Moving out is inevitable for any condo dweller. Unless you’re planning to renew your lease, you’re likely to move out once your contract finishes. People who live in condominiums move out for many reasons.

They move out when their lease ends, when they get new jobs, when they find new significant others, or for many other reasons. Hopefully, it isn’t because of any renting horror stories. But no matter what the reason is, moving out is an essential part of condo life.

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard boxPhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It can take time, effort, and money to move out. There are lots of elements you should take into consideration when you figure out how to move out. For example, when should you move out? You’d usually set it during the summer. There’s no rain that will get in your way, you’ll have more free time, and you can get your friends to help out because they’re free, too. The date is just one thing you have to consider. There’s a whole move out checklist you need to consider when you go through this process.

One thing you should definitely do before moving out of your condo is to earn extra cash. Why is it so important to earn before you move out? For one, you have to cover your expenses from the move-out. It can be pretty expensive to do so—you have to cover expenses for boxes, the moving service, and many others.

You also need to cover your expenses after you move into your new home. You’ll be unpacking for a couple of weeks, and you’ll want to ensure that you won’t be spending too much when you do. Achieving financial stability as a condo dweller is hard enough. It’s imperative that you earn extra cash before moving out so that you can move out properly, cover your expenses, and avoid stress.

Here are some quick and simple ways to earn extra money before you move out.

1. Find home-based or freelance work

There are lots of ways to get work-from-home jobs or freelance jobs to help you earn more before your big move. In Metro Manila alone, the number of home-based jobs is growing. More often than not, you can visit different websites to find freelance jobs fast. It may seem difficult at first to juggle two or more jobs. But when you work from home or do freelance work, you can find more income without having to go to another physical office every day.

ESL teaching, writing, and editing are just some of the freelance gigs you can explore. If you intend to move out, you need that extra income fast. There are tons of things to do after moving that you need money for. Home-based jobs are short-term solutions that can definitely boost your income for long-term goals.

2. Sell your recyclables

assorted plastic bottlesPhoto courtesy of mali maeder via Pexels

When you start decluttering your unit and cleaning for the move-out, you may notice that you accumulated lots of recyclable materials. Plastic bottles, metal cans, glassware—these can really accumulate in your unit over time. You could easily just throw these out, but why not sell them for that extra income? Not only will you earn, but you’ll also be helping the environment by bringing your recyclable materials to trusted recycling centers.

The Plastic Solution has a great recycling program. You can also find other organizations that will accept your recyclable materials for good prices. You can try to sell them to junk shops, too. Turn your trash into cash and fund your move-out needs.

3. Sell pre-loved items online

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Once you’ve cleared out your trash and done your move-out cleaning, you’re probably going to sort through your belongings to see what will come with you to the next condo. Go through that process and sort through your old things. Figure out what you want to keep and what you want to be taken out of your hands. After you’ve done that, the next thing you can do is sell your old items online for that additional income.

Why sell online? It’s easier for you and will keep you from using up your time selling your pre-loved things in person. You can easily talk to customers and coordinate meetups, deliveries, and payment. It’ll ensure you earn enough money before you move out. This life hack for moving in Metro Manila will certainly help you keep your bases covered.

4. Host a garage sale

man looking for filesPhoto courtesy of Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

One last hack you can use to get extra income is to host a garage sale. It can be a bit difficult if you don’t have your own open space like a garage. A garage sale is a great way to prepare for your transfer. You can sell anything you no longer need, and you’ll get paid right away, too. When people pass by to purchase items, you’ll receive the cash upfront and you can use it for your move-out

You can even invite your friends to help out. If they have old items they want to sell, they can sell during the garage sale, too. They just need to pay you a certain hosting fee so that they can sell their things in your garage sale space. You’ll get to earn money for the move-out without even necessarily selling anything.

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Are you ready to move to your new condo? There are so many factors to consider when you try to answer that question. But moving out of your old unit shouldn’t be that difficult. It should be manageable, and it could even be an additional earning opportunity for you if you plan it right. Make the most out of your move-out experience by exploring every avenue to earn more cash.