If you’re looking for the best place to invest in a family-friendly condo community, then Bacoor, Cavite is perfect for you this year.

Aside from being one of the biggest cities in the laid-back province of Cavite, Bacoor district plays host to tons of thriving neighborhoods, urban green spaces, and financially secure opportunities for every real estate investor. You can enjoy a happy, family-centric lifestyle with your loved ones once you discover everything there is to know about this wholesome condo spot in the South.

Dive into this guide by DMCI Homes right now and see what exciting condo options are in store for you in Bacoor City today.

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The family-friendly benefits of living in Bacoor City

This city boasts two awesome DMCI Homes properties right now – Alea Residences and Lucine Estates. The main benefits of living in these kinds of meticulously developed family-oriented condo communities include:

  • A laid-back urban lifestyle - Avoid an unnecessarily stressful city life when you live in a condo in this part of Cavite today. With its laid-back feel, this major city in the South allows you to enjoy a restful and relaxed lifestyle, even in such a developed and urban area.
  • Practical location - Alea Residences, one of DMCI Homes’ communities, is conveniently located near Alabang-Zapote Road and the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Whether you’re living in this area for a short time or a long time, you can enjoy the practical location of this home for you and your loved ones’ needs.
  • Easy access to tourist spots - Because of this province’s location, you can easily access all of the best tourist spots that Southern Luzon has to offer by living here today. Visit Tagaytay and Laguna every weekend when you settle in this district with your loved ones this year.
  • Greener environment - This district in Cavite is a wealthy city in a multitude of ways, one of which is through its incredibly clean and green environment. Because it isn’t as congested as Metro Manila, this area boasts a calmer climate with fresher air while still being an urban center for solo condo-dwellers and families alike.


You can easily raise your future family in one of the sprawling condo communities here today. Want to find out more about life in this historic district of the South? Read on to learn about the general climate and history of this iconic city right now.

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Exploring Bacoor weather and history

Bacoor’s background is incredibly relevant for Philippine history buffs today. This city served as one of the flashpoints for the Cavite Mutiny of 1872, where then parish priest Fr. Mariano Gómez was arrested with the rest of the GOMBURZA trio. Their deaths served as the inspiration for Jose Rizal's “El Filibusterismo,” which in turn sparked the ignition of the Philippine revolution.

This town is also home to the Zapote Bridge, where the historic Battle of Zapote Bridge between the Philippine Revolutionary Army and Spanish invaders happened in 1897.

Today, the district is strategically located as a gateway to Cavite and the rest of Metro Manila.

Bordered by Muntinlupa and Las Piñas to the east, and Kawit and Imus to the west, the city is made up of flat, formerly agricultural lands, with coastal barangays like Zapote, Panapaan, Talaba, and Niog lying below sea level. Along with the rest of the country, this part of the province experiences tropical weather conditions.

Thinking of raising a family of your own in this area in the Philippines? See what educational opportunities and safety measures await your future children in the next section of this guide.

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Schooling and security in Bacoor district

According to the Department of Education in Bacoor district, there are 28 public elementary and 15 public high schools spread throughout the city, all under the K–12 curriculum. There are also 139 private schools, including colleges like the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, STI College Bacoor, Woodridge College, and a campus of Cavite State University.

Want to ensure your kids’ safety as they go to and from school? Rest assured that DMCI Homes ensures the security of its residents on a day-to-day basis. To protect all condo community members, DMCI Homes property managers abide by strict house rules and regulations to recognize the identities of all guests entering and exiting the premises. They also provide 24/7 CCTV surveillance and guardhouse security, to keep everyone safe from harm at all times.

This district is a relatively peaceful and quiet part of the province - but if you want proper assurance of your family’s safety, then you can work with your property management team to ensure a secure condo living experience for your loved ones today.

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Tourist spots to visit around the province

While this province is known for its laid-back and serene environment overall, there are still a bunch of places and events for you and your loved ones to visit around town. The district itself is home to multiple historic sites, public parks, and malls, all of which are perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway this year.

  • Bahay na Tisa ng Pamilya Cuenca. Also known as the Cuenca Ancestral House, this historic site located along Gen. Evangelista Street is a famous tourist spot known for being the former headquarters of Emilio Aguinaldo’s revolutionary government in 1898.
  • Simbahan ng Bacoor. Also called the St. Michael the Archangel Parish, this famous location is where Fr. Gómez served as a beloved parish priest for 48 years, before being executed with the rest of the GOMBURZA trio by the Spanish government.
  • Bakood Festival. The city’s annual Bakood Festival celebrates the founding anniversary of the Bacoor district and serves as a tribute to the feast day of the city’s patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel - for which the Simbahan ng Bacoor is still named today.
  • Bacoor Family Ecopark. If you’re looking for more outdoor spots to enjoy with the rest of your family, then you should check out Bacoor Family Ecopark next. This free park is a gorgeous public green space that includes a lagoon for fishing and boat riding, a playground, and a multipurpose hall for parties and get-togethers. This kid-friendly park also has small nipa huts on site for guests to rest in on hot summer days.
  • SM City Bacoor. If you’re looking for a mall to visit instead, then you can drop by SM City Bacoor.As one of the biggest malls in this province, this SM Supermall branch plays host to a multitude of international restaurants, fashion brands, retail stores, and more. This massive shopping center can be easily accessed via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, corner Tirona Highway.


This peaceful district in the South has everything you could want from a laid-back and family-friendly city. Find the perfect home for your loved ones right here, when you check out this next section right now.

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Finding the perfect condo for rent in Bacoor

DMCI Homes' properties serve as perfect complements to the laid-back, family-friendly attractions in the district today. With a harmonious blend of convenience, comfort, and community, you could easily consider Cavite as the perfect place to move to for your next rent-to-own condo this year.

Alea Residences, the pride of DMCI Homes in the South, serves as the first medium-rise condominium in this district. With four 6- to 7-storey buildings spanning over 15,000 square meters, this development boasts pan-Asian neo-Balinese architecture and a relaxing tropical environment for all its residents right now.

Lucine Estates, on the other hand, is the second development to rise in this part of the province, offering even more renting opportunities for you to enjoy a stress-free condo lifestyle in this part of Cavite as well.

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Enjoying a sense of community with DMCI Homes

Are you looking forward to a wholesome and family-centric lifestyle in the South this year? Are you hoping to invest in condominiums that can offer the best experience for you and your loved ones right now?

Easily enjoy a sense of community and care when you invest in a condo with DMCI Homes today. With sprawling developments, excellent amenities, and convenient locations, you can experience life with a healthy and happy community in Bacoor, Cavite today. Get a fresh start for your family when you consider moving to the South with DMCI Homes this year.

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Key takeaways

Revel in a laid-back lifestyle that’s perfect for raising your future family when you consider moving to Bacoor, Cavite today. Here are some final reminders to take with you as you check out our available condo properties in the South:

  • Go for a safe, clean, and friendly environment. If you’re thinking about having kids and raising them somewhere safe, avoid congested cities and go for areas like the province for that safe and kid-friendly environment.
  • Invest in quadruple-A builders and developers. Not only can these builders offer gorgeous places to call home, but developers like DMCI Homes can also ensure your long-term security and safety overall.
  • Get regular updates on upcoming developments. By tracking the progress of upcoming properties like Lucine Estates, you can get early access to investment and sale opportunities - perfect for all your family planning needs in the long run.


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