The“enhanced community quarantine” was announced for all of Luzon on March 17, 2020. That meant that all Filipinos in Luzon would be required to stay indoors unless needed, to prevent the spread of the disease COVID-19 and to protect Filipinos. It can get pretty boring to stay indoors though, especially for people who live in small condominium units. There isn’t really anywhere to go and it feels like there aren’t any productive things to do either.

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However, with this new enhanced community quarantine, you now have tons of free time in your hands. There are lots of things to do at home that are fun and productive if you know how to use your time creatively. A good condo unit should have everything you need for the next 30 days. Need helpful suggestions for things to do at home during the quarantine? Check out this list of 30 productive things to do inside your condo:

1. Rediscover old hobbies

Now you can rediscover hobbies you used to love! Pick up your love again for painting, singing, dancing - any hobby that you loved doing before but couldn’t explore. Rediscover your love for these old hobbies with these fun things to do at home.

2. Clean your home

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Since you’ll be staying in your condo the whole day, you’d want to work in an organized space. One of the productive things to do at home is to tidy up your unit. Dust your furniture, sweep the floor, mop and wipe your surfaces and more. You have all the time in the world to do it now!

3. Exercise!

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Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t be active! Why not try out different condo fitness hacks and work out inside? You wouldn’t want to gain thirty more pounds over the next thirty days, after all.

4. Experiment in the kitchen

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Since lots of restaurants will be closed during the lockdown, try experimenting with different recipes in your condo. There are a lot of new and easy lockdown recipes going around. Switch up your diet and try cooking them for fun.

5. Make many mixed drinks and cocktails

Do you want productive things to do when bored indoors? Instead of experimenting with food recipes, try experimenting with a cocktail (alcoholic or not) instead. Shake up and some drinks and make your night more fun by trying drink mixes you can enjoy with your family during your mealtime.

6. Learn a new language

One of the many productive things to do online now is to learn a new language. Phone apps like Duolingo are easily available online and can help you pick up a new language. It’s a new skill that’ll certainly help you once the lockdown has been lifted.

7. Binge-watch TV shows and movies

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One of the first things to do at home for fun that’ll probably come to mind is to binge-watch TV shows and movies. Why not? You can finally catch up to all those pop culture references you’ve been missing out on because of work or school.

8. Watch live music performances

Lots of international and local musicians have gone online to share hope through their music. Why not listen to these live performances from the comfort of your own condo? The Bayanihan Musikahan Concert Series is a series of online performances by different beloved Filipino artists.

9. Explore a museum online

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Can’t travel the world to visit different museums? Explore museums online! Try museums with virtual tours and explore these cultural delights as one of the many productive things to do online.

10. Take a nap

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Yes, you should be taking naps. With all the stress and worry surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, you deserve some relaxation during the day. Naps can help your brain relax and will set your mind at ease.

11. Play video games

Got a game you’ve been wanting to play for so long? Now’s your time to do it! Now you have all the time in the world to catch up to your video games. Stay indoors and finish all those video games you have piled up. It’s one of the many fun things to do at home that you can finish. Might not be as productive, but de-stressing and playing online games is one way to distract yourself and keep you entertained.

12. Tackle your reading list

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Another one of the productive things to do at home is to tackle your reading list. Remember all those books you bought at that book sale once? Remember how you never got to read them? Now you can cross them off your to-do list this quarantine period.

13. Make your own music

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Love music? Try making your own music! It’s one of the great productive things to do when bored, and who knows - maybe you’ll discover your hidden talent for music during this lockdown.

14. Catch up with family and friends

With all the worry that’s surrounding this pandemic, one of the most important things to do at home is to catch up with your loved ones. Check-in on them, ask them how they are, and make sure they’re safe during these trying times. This can be done virtually through video chats or calls, or sit beside them in the living room and start a genuine conversation with them.

15. Pamper your pets 

If you have any pets, then they must be having the best month ever since you’re always at the house. Be a responsible pet owner and pamper your pets and give them the love they might have missed out on. Some things to do at home for fun with your pets include playing with them, giving them extra-long belly rubs, or just showering them with love and affection.

