FAQs for Lessors

This FAQ is intended to provide immediate responses to various inquiries and concerns of unit owners or prospect lessors.

Important Notes to be Considered:

1. Who is DMCI Homes Leasing Services?

Response: DMCI Homes Leasing Services (DHLS) is the Official Property Leasing, Investment and Management Unit of Quadruple A builder/developer DMCI Homes. DHLS offers management services and leasing of residential properties.

2. What is the principal objective of DHLS?

Response: Offer condominium lessees the best living options and to provide unit owners a professional, secure, and hassle-free way to rent out properties

3. How do I communicate / inquire about leasing at DMCI Homes?

Response: There are two (2) ways. First, through Corporate Channels (lease inquiry via company website, social media accounts, walk-in, email, phone call, corporate employees). Second, through Non-Corporate Channels (through personal ads and efforts of leasing agents and their brokers)

4. How do I reach DMCI Homes Leasing?

Response: There are three (3) ways to contact us:

  • Website: (https://leasing.dmcihomes.com/)
  • Landline: 8403-7368, Trunkline: 8555-7777 loc. 7368
  • Mobile number: 09178817368
  • Social Media Account: DMCI Homes Leasing Services (Official Facebook Page)



1. Who are qualified for unit enrolment program under DHLS?

Response: Unit owners with complete requirements – Accomplished Lessor Information Sheet with 2 Valid Gov’t-issued IDs, Proof of Ownership (DOAS, CTS, CCT/TCT), Updated PMO Billing Statement, and Signed Authority to Lease

2. What are the benefits in enrolling my unit under DMCI Homes Leasing?

Response: With DMCI Homes Leasing Services, we offer comprehensive leasing services (e.g. from lessee prospecting to unit handling) with integration to property management services. We offer lower service fees discounts on direct lease and lease renewals.

3. How do we enrol our units under leasing?

Response: Unit Owner or Representative coordinates with Leasing Services to enrol their unit under the Leasing Program. Unit owner/s can enrol their unit in two (2) ways:

Online through Website (https://leasing.dmcihomes.com/):

  • Client shall fill out the online form completely
  • Upload copy valid IDs and other documentary requirements such as proof of ownership
  • Client should click agree to the terms and condition and submit.
  • Client shall be contacted via email for the processing of enrolment


Manual Enrolment:

Unit Owner shall accomplish the enrolment forms.

  • Lessor Information Sheet
    • Should be signed by owner or representative.
    • Contact details should be readable.
    • All fields must be filled out properly.
  • Authority to Lease
  • Other requirements:
    • Copy of SPA for Representative
    • A copy of Title or DOAS or Bank Certification
    • Updated Statement of Account – Association Dues (Paid)
    • Fire Extinguisher


4. Can you remit our income direct to our bank account? If yes, do you have handling fee?

Response: Yes, through issuance of PDCs via local bank account of the lessor. The Lesssor’s SPA and/or Leasing Specialist/Agent handling the account may facilitate depositing of payment. This is to ensure that lease payments are properly remitted and deposited on time.

Response: Yes, we collect Php100.00/check which covers administrative cost of handling and depositing of the checks.

5. To whom and how do I raise issues and concerns regarding my account?

Response: The lessor and lessee may raise their issues and concerns through the Leasing Specialist/Agent handling/servicing the account. The lessee may directly coordinate with the Leasing Specialist/Agent regarding matters concerning lease agreement. The lessee may also submit concerns to the PMO for technical and community-related issues and concerns.

6. What are my responsibilities as a lessor?

Response: It will be stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement (Lessor Agreement) with DMCI Homes Leasing Services

7. How will I know the scope and responsibilities of DMCI Homes Leasing Services in relation to my unit enrolment?

Response: Scope and responsibilities will be stipulated in the Lessor Agreement / Memorandum of Agreement

Lease Particulars:

1. Will DMCI Home Leasing Services (DHLS) act as the “exclusive” leasing group for my property?

Response: DHLS Program is a non-exclusive membership program. Unit Owner / Lessor may still personally look for other possible tenants.

2. How much is the monthly rent?

Response: Rates are dependent on the various factors, such as, but not limited to: Project, Location, Unit Size, Unit Dress-Up, Unit View, and Lessor’s Rate Preference. Please contact us for more specific rates applicable to our preferred property.

Rental rate is fixed for original agreed term subject to 10% escalation during renewal of lease.

