DMCI Homes Leasing Services and its personnel shall act as agent / broker in prospecting qualified tenants for the enrolled units of lessors. The leasing personnel shall be limited to provide services directly related to the lease transaction. The lessor, in his/her absence, is required to have an authorized representative for and on behalf of the him/her with regard to lease agreement for account management.

Unit Marketing and Tenant Prospecting
  • Markets the property through corporate and non-corporate channels via online, digital, print ads and agents’ efforts
  • Coordinates and conducts viewing of all prospective clients
  • Represents the unit owner during negotiation with the clients
  • Prepares all necessary contracts and documents for the unit owner
  • Assists the unit owner in preparing the unit inventory (for furnished units)
  • Coordinates and facilitates signing of contracts, forms, and other paperwork
  • Collects only post-dated checks (PDC) payment from the tenant and for proper endorsement to unit owner
  • Collects facilitation fee from unit owner should be endorsed immediately within twenty-four (24) hours to the DMCI Homes Leasing Services Officer and/or deposit via Bills Payment Facility (BDO)
  • Assists in preparation of appropriate written correspondences as instructed addressed to the tenant
Pre-move in and Move-in Requirements
  • Assists in the move-in of the tenant with subscription to utilities such as internet, phone service, and cable TV, and registration with the village / condo corporation through PMO
  • Assists in securing Gate Passes, House Rules Conforme, and Move-in Clearance
  • Assists in property coordination and communication
Account Servicing
  • Assists in the compliance of both parties to lease agreement
  • Communicates issues and concerns during tenancy period
  • Confirms with the tenant the renewal or non-renewal of the contract
  • Provides advisory services pertaining to lease inquiries
  • Assist in the enforcement of collection policy of the Cond Corp
Moveout Process
  • Provides assistance with the move-out inspection with the tenant and unit owner and necessary clearances
  • Coordinates return of deposit to the tenant after expiration of lease
  • Assist in unit re-enrolment when necessary
EXCLUSIONS (Items enumerated in the ‘Responsibilities of the Lessor’ section of this document)
Others exclusions, but not limited to:
Handyman and Cleaning Services
  • The lessor shall have the discretion to source his/her preferred service providers in rendering repairs, preventive maintenance, or cleaning of the enrolled property not covered by the services of the PMO. Leasing personnel may assist in sourcing qualified service providers subject to lessor’s/lessee’s approval.
  • Leasing Services personnel, on their own, may accept cleaning services at reasonable fees for emergency or urgent occasions.
Admin Services (Condo Corp Matters)
  • The lessor shall ensure timely settlement of billing statements from the PMO to avoid inconveniences the tenant.
  • The lessor should keep himself/herself updated of the matters involving membership in the Condominium Corporation or Homeowners Association (for subdivision)
Legal Matters
  • The lessor shall have rights in enforcing the provisions of the lease agreement between the tenant. The lessor is advised to get legal experts especially under circumstances requiring such.
  • The DMCI Leasing Agent or Personnel shall not be assigned for legal representation purposes
Direct Agreements with the Tenant
  • Leasing Services and its personnel shall not be obliged to facilitate direct transactions or agreements entered into by the lessee and lessor beyond the lease agreement.
  • Matters entered into by both parties shall be the parties’ sole responsibility