16. Organize your condo home

You can finally organize your condo the way you always dreamed of. Aside from your day-to-day tidying up, you can check out some condo storage hacks for small spaces and make your unit as clean and as organized as possible. 

17. Finally, fix your broken belongings

Remember those appliances that broke three months ago? Remember that cracked tile, wobbly table, and the scuffed wall that you never got around to fixing? Fix your broken belongings so that they’re in tip-top shape again.

18. Organize your digital files

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Aside from organizing your unit, you should also try to organize your digital files. It’s one of the productive things to do online that’ll benefit you in the long run. Delete old stuff and put everything into properly labeled folders for your use in the future.

19. Focus on your mental health

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Being stuck in your condo for a whole month isn’t easy. It can take a huge toll on your mental health if you don’t watch out for it. Take care of your mental health as one of your daily things to do at home. You can start with mobile apps to manage your mental health from the comfort of your condo. 

20. Get into gardening

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Gardening can be a very calming hobby but it takes effort to get started on it. Now you can try it though as one of the things to do at home for fun. Check out this condo plant guide for you to get started.

21. De-junk your condo

Did you ever get to accomplish that list of things to do after moving into your condo? Did your junk in your unit just build up after that move-in? Go through everything you own and get rid of the stuff you no longer need. De-junk your condo and donate or give away the junk that’s just taking up space.

22. Journal about everything

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This is an unprecedented time in human history wherein everyone around the world is experiencing the same thing. As one of your productive things to do at home, document your experiences by journaling everything. You’re literally making history when you write down your experiences of the lockdown.

23. Alter your old clothes

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Need some productive things to do when bored? Alter those old clothes that no longer fit you! Breathe life into your old clothes so that you can impress everyone with a new look after the quarantine.

24. Master a new skill

Get over that fear of not having anything to do by mastering a new skill. If you never thought you could sew, garden, cook, or sing before, now you can make it one of your productive things to do at home. Master a new skill and show it off to your loved ones after the lockdown.

25. Make plans after the quarantine

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Hold out a little hope and make plans with your loved ones for after the quarantine is lifted. Plan out those reunion hugs and kisses with friends and family - it’s one of the things to do at home that’ll give you lots of joy and hope.

26. Update your resume, CV, and portfolio

There’ll be a lot of companies looking for employees after this crisis blows over. This can be one of your productive things to do online while you have time. Update your resume, CV, and portfolio in preparation for all those job openings after the lockdown.

27. Strategize for the next crisis

Taking into account your experiences from this crisis, strategize for the next disaster that may arrive. Figure out your plans, pack disaster preparedness emergency kits, and discuss options with your loved ones so that you’re prepared when the next calamity strikes. 

28. Review your finances

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Though you should’ve already been doing this in the past, now you can go through all your bills and expenses. Study different guides to manage bills saving, cut out the expenses you don’t need, and build an emergency fund in preparation for other crises.

29. Apply for a remote part-time job

Why not earn a little extra with all your productive things to do at home? Apply for a remote part-time job so that you can earn and save more for all the reunion expenses after the quarantine period.

30. Donate to frontliners and at-risk Filipinos

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One of the most important things to do at home is to help fellow Filipinos in the fight against COVID-19. You can do that by staying indoors, but you can also help by donating to frontliners and at-risk Filipinos through different aid groups. There’s a Google spreadsheet that lists down almost all the people you can donate to, but you can find reliable sources anywhere you look online.

BONUS: Wash your hands!

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Never, ever forget to wash your hands while COVID-19 is still going around! Keep everyone safe and healthy indoors by practicing good hygiene. Before, during, and after everything you do, make sure to stop the spread of COVID-19 by washing your hands.

There are countless productive things to do at home that are fun. From fun workout ideas to helping workers and frontliners, you have the opportunity to do so many activities now during this quarantine. It can be challenging, especially for people who live in condominiums, but you can still find lots of great things to do at home. Make the most out of your free time and remember to stay safe and healthy during this enhanced community quarantine.