3. What is the mode of payment?

Response: DHLS requires 1-month advance payment and 2 months Security Deposit. The rest of the payments should be made via Post-Dated Checks (PDCs) payable to the lessor.

4. How fast can DHLS rent my unit after enrolment?

Response: We commit ourselves in having it rented as soon as possible. We are targeting lead time for lease closure, however, it is dependent on various factors such as varying preference of the clients, negotiation and bargaining schemes, special requirements, requests, or demands beyond the usual unit lease requirements.

5. Who prepares the Lease Contract?

Response: DMCI Homes Leasing Services prepares a standard Lease Agreement (on behalf of the lessor) which reflects the general agreements and rights of both lessee and lessor. Special agreements and clauses that are not specified therein may be included upon agreement of both parties.

6. What is the typical lease term?

Response: For the purpose of defining lease term, please refer below:

  • Short-term Lease (STL) – Six (6) months and below
  • Medium-term Lease (MTL) – Minimum of Six (6) months, Maximum of 11 months
  • Long-term Lease (LTL) – Twelve (12) Months or One (1) year and above


7. Can an interested tenant “hold” the unit for lease?

Response: The interested tenant shall have to sign a Reservation Form and pay the appropriate Reservation Fee. Reservation Fee is non-refundable and will be applied as part of the Advance Rental Payment.

8. How much is the fee given to DMCI Home Leasing Services?

Response: Facilitation Fee is equal to one (1) month for every twelve (12) months lease term (pro-rated for less than 12 months) if tenant is sourced by the agents. If sourced via corporate channels, facilitation fee is equal to 80% of 1 month of 1-year lease term.

  • New Accounts = one (1) month for every twelve (12) months lease term (pro-rated for less than 12 months)
  • Renewal Account = 50% of one (1) month for every twelve (12) months lease term (pro-rated for less than 12 months)


9. Does the contract have provision for rental rates increase? every when and how much?

Response: Yes, the contact has standard escalation rate of around 10% per year or term.

10. Does DHLS offer unit-related services such as housekeeping, pest control, or even technical concerns?

Response: DHLS does not have accredited vendors to provide such services but the lessor/lessee can get their preferred service provider or seek via online ads provided that it is shouldered by unit owner. The PMO personnel may assist subject to PMO’s approval and beyond the personnel’s working schedule.

11. What happen if Lessor/Lessee pre-terminates the contact?

Response: In the event the LESSEE pre-terminates the lease, the LESSEE shall be considered in default and shall suffer the consequences of default as stated in Lease Agreement. Other exclusions, wherein the pre-termination of lease due to other reasons which the LESSOR initiates undue cause or any form of harassment verbal or physical, any violation of any terms and agreement entered into by both parties, the LESSEE shall be declared free of any liabilities and will not suffer the consequences of default.

12. What are the consequences of default in Lease Agreement?

Response: Upon the dishonor by the bank of any issued post-dated checks, delayed and non-deposit of cash payment on the agreed timeline, representing the lessee’s rental payments and/or the violation of any of the terms and conditions stated on Lease Agreement and House Rules by the lessee, the lessor may immediately declare, without need of a written notice, the lessee in default. Upon the lessee being in default, the lessor shall, exercise, in addition to any other remedies stated on Lease Agreement.

Data Privacy:

1. How secure is the personal information disclosed through DHLS?

Response: Response: DMCI Homes and its subsidiaries value the confidentiality of the data entrusted to the company. Please read the Privacy Policy of DMCI Homes for further information.


1. Can the tenant initiate renovation works of the rented unit without informing the lessor and PMO?

Response: No. All planned/proposed unit alterations should be communicated first to the lessor and/or its authorized representative. Once agreed with the lessor, it is the lessor who will coordinate with PMO for the application of renovation request. A comprehensive renovation guideline will be provided through the PMO.

2. Are the tenants bound to comply with the House Rules and Regulations of the property?

Response: Yes. The tenants shall observe the House Rules and Regulations as promulgated the Board of Trustees of the Condominium Corporation, including the guidelines and policies, and all succeeding revisions/amendments therewith.

3. (for semi-furnished / fully furnished dress up) If I want some of the unit owner’s items removed / replaced, can this be deductible from the rental rate?

Response: It depends to the unit owner, but we don’t recommend changing the unit’s initial set up. No changes in rental rates.