Holiday celebrations are happening everywhere this month, and as a party planner, it’s your duty to throw a memorable bash for loved ones this year. But Christmas theme ideas can go stale fast, and it can be tough to get creative with all the events going on within the month of December.

Whether you’re hosting a small party at your condo home or renting a huge venue in the building for your peers, you need to find unique ways to celebrate the season in the most memorable ways possible.

So why not explore unique Christmas party themes to spice up your celebrations in your condo today?

Spice up your Christmas party theme ideas

There’s no harm in going for a simple Christmas party motif. But why not spice things up when you’re given the chance? Fun themes aren’t just… fun, they also give planners like you a clearer idea for the perfect event venues, food, games, and decorations that you need to prepare for your holiday bash.

How do I make a unique Christmas party theme?

It’s easy - simply choose a party theme in addition to “Christmas” to make your event more fun, unique, and memorable for your guests. No matter how absurd the theme might seem at first, there will always be room for you to get creative and inject the Christmas spirit into your party planning ideas.

There are tons of options for you to choose from, so get your event planning journey started by checking out this list today.

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15 Christmas party themes for a memorable holiday celebration

Take a look at this list of 15 unique Christmas party ideas for a one-of-a-kind celebration this holiday season:

1. December holidays around the world

Travel the world in one day with this fun and fresh holiday party theme. Given how limited travel has been these past few years, you can bring the travel to your guests by infusing different December holidays into your overall Christmas party idea.

Celebrate Swedish tradition by featuring St. Lucia Buns on your menu. Decorate the venue using cute shoes filled with candy to commemorate Sinterklaas from the Netherlands. And of course, hang Filipino parols all around the room to celebrate beloved holiday traditions straight from the Philippines.

A Red Wooden Nutcracker Near Dinner Plates on a TablePhoto courtesy of cottonbro studio via Pexels

2. Pasko picnic party

Worried about COVID-19 safety protocols this holiday season? Worry not, because this unique theme lets you celebrate the holiday in a fun way - without sacrificing safety for partygoers this year.

Celebrate outdoors by throwing a company picnic party at the park. Pick a cool December afternoon to lay out blankets, serve yummy holiday treats, and play Pasko-themed party games. Stay away from stuffy indoor venues and keep your guests safe while celebrating the season outdoors today.

3. A merry movie marathon

From Home Alone to It’s a Wonderful Life, there are tons of holiday movies out there for you to marathon with your guests. So if you’re looking for other one-of-a-kind ways to celebrate the season, then try this third Christmas theme on the list.

Send out movie-themed invitations and roll out the red carpet when partygoers arrive. Start a movie trivia contest and give film-themed prizes for the top trivia contestant. Make your event even more memorable with this merry movie marathon idea.

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4. Christmas by the beach

Don’t let the December weather stop you from enjoying a beach-themed bash. Celebrate Christmas under the sun by throwing this tropical-themed holiday party. Bring the beach to you by serving summery cocktails and dressing up in beach attire. You’ll definitely turn snow to sand when you try this fun event idea.

5. Grinch-mas Party

Steal Christmas back from the Grinch with this Dr. Seuss-inspired event idea. Transform your home into Whoville with furry green decorations, green-hued treats, and a “roast beast” for your meal. You can even invite guests to dress up as the Grinch himself - and award the best dressed guest with a “resting Grinch face” prize too.

6. Candyland Christmas

Indulge your inner sweet tooth with this next sugary event idea. Turn your Christmas party into a candyland by filling stockings with sweets and serving delicious desserts for everyone to enjoy. You can even invite guests to decorate their own gingerbread houses with candies, frosting, sprinkles, gumdrops, and other sweet treats.

Person Decorating a Triangle Shaped Brown CookiePhoto courtesy of Nicole Michalou via Pexels

7. Nightmare Before Christmas Party

If you’d much rather celebrate Halloween over Christmas, then you’re going to love this next idea.

