Problems associated with traffic are no longer new in these modern times, especially in major cities and thoroughfares. However, traffic here in the Philippines has gotten worse, spiralling out of control and gaining the ire of many people. An infamous example is the heavy traffic on Metro Manila’s main road Epifanio de los Santos Avenue or more commonly known as EDSA. Following a plethora of complaints, the government has started taking drastic measures such as re-assigning the police to control the traffic.

Traffic is a great source of distress when you live in the city, which explains why most people prefer living in strategic places that are near to their work. This is one of the factors as to why condos for rent in the Philippines are steadily on the rise. Aside from letting you experience utmost comfort and convenience, condo renting spares you from the traffic that most commuters and drivers have to endure day in and day out. Here are 7 reasons why heavy traffic is not a big deal to condo renters.

Incredible Proximity to the Workplace

From Eastwood City to Ortigas to Bonifacio Global City, you will never find a shortage of condos for rent in the country’s premier central business districts. Such districts are home to the biggest corporations and institutions, so it is no longer a surprise that a huge percentage of today’s workforce go to these places.

Professionals of all ages find renting a condo near to work a practical choice. First, you’ll be cutting back on your commute to and from work, saving you hours on the road on a daily basis. The time you can save can be allocated to increase your productivity. Second, you’ll be spared from the hassles brought about by heavy traffic, immensely helping you cope better with work-related stress.

Enjoy Shopping Malls within Your Reach

Buying groceries? Stocking up on supplies? Catching the latest movies? Do all of these and more in shopping malls which are a stone’s throw away from your condo home. It is a well-known fact that malls are practically anywhere in the Philippines, but things are a whole lot easier with malls that are conveniently near condos.

Condos with nearby malls help condo dwellers avoid traffic, especially the heavy ones caused by mall sales and payday madness. Aside from shopping malls, you can also find a ton of commercial and business establishments near or even inside condo communities. With this, condo renting lets people do their errands and enjoy condo living with great ease.

Proximity to School

Staying up all night for academic requirements and being late for school are some of the things that make studying hard for most people. Fortunately, more condos for rent have been constructed near schools and universities, allowing students to avoid traffic jams so they can get to school on time.
Condos that are near to schools also benefit parents with children. With the convenient proximity, parents spend less time taking their children to school. In some cases, the distance is so short that students can just walk to school.

Amazing Amenities Right in the Comfort of Your Condo

Amazing Amenities

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Leasing

Striving to be fit and healthy is one goal that many people have on their list. However, going to the gym and getting stuck in traffic do not mix well even for the most enthusiastic fitness buff. It is a great thing that rental condos offer an array of amenities so condo renters no longer need to go out.

Aside from gyms, condo renters can enjoy a dip in swimming pools, a good game of billiard, and other physical activities. Aside from saving on gym memberships and swimming pool maintenance, you get to avoid heavy traffic because your condo already has the amenities that you need and want.

Condos are Ideal Event Venues

Ideal Event Venues

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Leasing

A birthday party, a get-together with family and friends, a bazaar that you simply cannot miss — these are just some of the events that you will gladly attend. But admit it: some event venues can be really far that just thinking about the distance can already damp your enthusiasm.

While condos are widely known as convenient residential choices, these can also be converted into superb event venues whatever the occasion is. If the venue is just in your condo building, you can just take the elevator or walk to the event instead of driving or commuting. And when the event is over, you can easily go home without worrying about the traffic.

You’ll Have Terrific Neighbors in Your Condo Community

There is nothing like good, friendly neighbors to make staying in your condo all the more a pleasant experience. With shared spaces like hallways, atriums, pools, and the like, you can make great friends right in the comfort of your condo community. This is a great thing especially on those days when you want to hang out with but you do not want to leave your condo.

You can just invite your friends to have dinner in your condo unit or work out in the gym. For more fun, you can also join activities spearheaded by your condo homeowners’ association such as zumba sessions, charity events, and so on.

Moreover, with countless people getting into condo renting, you are bound to have old friends in the same condo building. This will incredibly save you time when you need to catch up with one another. In any case, you no longer have to go out of your way to socialize with people.

Condos are Strategic Gateways

Condos are Strategic Gateways

Photo Courtesy of Foundry via Pixabay

Condos in prime locations make great homes for people who want it all. Condos are close to the places that you need — from offices to places of interest. Furthermore, these are near to major roads and transport systems so you can easily go to different places in Metro Manila. You can also use the strategic location of your condo to your advantage in out-of-town trips as there are expressways that are conveniently located near condos.

Getting a condo unit is a smart choice  to avoid the problems caused by heavy traffic. Whether you are looking for short-term condo rental or a rent-to-own condo, you will be making the most of city life when you choose to invest in a condo in the Philippines.