Staycations in the city are now more popular than ever - so if you have a condo in Quezon City and want to benefit from this booming staycation trend, you should transform your current condo into an ideal spot for staycations.

Transforming your unit into Manila’s top staycation spot is a great way to attract potential short-term renters and earn a reliable passive income from your real estate investment. With the assortment of diverse attractions around Quezon City, there’s no end to the interesting things that guests can explore around town during their stay.

If you don’t understand the allure of this trend yet, don’t worry. The experts at DMCI Homes have prepared this guide for you to understand the concept of staycations for a fruitful step into this adventure.

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Transforming your unit for condo staycations

Before you jump into the hows of renting out your unit, you might be wondering about the whys of this venture first. Why bother transforming your Quezon City condo into a staycation spot and renting it out to customers in the first place?

Renting out your fully furnished unit is a great idea for many reasons. For one, it’s a great way to provide you with an additional source of income. The money you earn from this venture can be used for your own financial needs, or it can be used to pay off the overall maintenance fees, mortgage, bills, and other financial needs of your unit. Renting out your property is also a great way to utilize this idle space, especially if you’re not using it as your actual home.

By transforming your unit into a condo staycation spot, you make it possible to earn from your real estate investment without a lot of effort or pressure. You can offer a cozy and comfortable space for guests to enjoy in Quezon City, while also earning from such a venture.

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Choosing Quezon City for an overnight staycation

This massive district in Metro Manila is an excellent place to enjoy a chill staycation for guests of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re wondering why customers might want to rent a condo in Quezon City, here are some of the most enticing reasons why:

  • Diverse culinary scene - With delightful food spots like Maginhawa Street, Cubao Expo, Tomas Morato, Banawe, and beyond, Quezon City’s food scene is one of the most diverse and delicious ones you’ll find across Metro Manila.
  • Tons of popular attractions - From La Mesa Ecopark and the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center for the nature-lovers, to Art in Island and the Ateneo Art Gallery for art aficionados, there are also tons of popular attractions that visitors of all interests can check out in this district.
  • Safe and vibrant neighborhoods -Due to the city’s wealth relative to other areas in the country, Quezon City boasts some of the safest and most vibrant neighborhoods for students, young professionals, and families to live life to the fullest.

These awesome reasons are just some of the selling points that you can boast of when promoting your unit to potential tenants. With all these insights, you can move to the next section to better understand the popular trends around these short-term home staycations today.

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Understanding trends in cheap staycations in Manila

Low-cost condo staycations are quickly becoming a popular way to enjoy vacations, for a myriad of reasons. By staying in resort-style condos, for example, people can spend less while still enjoying amenities similar to that of an ostentatious five-star hotel.

There are fewer expectations and logistical hurdles in staycations versus vacations spent out of town, too. Staycation-seekers of all ages, group sizes, and demographics can enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, without stressing out too much about enjoying something like a big-budget trip.

With the rise of unique and prime rental spots around rich and interesting areas like Quezon City, it’s no wonder that low-cost staycations are becoming so popular in the metro today. So if you already have a great resort-style property in this city, now’s the time to transform it into an attractive staycation rental for your business benefit.

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Making a condo for rent in Quezon City stand out

Is it your first time renting out your property in Quezon City? Don’t worry - this list of tips will help you figure out ways to make your property stand out today. Here are some ideas for unique selling points that you can highlight to attract customers to your condo home:

  • Specialized features - These include amenities inside your unit, like free wifi, bedding, furnishings, and kitchen equipment, or services outside your unit, like free parking, mailbox use, condo cleaning, and even laundry services.
  • Resort-like facilities - For a proper vacation-like staycation, make sure to highlight things like free pool use, gym access, and other resort-style amenities for guests to enjoy.
  • Stylish interiors - You can also boast stylish interiors as a highlight since these designs can truly make tenants feel like they’re vacationing at a fancy hotel or another country.

If you’re looking to hook customers in with excellent experiences, here are some techniques to personalize your rental for your guests’ benefit:

  • Welcome notes - Leave sweet and informative welcome notes for your guests so that they personally feel your warmth and hospitality, even if you’re not there.
  • Neighborhood guides - Want guests to have a great staycation? Create guides for them to explore neighborhoods around the condo so they enjoy the whole Quezon City experience.
  • Constant communication - Make sure to get your guests’ contact information so that you can stay in touch with them, especially if they have questions or need your help urgently.

Because the real estate industry tends to be incredibly saturated with competition, making yourself stand out should be a priority for your condo staycation success. Read on to discover even more ways to create an irresistible listing for your unit, so that customers are inspired to go on a staycation at your property.

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Creating an irresistible staycation listing

Whether you’re starting a full-blown condo rental business or simply promoting your unit for short-term stays, you need to be able to create a property listing that’s irresistible enough to attract customers regularly.

