Don’t just throw another bland Christmas party this year — make it one for the books! Planning a Christmas party is only as fun as you make it. Get your creative juice flowing, and choose a theme that will force you to step out of your comfort zone. It will be tons of fun! Here are a few Christmas party themes and affordable events places that are worth considering.

Throw a Christmas Masquerade Ball

unique christmas party theme masquerade ball

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Tired of the same old corporate Christmas party themes? Treat everyone with a rare chance to get all dressed up by hosting a grand masquerade ball. Ask them to show up dressed to the nines. Give them a little guidance by sending out links to tutorials on mask-making. You can also include a brief history of masquerade balls in your invites.

And of course, you need to choose an events venue that is just as grand as your theme. The Casa Real at the Acacia Estates in Taguig is just the place for such events. Located on Sociego Street, the venue combines Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, and American architectural elements and is reminiscent of the Tuasons’ ancestral home.

For the venue’s decorations, focus on making the place look decadent. Theater masks and harlequin patterns will make the place fitting for a masquerade ball. Simply prepare hors-d'oeuvres, cocktails and music, and the place is all set for the grand ball.

Have a Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

unique christmas party theme winter wonderland

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Bring the magic of White Christmas to the tropics by hosting a winter-wonderland-themed Christmas party. Simply decorate your venue with winter decors, white draping, ice sculptures, fairy lights, polar bears, and snowflakes. Complete the white Christmas feels by distributing bright hats and scarves, so your guests are properly adorned. Prepare warm food, such as baked mac and cheese, mushroom soup, and breaded chicken. Serve hot tablea chocolate and warm mulled wine, and you’re all set.

And what’s winter wonderland without the starry sky? The Iris Observatory in Mandaluyong is the perfect venue for your event. Located on the roof deck of Tivoli Garden Residences, it offers a modern, laidback setting right under the sky. The landscaped roof deck provides an unobstructed view of the Makati and Ortigas skyline. The Iris Observatory includes spacious indoor and outdoor areas, landscaped promenade, observation decks, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and seating areas. Binoculars are also provided at the venue so your guests can better enjoy the nighttime sights.

Organize a Christmas Murder Mystery Party

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Want to throw a smashing Christmas party for the barkada? A murder mystery party is just the gimmick for you. You can assign a character for each of your guest, and they will be playing the part throughout the night. Someone at the party will have been murdered, and one of your guests will be assigned the role of the murderer. The murderer will have to try to evade suspicion, while everyone else works on figuring out his/her identity.

Bring props and costumes to help your guests get into character. You can download murder mystery scripts online. Here are a few plots to consider: The Santa Clause Holiday Murder Mystery, Play Dead, and Night of Mystery. A murder mystery party is best done with a small group of 8 to 15 people.

The Sagada Hall at the Oakridge Residences offers a great venue for your murder mystery party. The venue has stately interiors that are perfect for a small group of adults. You can gather around a handsome wooden table, and have a lively banter over your favorite drinks. And of course, solve a mystery or two!

Celebrate Christmas Around the World!

unique christmas party theme around the world

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Every country has a unique way of celebrating Christmas. You can celebrate these marvelous differences by dividing your guests into groups and assigning each one to a country. Ask them to prepare a fun video that features the country’s unique traditions. Instruct them to infuse comedy into the storyline, so everyone can have a blast watching the videos at the party.

Rent a venue that will let everyone sit comfortably in front of a projector that will show all the videos. Everyone can show up clad in the traditional Christmas adornments of their assigned countries.

The Banawe Hall, with its projector situated in front of series-long tables, positioned one after the other, offers an ideal venue. Located at the Outlook Ridge Residences, your guests also get to drive out of town — all in the spirit of traveling.

Put together a Santa’s Workshop Party

unique christmas party santas workshop

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Simply set up your venue to look like Santa’s workshop. Each table should serve as a workstation for various Santa projects. One is for presents to be distributed to guests, another for desserts, and one other table for the main course. You should also have a separate table for drinks. Come up with an arrangement that allows your guests to mix together their own drinks, food, and presents — all in the spirit of a workshop. From preparing their own sushi or sorting out donations for charity, there are several ways you can make the party fun.

Assign someone to play the role of Santa Clause. He will be the one giving out the instructions as well. Distribute Santa hats, so everyone gets to play the part of a Santa elf or just join in the spirit of Christmas.

The Bontoc Hall at the Outlook Ridge Residences offers a great venue for this theme. It has several sturdy tables that can hold your workstations. It also has a projector that can present collages and feature videos.

Go spooky with a Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Give your Christmas party a goth flavor by choosing a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Decorate the venue with skeletons and skulls in Santa huts, black-and-white tinsel, and balloons designed to look like Jack Skellington. Get ready with dishes like roast meats, custard, and mini-Yorkshire puds. Prepare a playlist of soundtracks from Tim Burton’s films, and you’re all set.

The Heliconia Function Room at the Tivoli Garden Residences is your perfect events venue. It has a bar that lets you serve booze and that is simple enough to offer a great canvass for your decorations. It’s also one of the most affordable events places in Manila!

Get playful with a Candyland Christmas Party

unique christmas party candyland

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If you prefer colorful over gothic, then the Candyland theme will be a better option for you. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolates and candies? Your decorations should be playful, colorful, and candy-themed. Your food should be just as fun and funky. How about colorful finger foods and candy buffets? You can also put together a decorate-your-own cupcake station.

The Tent at the Acacia Estates offers just the casual vibe you need for your event. The venue can accommodate up to 1,000 people and an assortment of set-ups. You can bring in all sorts of photo booths, mobile bars, and buffet tables. With a little imagination, you can create what looks like a massive Candyland and chocolate factory!

Whether you are looking for unique Christmas party themes or just scouting for the best Christmas party venues, this article should point you in the right direction. The DMCI leasing event places mentioned above may not be available for too long, make your reservations now!