Fresh flowers, fancy gowns, great music, fine china, good food, good wine, and overflowing love — oh, weddings are surely pure bliss and perfection.

Oh, but wait. The cake isn’t here yet? We’re about to cut it in 15 minutes.

Everything’s perfect until an emergency like that happens. These last-minute wedding hassles are what a bride or an event coordinator’s nightmares are made of. There are many ways in which a wedding, one of the best days in anyone’s life, could go wrong. And a lot of it could have been avoided if only the couple picked the right wedding reception venue during the planning stage.

A wedding venue isn’t just about the size or the vibe, it is also about the comforts and conveniences that truly matter to you and your guests. You don’t want to be worrying about long lines in the comfort room or guests fighting over parking spaces.

Here are wedding reception emergencies and ways to avoid wedding hassles.

Everyone’s late, and you’re freaking out

Traffic is horrible and we all know it. There are days when traffic is so bad that you question why you even bother. And just as you thought it could not get any worse, it starts raining really hard.

Sure, you have a coordinator and all of your suppliers are well aware of their time. But see, there are just some things that are beyond your control. And this is when finding the right wedding venue matters. Couples must be very strategic in choosing a venue. Rent an events place that is easy to get to, near public transportation, and near places of interest where your cake, flowers, booze and food would come from. Also, if you’re having a ceremony in Makati, you don’t want to be having the reception in Quezon City. Consider the church, too. DMCI’s wedding venues in Manila such as the Acacia Estates in Taguig are near St. Michael the Archangel Chapel, Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish, St. John the Baptist Parish, and Sanctuario de San Antonio.

Where’s everyone? Still parking.

So, you invited 200 guests. Sounds like it is going to be a fun night. But 20 minutes into the appetizers and cocktails, half of the tables are still empty. You guessed it right, they are still finding a parking slot. Avoid this last-minute wedding hassle by booking a wedding venue with ample parking spaces. Consider the number of your guests vis-à-vis the slots. Assign a parking attendant to receive guests.

If you think parking spaces would not be enough, ask your guests to carpool or suggest getting an Uber instead of bringing their own car. Some couples also rent coasters or vans for their entourage and guests from the church to the reception.

Guests gone missing

Wedding Venue Guest gone missing

Photo courtesy of blickpixel via Pixabay

If your ceremony and reception will not be held in the same place, there is the possibility of logistical nightmare. Sure, you might have drawn a map in the invitation but most guests forget to bring them and that time between the end of the wedding ceremony and getting to the reception can be very crucial.

Thank God for navigational apps. Make sure your reception venue could be found there and if not, apply for it to be included. But to be sure, in case not everyone has GPS, distribute small pieces of paper with directions on them at the end of the wedding ceremony. Your coordinator has so much on her hand already and answering calls on direction could just be a little too much.

Rain, rain go away

Rainy Wedding Venue

Photo courtesy of josemdelaa via Pixabay

A sun dance wouldn’t cut it. While nature and the skies are a good backdrop for any wedding, having your reception outdoors is risky. This is when having a Plan B is as important as having a Plan A. Rain could easily ruin everything. If you insist on an outdoor reception, at least have a tent and floor mats ready.

Coordinators are likely to advise couples against outdoor wedding receptions especially during the rainy season. But if you want a dramatic effect without having to risk your guests getting soaked, check out Casa Real in Acacia Estates. It is perfect for the vintage, classic, and elegant wedding of your dreams.

Lights going out

One item that is very important but often ignored is a generator. There are countless of weddings that turned into disasters because of power outages. Suddenly, people are dancing in the dark and sweating because there is no air-conditioning. Don’t be one of those couples who failed to ask if there is a power generator on standby in the venue.

Kids running wild

Wedding Venue Kids running wild

Photo courtesy of pamula133 via Pixabay

Sure, kids look really cute in small gowns and tuxedos. But while they are dressed up in formal wear, their demeanor could be a little bit on the rowdy side. Before you know it, they are knocking things over, running like a goose on the loose, shouting and screaming until you can’t hear the band play.

If you don’t want your wedding to turn into child’s play or a kiddie party, you must make it a point to keep the kids busy. Set their own tables in a corner and cover them with colored paper instead of linens. Don’t bother with a centerpiece and leave boxes of crayons, paper, puzzles or blocks instead. Serve them with kid-friendly meals such as mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and french fries. Booking a wedding venue such as The Tent in Acacia Estates with ample floor space is important so that kids get to have their own place.

That sounds awful!

Wedding Venue Awful Sounds

Photo courtesy of HeungSoon via Pixabay

So you have booked an amazing band to play at your wedding. You saw them at a friend’s wedding and they were spectacular. So who is playing now? Why do they sound off?

Ever heard of sound check? Yes, you should totally do that. The sound system in the venue isn’t normally put to test until the program starts. And that is a no-no. Give ample time for musicians to rehearse and get comfortable if you don’t want your guests covering their ears or getting a headache because of the annoying feedback and boring songs.

Take control of your wedding day. Learn how to avoid wedding hassles so you don’t have to sweat even the small stuff. Pick the right wedding reception venue and never worry about common emergencies that could have been avoided in the first place.