverfront Residences, your kids can have all the fun whenever they want.