Chocolates, flowers, and rings: these are the usual things that you see or hear about during Valentine’s Day. When couples hear those words, they may feel happy and excited about what their partners have prepared for them. For singles, though, the feeling of bitterness, sadness, or boredom may take over on this day. 

Who says Valentine’s Day is only a fun day for couples? Singles can have their brand of fun on this day, too! Turn this day into fun-filled memories. Discover how to throw your own Valentine’s Day party, together with your gorgeous and handsome single friends!

plan your venue-minPhoto Courtesy of Humphrey Muleba via Unsplash

1. Plan your venue

First on your Singles’ Awareness Day party is deciding where you want to hold your party. Keep in mind the number of guests that you intend to invite. So if you’re planning for a small event, then you can choose your house or a small venue. If you are holding a huge party, though, it might be better to check out excellent rental properties for your venue. 

Aside from the size of your party, consider your budget and the kind of Valentine's Day party activities that you plan to do. Don’t pick a venue that is too expensive if you or your friends don’t have the money for it. Also, don’t choose a small venue if you plan to hold games that will make your party guests run around. It will make the game uninteresting and impossible to do. Worse yet, someone may end up getting injured.

2. Write a list of guests

While you might want to invite all your close friends to your party, make sure that all of them are single. Even if your close friend and her boyfriend are #couplegoals to you, inviting them may be the worst idea for your Valentine’s Day party. Chances are, you will make the singles feel that their singlehood is being rubbed in their faces on Singles’ Awareness Day. 

So make sure to explain to your couple friends that this is strictly a singles-only party. Be prepared to make a guest list of all your single friends. It also helps if you keep track of who is who, especially if you are throwing a big party. You don’t want strangers or some uninvited people to crash your party and stress you out. 

pick interesting party themePhoto Courtesy of Alasdair Elmes via Unsplash

3. Pick an interesting party theme

Forget about the usual red and hearts theme. This idea is overused and reserved for couples. Plus, it is already boring. Try some interesting Valentine’s Day party themes, like a horror movie theme or a pamper-me theme party. You can use the horror movie theme to talk about your horrible dating stories. For the pamper-me party, you can chat with your friends in a jacuzzi or wear moisturizing face masks while playing board games together.

To make sure that your guests will actually enjoy the theme, ask them directly what kind of concept they want. Take note that the theme doesn’t have to be extravagant or complicated. Your Singles’ Awareness Day theme may be as simple as a game night or a movie night. 

4. Send trendy invitations to your guests

Some people may feel weird coming to Valentine’s Day party. After all, it is mostly a day celebrated by lovey-dovey couples. As such, your guests might opt out of your party.

Prevent this from happening by sending trendy party invitations to your guests. Give them an idea of how the party will be like through your invitation. Include your list of activities. Make them realize that this a celebration of Singles’ Awareness Day and not a party for cute couples. 

prepare-party-playlist-minPhoto Courtesy of Hanny Naibaho via Unsplash

5. Prepare a party playlist, minus the love songs

A rocking playlist should be included in your Valentine’s day ideas, whether it is a small or a big event. For your playlist, fight the urge to include love songs or anti-love songs. Love songs can be cringy or may just make Singles’ Awareness Day even worse for your single friends. On the other hand, anti-love songs can also be depressing to hear at a supposedly fun event.

Download hits that will make your friends dance the night away. Pop songs and remixes may be good music choices, just like Justin Timberlake’s or Lady Gaga’s songs. You can also search for downloadable music playlists for parties.

6. Set up a photo wall at the venue

Photos capture great memories. So, consider including a photo wall in your awesome Singles’ Awareness Day party. You, however, have to consider your venue’s rules if you intend to install a photo wall. 

You can try safe photo wall ideas that don’t include nails or touching the paint at your condo or your rented venue. Try using removable washi tapes or a picture clothesline. These wall ideas will keep you out of trouble with the event owner. Not only that, but they are Instagram-worthy, too!

valentines day party games-minPhoto Courtesy of Drew Farwell via Unsplash

7. Plan epic Valentine’s Day party games

So, everyone in your Singles’ Awareness Day party may already be having fun dancing and eating delicious food. After some time, your guests may feel a little bored and tired of drinking and eating. Also, not all of your guests may be a fan of dancing, even if they do get drunk. 

Turn up the excitement with funny Valentine’s Day party games that will get your friends thinking, moving, and laughing. You can try Valentine’s bingo game or Valentine’s scavenger hunt. Whatever game you decide on, make sure that the participants are willing to go along with the game rules.

8. Just like at any other party, distribute awesome giveaways

distribute awesome giveaways-minPhoto Courtesy of Vidal Balielo Jr. via Pexels

Face it: everyone loves free, good stuff. So as part of your Valentine’s day ideas, make cute goodie bags for your guests. Include things, like heart-shaped candies or chocolates, love-themed notes, love amulets or accessories, small dolls or figurines, and maybe some strange treats.

You can also pick your goodie bag treats according to your theme. Just like your Valentine’s Day event, pick strange or unique giveaways; so that they don’t forget how enjoyable Singles’ Awareness Day can be.

Single or in love, anyone can enjoy Valentine’s Day. It is all up to you if you intend to make it a bitter day or a fun day to spend with people who share your sentiments.