Take inspiration from Tim Burton’s film and try a Nightmare Before Christmas theme for your event. You can even get guests to dress up in the costumes they wore on Halloween so that they don’t spend too much on shopping this holiday season. This crossover event will definitely be a night(mare) to remember for your guests this December.

8. A merry masquerade ball

This idea is for event planners who love dressing up in style. Go grand with the idea by decorating your venue with decadent harlequin patterns and theatrical masks. Invite guests to come in their best ball attire - and of course, their masquerade masks. You can even award prizes to the best dressed guests for this event idea.

9. Cozy Christmas pajama party

This idea, on the other hand, is for event planners who love being cozy during the holiday season. Keep your family get-together comfy with this flannel-forward theme by inviting guests to come in their coziest PJs for the party. Serve hot chocolate, warm cider, yummy snacks, and don’t forget to provide marshmallow snowmen for guests to decorate too.

10. Santa’s wonderful workshop

Are you looking for a craftier way to celebrate the season? Then turn your company Christmas bash into Santa’s workshop with this next idea. Invite guests to dress up as Santa’s little elves and host arts-and-crafts activities for everyone to enjoy. You can even turn your crafts into DIY gifts for one another, for a more meaningful holiday celebration.

Red Train Toy Beside Christmas DecorsPhoto courtesy of Jonathan Borba via Pexels

11. Ugly Christmas sweater party

If you’re a fan of a funny company party idea, then you should go for an ugly Christmas sweater bash next. Make all your guests come in their best (or rather, worst) ugly holiday sweaters, and award the best (worst) dressed guest with an even uglier sweater as a prize. Take lots of pictures along the way to capture the joy and laughter of your celebration too.

12. “Dreaming of a white Christmas” party

There’s snow way you’ll want to miss out on this next idea.

Even if you live in a tropical country, you can make your dream of a white Christmas a reality by decking the halls with this snowy theme. Ask guests to come dressed in all-white attire, decorate your event venue with fake snow, and serve white chocolate drinks instead of regular hot chocolate for a white Christmas celebration.

13. Holiday get-together for a cause

The season of giving is upon us, so what better way is there to celebrate the holidays than with a get-together for a cause?

Empower your guests to celebrate the season by doing acts of kindness with this event idea. Come together to cook meals for the homeless, repack school supplies for students, volunteer at an elderly home, and more. You can still make it a fun event by serving yummy treats, providing supplies, and playing good music for your guests as well.

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14. Carol-oke night

Whether you absolutely love them or absolutely hate them, Christmas carols are everywhere this holiday season. So turn up the volume for your next holiday event by turning it into a raucous karaoke night instead.

You can reserve a great venue like a karaoke bar for this idea, and complete the look with a stage, a spotlight, and lots of cocktails for everyone. Get your guests to sing their hearts out and enjoy a wild carol-oke night for your next celebration.

15. A merry pet-mas

Last but not least on this list of event ideas is to celebrate the season with your beloved pets. Encourage pet owners to bring their furry friends into the fray and have them dress up as Santa Paws, elves, and other Christmas-themed characters. It’s the purr-fect way to celebrate the season with man’s best friend this year.

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Spreading the holiday cheer

Whatever theme you end up choosing, know that you’re spreading the holiday cheer by planning these events and get-togethers for your loved ones.

Christmas is one of those highly anticipated times of the year, especially for Filipinos. It’s one of the few times in the year where the spirit of giving is truly felt the world over. By planning these events, you’re already doing a world of good for your guests - regardless of the theme you decide to do.

So don’t let your worries get you down. Have fun with this new list of event planning ideas and try them out for your next celebration this month of December.

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Key takeaways

Whether you’re hosting a small celebration in your condo home, or a huge holiday bash for the whole condo building, remember to bring these three tips with you to your next holiday party:

  • Choose specific themes to make your planning easier. By going with a themed idea, you’ll have a clearer direction for your decorations, food, and activities for guests.
  • Think out of the gift box. No idea is too crazy for this season, so go all out with your event planning this December.
  • Have fun with it! You’re throwing a party to have fun with friends and family. So take time to enjoy the celebrations, even as the event planner for this holiday bash.


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