The first thing you should do to create an attractive listing is to take great photos of your unit. Here are some important photography tips to do just that:

  • Tidy up before your shoot. This should be self-explanatory - always make sure your unit is clean and presentable prior to doing any shoots so that your resulting photos are as pretty and as enticing as possible.
  • Showcase the best features. Do you have a professionally-designed living room or an incredibly cozy bedroom area? Is your kitchen fully stocked with chef-grade cooking equipment? Make sure to take pictures of these enviable features to showcase them in your listing as well.
  • Take pictures outside your unit - Don’t forget to get photos of the whole property, not just your unit’s interiors. If you have a great view of the city’s skyline, take pictures of it at an optimal time, like sunrise or sunset. Remember to get photos of your condo’s amenities, common areas, gardens, parking spots, and other locations, for a full view of your vacation rental.

The second thing you should do is to create compelling descriptions of your property, to entice potential visitors and provide them with further details. To do this, try the following tips:

  • Write a strong headline. The headline for your listing should be succinct, but informative enough to pique guests’ interest in just a few words. A strong headline can include the type of unit you have, its location, its number of beds and bathrooms, and price, and can end with the rental’s best feature. You can also include the theme of your unit, if you have one.
  • Describe and list down in-demand amenities. For prime real estate locations, you should create a list of in-demand features and amenities within and outside the unit. In-unit features can include air conditioning in each room, wi-fi across the unit, and free use of bedding, while amenities around the condo development can include pool access, gym use, parking availability, security services, and more.
  • Highlight nearby attractions and conveniences. Last but not least, you should highlight the basic conveniences like groceries, shopping centers, and transport hubs, or fun attractions like parks, galleries, museums, and concert halls located near your property.

Think you’re ready to transform your Quezon City condo into a stand-out staycation spot for all kinds of visitors? You can easily explore all the exquisite options by DMCI Homes in the next section to get your rental journey started today.

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DMCI Homes condos in Quezon City, Metro Manila

Start your exciting rental journey off with an attractive unit by DMCI Homes. Here are the best properties across Quezon City for you to transform into a staycation spot for guests this year:

  • The Celandine - This one-tower high-rise boasts vibrant and contemporary architecture along the urban landscape of A. Bonifacio Avenue. With a lush landscape and modern tropical design, visitors and residents alike can enjoy a private and rejuvenating space at The Celandine today.
  • Infina Towers - If you’re looking for a more active and dynamic urban lifestyle, then Infina Towers will match your modern taste. Standing tall along Aurora Boulevard, this development by DMCI Homes balances an upbeat metropolitan lifestyle with soothing recreational spaces across its two high-rise condominiums.
  • Magnolia Place - Find a peaceful haven at Magnolia Place today. This sprawling development boasts thirteen mid-rise buildings, all with exquisite neo-Asian design, manicured gardens, and a multitude of pools, playgrounds, gardens, and courts.
  • One Castilla Place - A modern and minimalist high-rise, One Castilla Place offers an intimate and tranquil environment for vacationing families seeking a private, secure, and serviced neighborhood within the hustle and bustle of urban life.
  • Stellar Place - Find the stellar staycation experience of your dreams at Stellar Place. This invigorating location along Visayas Avenue boasts a modern tropical design, multiple pools, landscaped gardens, and a Sky Lounge for a gorgeous view of the city.
  • The Amaryllis -This one-tower resort-like development along E. Rodriguez Avenue will provide families with a luxurious home away from home. The Amaryllis boasts excellent amenities, unparalleled skyline views, and the best-furnished units in town today.
  • The Orabella - Capture the sense of comfortable living at The Orabella by DMCI Homes. This high-rise condominium community along P. Tuazon Avenue lets you breathe in pure relaxation in delicately crafted units and varied recreational facilities across its expanse.
  • The Redwoods - A resort-themed development in Fairview, The Redwoods offers great convenience and tranquility for staycation guests, with its cozily designed units and proximity to conveniences too.
  • Viera Residences - Experience elegance and resort-inspired living at Viera Residences. Located along Scout Tuason Avenue, this exclusive residential development offers a wide variety of amenities and lush tropical landscapes for the perfect staycation vibe.
  • Zinnia Towers - Last but not least on this list is Zinnia Towers. This two-tower resort-style community sits right along the EDSA thoroughfare, letting tenants delight in a luscious green landscape right at the heart of the metro.

Quezon City is one of thebest cities your visitors can stay at in Metro Manila right now. Transform your property into the ideal staycation spot today, and garner great benefits from your real estate investment for the long run.

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Key takeaways

Turn your Quezon City condo into the ideal spot for staycations and reap the many benefits of this rental opportunity. Here are some final reminders to take with you as you embark on this real estate journey:

  • Maximize your property wisely. By transforming your empty unit into a staycation property, you can maximize the use of your condo properly and earn a generous income from this endeavor.
  • Highlight amenities within and outside the unit. Don’t just promote what’s within your unit - make sure to highlight the amenities around your condo community and surrounding areas for the full staycation experience.
  • Ask for expert leasing support. Work with the real estate representatives at DMCI Homes today to make your staycation condo stand out in the market.

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