If you’re planning on moving to Mandaluyong City, there is a number of things you should know. One of the major benefits of living in the Tiger City is accessibility. Everything is within reach. The city is home to malls, office spaces, schools and public transport. From the roof deck, you’d see four cities surrounding you: Makati City, Pasig City, Manila and San Juan. Living in Mandaluyong City is the perfect definition of being at the heart of Metro Manila.

Condo lifestyle is one of the highlights of Mandaluyong City, and it is especially attractive to young professionals. Condominiums provide convenient accessibility to business and commercial areas, as well as to major transportation hubs like train stations and bus terminals. The condo is a major attraction in itself, with resort-like ambience, country club living, and top-notch amenities.

Here are creative ways to explore the charms of Mandaluyong City and enjoy condo living in the city.

Walk, walk, walk

Walk, walk, walk

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The horrendous traffic in nearly all parts of the National Capital Region is common knowledge. You can’t use it as an excuse for arriving late to a meeting. If you choose Mandaluyong City, you’d have various modes of transportation to beat your daily time-in. The MRT station is one jeepney ride away, or a few minute walk if you live near EDSA. There are also ferry boats that traverse the Pasig River. If everything else fails, remember that you can always walk.

Mandaluyong City is intimately connected to Makati Central Business District (CBD). From Tivoli Garden Residences, you can reach Ayala Avenue via Makati Avenue in 15 minutes by foot. You can walk to J.P. Rizal, Rockwell or Greenbelt. Get a reliable pair of sneakers and bring a jug of water. Your condo renting guide should include a map of Mandaluyong to know possible routes in and out of the city.

Get another degree

Get another degree

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Mandaluyong City is home to top-notch educational institutions giving you access to schools belonging to the country’s top 100 colleges and universities, such as the Jose Rizal University, Rizal Technology University, and Don Bosco Technical College. The academic reputation of these institutions assure high-quality learning that will prepare your children for success not just in school but in their future career. Your proximity to these schools can open up opportunities for further studies.

Live in a condo

Live in a condo

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Looking for properties for rent in Mandaluyong City is not a problem as there is a wide selection of accommodations. There are townhouses, apartments and lots of condos. The city can very well call itself the “Condo Capital of the Philippines.”

The city is home to a growing number of millennials working in Ortigas Center and Makati CBD. This hardworking bunch is always-on-the-go whether in their professional or private lives. Convenience and efficiency are their top considerations when looking for accommodations. Luckily, condo renting answers for these unique needs. DMCI Homes’ Flair Towers not only offers the usual condo amenities such as a common lounge and fitness facilities. This condo for rent in Mandaluyong City also has a music room, a jogging path, and swimming pools.

Put up a business

Put up a business

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Mandaluyong City is a gold mine for investment opportunities. According to the World Bank, the city ranks 9th among 25 cities/regions in the country in terms of ease in starting a business. There is a large inventory of office spaces for start-ups as well as real estate projects for investor-lessors.

Condo leasing is big business in any major city in the Philippines. It is a fact that the country is disaster prone, thus, the high demand for condo renting. With minimal association dues, property owners need not worry about floods destroying their personal belongings or scorching summers resulting to health issues. Condo renting in the Philippines offers peace of mind through state-of-the-art facilities that would otherwise be too costly for house and apartment owners.

This business opportunity is even made simpler with the assistance of leasing professionals. The only thing left for the Mandaluyong condo owner to do is to pick-up his check!

Go out and look up to the sky

Look up to the sky

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As the Tiger City provides everything you need within arm’s reach, there’s no reason for you not to see the outdoors. If you want to enjoy the sun without exposing yourself to pollution, you can stay within your condo community.

Dansalan Gardens, a DMCI condo for rent in Mandaluyong, has lots of green open spaces that are too welcoming to refuse. Find inspiration near the koi pond or the landscaped walking paths. Marvel at the clouds and beautiful sunsets while relaxing at the sky lounge.

Stir your inner film critic

Stir your inner film critic

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Mandaluyong City is the cradle of cinemas. It caters to various types of movie-goers from different social segments. There’s Star Mall, Robinson’s Place and Shangri-la Plaza. Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas is also within close proximity.

If you’re into European and Asian art films, you should catch film festivals in Shangri-la. Artikulo Uno, the geniuses behind top-grosser historical movie “Heneral Luna,” host film screenings in their office in San Juan, which is walking distance from Shaw Boulevard.

