Are you looking for a condo for rent in Mandaluyong City? The Tiger City is an ideal place for urban professionals, students, and young families. It's a quick, 15-minute drive from Makati CBD and EDSA and is surrounded by top schools and commercial districts. Everything is within reach.

One reason why people are opting for condo living is security. Every city has its security risks and Mandaluyong is not an exemption. This is due to the increasing population that spread poverty and criminality. A condo for lease in Mandaluyong provides a guarded community with 24-hour security, offering urbanites a priceless benefit: peace of mind.

How is condo living in the Philippines like? Some Manileños share their journey hunting for the right condo for rent.

The calm that Flair Towers offers

Condo Mandaluyong Calm that Flair Towes Offers

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Kath, 32, has lived in her family's house in Quezon City all her life. “I was born and raised in that home and it took some time for me to decide to finally move out,” she shared. In the Filipino society, it's customary for children to stay with their parents even through their adult years. This is especially true among unmarried adult children who are expected to look after their aging parents. “I finally decided to move out when I turned 28 and got a new job in Ortigas Center. The traffic and the cost of commuting convinced me to find a place of my own.”

Kath chose a studio unit at Flair Towers, a condo for lease in Mandaluyong. This resort-style condo is few minutes away from EDSA and Ortigas Center. You can even walk to major malls on cool Saturday afternoons. “The location is not the only reason why I chose this DMCI condo in Mandaluyong. There is a calm atmosphere everywhere that helps me cope with stress.”

Flair Towers features Lumiventt Technology, a design innovation that allows the natural flow of air and sunlight in all buildings and common areas. There are patios, packets of gardens and breezeways, as well as an open lawn for relaxation.

Want a condo for rent in Mandaluyong? You can lease a bare studio unit at Flair Towers for Php13,000 to Php14,000 per month. A semi-furnished studio home is available for Php15,000 to Php17,000 per month, while a fully-furnished space can be rented for Php18,000 to Php20,000.

The family-friendly Dansalan Gardens

Family cycling together as a weekend activity

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Jay and Demi initially planned to get a one-bedroom apartment in a subdivision for their small family. “A house in a guarded subdivision seemed like the sensible choice for our two young kids. We want them to make friends with neighbors, play outside, and enjoy their childhood the way we used to back in the day,” Jay said. However, the young parents are apprehensive about the current status of security in most subdivisions in the capital. “Well, there are guards and barangay officials roaming at night to ensure our safety, but we don't think it's enough. The streets are just not the same.”

With encouragement from family, Jay and Demi went for Dansalan Gardens. This DMCI condo in Mandaluyong City is equipped with a guarded main entrance, electric perimeter fence, and 24-hour security. There are surveillance cameras and fire alarms in all common areas. Moreover, every building has a standby power generator.

“The security system sealed the deal for me, but for my wife, it's the lifestyle amenities,” Jay recalled. Dansalan Gardens features a leisure pool, entertainment room, indoor playground, among others. Tenants need not leave the condo community for household essentials. There's a convenience store, laundry pick-up station, and water station. “It has everything our family needs.”

Rent a bare two-bedroom unit at Dansalan Gardens for a monthly rent of Php22,000 to Php25,000. If you need a semi-furnished home, a two-bedroom space is available for Php26,000 to Php27,000. Have everything you need in a fully-furnished unit for Php28,000 to Php30,000 per month.

The comforts of Tivoli Garden Residences

Condo Mandaluyong Tivoli Garden Residences

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Luke, 44, spent more than a decade as an engineer in Saudi Arabia. He decided to come back home after building enough savings to start his own business. “After 12 years and three employers, I figured that it's time to come home. Call me an idealist, but I want my fellow Filipinos to benefit from the skills I learned abroad. My consultancy firm is in the works and I hope to give jobs to many workers here,” he shared.

Makati CBD can be an expensive place to live in, even for a successful OFW. “I need a comfortable home. Nothing luxurious. I found both in a condo in Mandaluyong.” Tivoli Garden Residences, a DMCI condo for rent in Mandaluyong, has a tropical modern design that reminds you of laidback summer months in the beach. It integrates Lumiventt Technology for natural light and air circulation. Moreover, this residential community is strategically located along the boundary of Mandaluyong and Makati. You can take a tricycle, cab or even walk to the business district. With your travel time drastically cut down, you can devote precious hours of your day on other endeavors such as a business, fitness, and socializing.

“I've always been an active person. Going to the gym is an important part of my schedule. In Tivoli Garden, I can do my daily cardio exercises in the fitness gym.” The condo community also features a lap pool, jogging, and biking path, and playcourt. The open lawn is perfect for yoga, tai-chi, and other meditative exercises.

You can rent a bare one-bedroom unit at Tivoli Garden Residences for Php18,000 per month. A semi-furnished space with the same floor area can be leased for a monthly rent of Php22,000 while a fully-furnished home is available for Php26,000.

Urban migration is a trend in all key cities worldwide. Millions are already living in Metro Manila and many more are headed to its bustling cities. The congestion is blamed for the pollution, shortage of safe dwellings, and decreasing quality of life. But all hope's not lost. You can have a secure and comfortable life in the city through condo living in DMCI properties.