1. FAMILARIZE THE SCOPE OF WORK AND ROLES OF THE SERVICE PROVIDER. The lessor should seek clarification whether the transacted leasing agent / broker will simply close the deal and/or handle account servicing and account management. Account management may include transacting and representing for and on behalf of the lessor in regards to lease agreement.

  1. If the agent/broker is only tasked to find a lessee, the lessor and/or its authorized representative [with Special Power of Attorney (SPA)] shall be hands on in managing the account. The same arrangement should be clarified with PMO to properly manage lease concerns. All matters arising to the lease agreement shall be coordinated to the lessor [unit owner] or its SPA.
  2. If the agent/broker, aside from closing the lease, is also tasked to handle account servicing and account management the same shall be disclosed to the Property Management Office. All matters arising to the lease agreement shall be coordinated to the lessor or its SPA through the agent/broker.
  3. The rest of the activities or transactions will be based on the agreement between the lessor and its leasing agent/broker.


2. PRESENCE DURING IMPORTANT TRANSACTIONS. The lessor shall be present on the date scheduled by DMCI Homes Leasing Services (DHLS) for unit inspection before endorsement of key and enrolment of unit to DHLS. In the event of tenant move-out, lessor or its authorized representative is required to be present to conduct the necessary inspection of unit and approve the move out permit. Failure of lessor to be present during move-out schedule will grant full authority to our Leasing Officer/Leasing Specialist to sign on his/her behalf. Any arising concern after move out of tenant will not be honored by DHLS. The lessor or authorized representative should attend administrative and legal proceedings in relation to contract enforcement and claims.

3. AUTHORIZE DMCI HOMES LEASING FOR FULL MARKETING EXPOSURE OF THE UNIT. The lessor authorizes DMCI Homes Leasing Services to show the unit to prospective clients at any reasonable time and to coordinate with village/condo administration on his behalf when needed. The lessor hereby approves online display of the unit via digital marketing channels.

4. PROVISION OF PROOF OF OWNERSHIP. The lessor shall provide legal documentation on the property when required (certified title or proof of ownership, SPA, etc.). The lessor further covenants that there is no lien, encumbrances, or other impediments of title covering the Leased Premises that would impede or prevent the LESSEE from enjoying its rights under the lease contract. Refer to Section of Representation and Warranties in the Lease Agreement.

5. SHOULDER APPLICABLE FEES, TAXES, AND DUES. The lessor shall shoulder the notary fees (ranging from Php300 - Php400) and other courier fees. The lessor shall shoulder real estate taxes, withholding taxes, other government assessments, and association dues and/or share of common utilities for contracts which are inclusive of association dues and/or share on common utilities.

6. MAINTAIN GOOD STANDING STATUS WITH THE CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION. It is responsibility of the lessor to ensure updated payment in monthly amortization (Developer/Bank), association dues, and related charges to prevent cutting of utilities and inconvenience to both owner and tenant. On the duration wherein the unit is still out for leasing and is not yet tenanted, lessors are responsible to pay association dues, utility expenses, cleaning or regular up keep of unit until such time that it is tenanted that the tenant will then be responsible for electric and water consumption, regular up keep of unit, and the association dues

7. MAINTAIN GOOD COMMUNICATION LINES WITH DMCI HOMES. For cases wherein lessor was able to find lessee through his/her own effort or through personal agent/broker, the lessor shall immediately advise DHLS in writing and unit enrolment will be cancelled. This will prevent us from offering the unit to prospect tenant/s and undue access to unit with occupants already. During the duration of unit enrolment and lease period of unit, the lessor must be contactable always and must update DHLS in case of change of contact information. Lessor can always contact Leasing Department directly if they need to update on the status of their unit or for any concern related to enrolment under DMCI Homes Leasing Services. For the same purpose, DHLS and its personnel shall also contact the lessor for any important and urgent matter.

8. PROMPT RESPONSE AND DECISION ON LEASE MATTERS. The lessor shall make prompt final decision on the lease rate, terms, and contracts especially if the prospect tenant negotiates or bargains. The lessor should also provide decisions in resolving technical matters and resolution on emergency cases within the unit.

9. SHARING OF RESERVATION FEE FOR CANCELLED TRANSACTION. In the event of reservation cancelation, the lessor shall pay twenty (20%) percent of the total reservation amount paid of the supposed client to DHLS to cover for the expenses incurred by the facilitating agent during the negotiation

10. RELEASE OF SECURITY DEPOSIT. The lessor shall coordinate with DHLS to ensure timely refund execution of security deposit. The lessor shall be obligated to issue post-dated checks in favor of the tenant as a holding security bond for the same amount as security deposit of the tenant, unless otherwise if there’s no post-dated checks available from the lessor or his/her representative, DHLS shall withhold the last two (2) remaining post-dated checks of the lessor issued by the tenant

11. SAFETY AND SECURITY PROTOCOL. The lessor is advised to maintain controlled set of keys to avoid undue duplication and unauthorized access. Further, after termination of contract for long term lease agreements, the lessor is obligated to replace key lock set for safety and security purposes.

12. SHOULDER ADMINISTRATIVE AND/OR LEGAL FEES. Legal fees and other incidental costs incurred by virtue of enforcing contractual obligations based on the lease agreement shall be on the account of the lessor. Any contract or agreement on our referred contacts is an outside transaction already. Any costs incurred for professional advice or assistance will be on the cost of lessor. The DHLS and its facilitating agents shall not be assigned for legal representation.

13. RESTRICTION ON DIRECT FACILITATION. The lessor is prohibited in directly dealing a contract renewal with the DHLS sourced-out tenant, the lessor shall be held liable and obligated to pay DHLS in doing such unauthorized renewal and the lessor may be blacklisted on re-enrolling with DHLS. Likewise, the tenant would suffer the same sanction.

14. WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCES. The lessor shall put in writing any special and important instructions, requests, or orders given to leasing agents/personnel in relation to the Memorandum of Agreement (Lessor Agreement) and Lease Agreement (with the Lessee). Moreover, DHLS shall be provided with copy of any documentations coursed through the PMO in relation to the lease agreement. The lessor may request format or template for business correspondences from the office addressed to the lessee via written request. DHLS shall have the discretion to refuse facilitation of any verbal instructions, notices, or requests.

15. MUTUAL RESPECT AND COURTESY. DMCI Home Leasing Services is committed to deliver quality service to our customers, and at the same time, care for the well-being of our staff. As much as our staff strive to serve you with courtesy and respect, we seek your understanding to treat them with the same manner. Kindly refrain from using offensive language and please observe proper decorum so we may properly attend to your needs. However, in cases of extremely abusive and rude engagements, our staff may refrain from servicing until the situation tones down. Moreover, please let us know if our service falls below our standards and your expectations. Your feedback and words of appreciation will inspire our people to continuously deliver their best.