Visit unique shops

Visit unique shops

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If you’re into vinyl records and other “throwback” items, Mandaluyong City offers a number of options. Check out Tres Kuleros Records & Dry Goods along Boni Avenue and be overwhelmed at their impressive collection of records. For home decors and accessories for your condo unit, visit Chrysana NEST in Addition Hills. There’s also a  line of furniture shops for your interior design needs along Shaw Boulevard.

Living in Mandaluyong brings you to the heart of a bustling business district, exposing you to opportunities that are ripe for the taking. The city is home to Ortigas Center, one of the country’s major centers for business and commerce. Large and reputable corporations abound in the area, making it much easier to secure a good job that is close to where you live. Living in the area also brings you conveniently closer to major shopping centers.

Have a gastronomic adventure

Gastronomic adventure

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Mandaluyong City has a wide array of restaurants, bars and street food options. Walk around Pioneer in Boni Avenue and you’ll find grill restaurants, a Persian diner and lots of Korean cuisine restos. You can’t miss Adelina’s Ham Store at Kalentong Street as it is one of the first food stops in all of Metro Manila.

You can stroll along Kapitolyo and find panciterias, Japanese noodle houses and ihaw-ihaws. If you want some good ‘ol fast food treats, drive along Shaw Boulevard. The choices are endless.

You may also head over to the nearby Metrowalk where you can treat yourself to comfort foods like bulalo and pork barbecues well into midnight. You can also rush over to get your grocery shopping done at major supermarkets like Robinsons, SM, and Rustans. Aside from the malls and their kiosks, food courts and fast food outlets, you will also find hotels with high-end restaurants that will satisfy your distinctive cravings for gourmet cuisine.

Share a cup of coffee

Share a cup of coffee

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The soul of a city is in its people. Share a cup of cappuccino with a friend and reminisce beautiful memories. Mandaluyong City never sleeps. If the upscale coffee shops are too much for you, you can get your coffee fix from 24/7 restaurants scattered everywhere. Better yet, brew your own caffeine goodness and enjoy it with companions in your condo unit.

Shoot a short film

Shoot a short film

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Mandaluyong City has its unique charms and undeniable flaws. Well, all places do. The secret is in discovering beauty wherever you may be. You can plan a small project with friends and shoot a short film in different parts of the city. There are empty alleyways near Shaw Boulevard perfect for an action-drama and a scenic view on the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge for a tearjerker. Don’t forget to get an aerial shot of this magnificent city.

Life in Metro Manila can be stressful. There’s traffic, pollution, noise and a lot of distractions. But like any other place, there’s beauty in this urban chaos. It’s just a matter of finding the right place to create your refuge.

10 reasons why Mandaluyong is budget-friendly for BGC folks

If you work in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, you are a survivor of Manila’s draining traffic jams.

Not only are you struggling with the long lines for the train or bus and the longer traffic jams, but you are also losing money and time as you spend hours commuting. One budget-friendly and low-stress solution to those problems is renting a place in the nearby Mandaluyong City.

Mandaluyong is situated at the heart of Metro Manila’s business districts: Quezon City, Taguig City, and Makati City. But unlike those posh places, it’s actually cheaper to live in Mandaluyong, especially if you work nearby. Here are 10 budget-friendly reasons why Mandaluyong is the best place to rent for people who work in BGC.

1. Accessible commuting options

Time-Lapse Photography of Person Standing Near TrainPhoto courtesy of Jeffrey Czum via Pexels

If you choose to live in Mandaluyong, bid your commuting woes goodbye! BGC is easily accessible from Mandaluyong. Depending on where exactly you choose to stay in the Tiger City and where you work in BGC, you can take a bus, taxi or even ride your bike to the office.

This is a wonderful trade-off from the hours upon hours spent sitting on the bus or shuttle. You will save hundreds of pesos traveling to a nearby destination for your work, not to mention you’ll also gain health benefits because commuting is actually bad for you.

2. Better traffic conditions

Photo of Vehicles On Road During EveningPhoto courtesy of Mikechie Esparagoza via Pexels

If you have a car, driving from Mandaluyong is drastically better than braving the traffic all the way from Quezon City or Rizal.

BGC is just a few minutes’ drive from Mandaluyong via EDSA or Makati Avenue. You can take Boni or C-5. You just have to strategize your routes to avoid the more congested parts of the Tiger City. Less traffic time means less spending on gas, a cheaper alternative to driving all the way from the other side of Manila.

