Do you sorely miss traveling somewhere new for the summer? Seems like you’ve caught the travel bug, and sadly, this travel itch won’t go away any time soon.

But if you need a fix for your wanderlust woes, then here’s the cure: travel-themed summer party ideas! Relive the fun of summer travel while staying safe at home when you cook, play music, and party with your loved ones online.


easy to-plan-celebrations in the condo 2Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of your fun when you’re staying safe at home. Celebrate life online with family and friends when you check out these fun and exciting summer party ideas for 2021.


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1. Set up a “pool” in your own bathroom

Swimming is the perfect summer activity for any traveler. If you’re currently living in an established condominium home, then you probably have access to a pool in the condo property. But the thought of swimming in a public pool can be pretty daunting when you’re currently going through a global pandemic.

One productive thing to do to enjoy the perfect summer party is to set up a “pool” in your bathroom. You can easily buy a foldable tub online and set it up in no time at all. Once it’s ready to go, just fill it up with water and add swim toys to get the party started. A fun vacation isn’t complete without a good swim, after all.

2. Get funky with some DIY drinks

Another way to enjoy the best summer party ever is to mix your own summer drinks at home. Get creative with your cocktails and try totally new, foreign recipes. Take this chance to try out the drinks that you never would’ve thought to buy abroad.

You can even take this idea and turn it into a funky quarantine party with friends. Invite everyone to a video call and have them show off their mixology skills and favorite drinks from different countries. Though you’re all far apart, you can still enjoy the travel-related drinks and summer party themes together.


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3. Decorate your space like a dream destination

Do you still miss a specific vacation spot? Do you have a dream destination in mind after the pandemic? If the travel bug can’t be scratched by some drinks and a swim, then try some DIY decorating to make your condo look like your dream destination.

If you miss the beach, for example, you can decorate your balcony to look just like one. Lay out a beach towel, cushion the area with pillows, and accessorize your “beachfront” with seashells and beach umbrellas. Bring out your favorite cold drinks too, and enjoy the heat of the sun outside.

If you’ve always wanted to travel to London, travel to your living room instead. Turn on the air-conditioning, put on your favorite jumper, and cozy up with some English breakfast tea and your favorite British TV series. While you can’t travel abroad just yet, you can still enjoy the things you love about your favorite travel spots at home.

4. Spice up meals with international flair

The best thing about traveling to different places is that you get to try new kinds of dishes. While foreign food is something you can look forward to enjoying after the lockdown, you can still try some international meals by cooking them at home.

Pick your dream destination, and then look up a recipe for a popular meal from that area. Then try your hand at cooking that dish on your own. There are tons of exciting global dinner party ideas that you can try to bring that international flair to your own table.


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5. Turn the music up!

One cool way to really scratch that travel itch is to turn up the volume of some foreign music at home. Dance to the songs of international music artists during your next travel-themed virtual party. That way, it’ll feel like you’re partying in a bar in your favorite destination without leaving the safety of your own condo.

6. Plan a virtual party with family and friends

Last but not least, you should plan a virtual party with your loved ones. If you can’t hang out in person and enjoy a summer vacation together, you might as well plan a travel-themed party to truly feel the vibes of the perfect vacation.

Your celebration can be as simple or as fun as you want. You can go all out with summertime party favors, food, and even some friendly competitive games. Or you can just enjoy an evening indoors via video call. What matters is that you’re with the people you love most — that is what will make this the perfect summer party.


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Surviving the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t been easy for anyone this past year. But life goes on, even during a global pandemic, and it’s important to stay healthy at home this summer, even when you’re far from all your loved ones.