3. Affordable accommodations

Brown Fabric Sectional SofaPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Regardless if it’s a short-term or long-term condo rental, the monthly rent in Mandaluyong is a lot more reasonable than Taguig or Makati. DMCI Homes offers budget-friendly and quality condo living in Mandaluyong that is sure to be an enjoyable experience for you.

Aside from being strategically placed at the heart of the metro, Mandaluyong is a good place for new professionals who have just started a new job and cannot afford expensive accommodations.

4. Cheaper condo utility and association dues

Piggy Bank with Coins imagePhoto courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Affordable condo rental fees may also mean affordable utility and association dues. Because you’re availing a more affordable condo unit, you are subsequently subjected to cheaper payments in electricity, water, and even building maintenance.

5. A healthier lifestyle is achievable

Woman Exercising on Yoga MatPhoto courtesy of Burst via Pexels

The Mandaluyong City government encourages healthy living among its residents. The streets of Tiger City are home to fitness centers. The government also provides fitness activities during the weekends. Having more time to yourself courtesy of avoiding Manila traffic means time to exercise before or after work.

Now, what does this have to do with saving money? Studies show that living healthier and following a regular exercise regimen can save you a lot of money in healthcare. A healthy person is less likely to be sick than an unhealthy one.

6. Cheaper food choices

Woman Holds Sliced Pizza Seats by Table With GlassPhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

As a stressed-out BGC worker, you might find yourself opting for the quick and easy fast food options for daily meals. Not only are these choices unhealthy, but it’s also actually more expensive.

Living in Mandaluyong means access to a more affordable selection of cuisine. You can even opt to cook yourself some baon because you have more time in your hands. There are a lot of easy recipes perfect for condo living that’ll save you a lot of money compared to dining out.

7. Escape from the bustling city

White Concrete City Buildings PhotographyPhoto courtesy of Christian Paul del Rosario via Pexels

A recent study by Savvy Sleeper found that Manila is the fifth most burned-out city in the world. This means workers in Manila tend to be very exhausted and stressed out about their jobs. Job troubles coupled with commuting stress can take a toll on anyone.

Too much exhaustion can push you to the brink and lead to the development of physical and mental illnesses. Instead of making money, you’ll find yourself spending on treatments and consultations if you develop complications because of stress and exhaustion. Stress-related illnesses can actually cost you and your employer if you don’t learn how to address them.

Condo living in a less crowded city such as Mandaluyong can give you the R&R you need. Condo communities provide relaxing common areas and private units that will give you the space to relax and unwind close to your work. Addressing stress at home can greatly reduce stress-triggered at work and help you save some money in the long run.

8. Fertile ground for business

Person Using LaptopPhoto courtesy of picjumbo.com via Pexels

Dubbed as the Tiger City because of its booming economy, Mandaluyong is a very good place to invest and start a business. If you’re looking to start a small business, Mandaluyong can provide spaces for you to jumpstart your endeavor.

One example of a good business in Mandaluyong is leasing condo units. You can rent out your unit and reap the benefits. A lot of workers in the surrounding areas are always looking for places to rent. They would much prefer to stay in Mandaluyong where they could find studio condos that fit their budget than in the chaotic streets of Makati or Taguig. It’s all in how you market your space to tenants.

9. Exposure to the arts

people at gallery artPhoto courtesy of rawpixel.com

Aside from being a commercial center, Mandaluyong also has a passion for the arts. If you’d like to visit galleries, you can head to Megamall or Shangri-La, which are home to several stores that house magnificent art. Even if you’re not there to buy anything, it’s still a beautiful experience to be surrounded by great art.

The same malls also hold film festivals, so expect long lines before you get into the theater, but it’s all worth it to be exposed to foreign and local films.

10. Career opportunities abound

Woman In White Blazer Holding Tablet ComputerPhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Mandaluyong is a good place to live if you’re a young professional. And renting a condo in Mandaluyong can also help you advance your career. Living in Mandaluyong places you at the center of cities brimming with job opportunities like Manila, Quezon City, and Makati City. If you’re looking for a career change, this is exactly the place to be. You’ll be surrounded by great companies that will inspire you to pursue your dream career while spending less on living costs.

Condo living in Mandaluyong is the budget-friendly choice for employees, whether you’re just starting out in your career or have spent years in your profession. Inquire from trusted leasing companies like DMCI Homes and find the perfect place to call home if you want to save money and lessen everyday stress.