Investing in an affordable condo for rent in Pasig can be difficult to do when you don’t know what to expect from this bustling urban landscape.

But this riverside city can be one of the best locations to live in this year - especially when you know exactly what to expect from its available real estate opportunities.

From a thriving community life to affordable condo options for rent, discover and set your expectations for Pasig condominium investment with this comprehensive guide right now.

Ready to sail down the Pasig river with this DMCI Homes Leasing guide today?


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FAQs for an affordable Pasig condo

Before you dive into the expectations you might have for a dream home in this city, you’ll want to clarify some inquiries before choosing a condo in Pasig. Here’s a quick rundown of facts and frequently asked questions related to your riverside real estate investment plans:

  • How much is a unit for rent in Pasig? In general, a condo for rent in Pasig City can range between Php 18,000 to Php 50,000 per month.
  • Are condominiums here expensive to purchase? Being one of the wealthiest cities in the Philippines, this side of the metro plays host to relatively high-end units ranging from Php 3,325,000 to Php 14,622,000 per purchase.
  • Are there affordable Pasig condominium prices? Yes, there are. Developers like DMCI Homes Leasing can make your property purchase experience a lot easier by including options for rent-to-own condo in Pasig, along with other diverse prices and financing plans.


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Why Pasig is a great place to invest in a condo

Now that you know the answers to these FAQs for properties in Pasig, you might be wondering what the other reasons are for people to be interested in this bustling part of Metro Manila. Here are a few fast facts on why this riverside town is one of the best locations to invest in a condo:

  • Booming economy and job market - Home to Ortigas Center, one of the top economic hubs in the country, this city plays host to a booming economy for professionals of all fields.
  • Top-tier schools and universities - The city also boasts access to various top-tier schools and universities, including but not limited to St. Paul College, University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), Arellano University, and many more.
  • Proximity to major transportation hubs - Not living in this part of town yet? No problem. This city also connects to major transportation hubs that run all throughout Metro Manila, like the MRT and LRT lines, and the up-and-coming Metro Manila Subway.


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  • Growing number of commercial centers - In this city alone, you can find tons of exciting commercial centers and malls like Arcovia City, Capitol Commons, Tiendesitas, Kapitolyo, and even The Grove by Rockwell.
  • Exciting parks and leisure locations - You’ll also find tons of exciting leisure locations like the Lopez Museum and Library, the city’s Cathedral Museum, the Rainforest Park, and the Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park.
  • Current state of real estate - The real estate market is booming in this metropolitan town, with exciting developments happening along Mercedes Avenue and other development areas near the heart of the city.


Overall, Pasig is a great spot to invest in property because of its modern developments, thriving community life, and affordable condos for rent today.

Thinking of getting started with your real estate investment journey on this side of the metro? Then read on to learn more about the things you should expect while investing in this bustling concrete jungle right now.


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What to expect while investing in an affordable condo in Pasig

From investor benefits, to rental potential, and even future developments, you need to be prepared for any actuality when it comes to investing in property today. Here are six major things you should expect as an investor in this riverside town right now.

1. Benefits of investing in a condominium in Pasig City

The first few things you should anticipate when getting property in this part of the metro are the benefits you gain as a real estate investor. These top benefits include:

  • Affordability compared to other cities - Not only are condo units relatively affordable here, but the city itself boasts a lower cost of living than other major parts of the metro like Manila or Makati.
  • Access to amenities and lifestyle options - You can also benefit from amenities and lifestyle options with developments like Sheridan Towers, with their genuine resort and country-club feel.
  • Rental income and price appreciation opportunities - As you will have learned so far, this part of the metro is a great place to live in or work at today. So you can benefit from rental income and market price appreciation opportunities when you rent out or resell your unit to potential condo-dwellers in the future.


2. Financing options

The next thing you should expect in your real estate investment journey are the affordability and financing options available to you in the condominiums in Pasig City. These include:

  • Cost of investing - Are you financially stable enough to purchase a home, or are you better suited for renting a unit in this city instead? Whatever path you take, know that there are real estate options suited to your needs in this part of the metro today.
  • Available financing options - With DMCI Homes Leasing, you can avail rent-to-own Pasig condos that allow for flexible and negotiable financing options for your chosen home.
  • Property prices - Of course, prices tend to rise as more people flock to popular cities like this one. By investing early, you’ll lock in your desired market price before it trends upwards in the long run.


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3. Security and safety

This consideration is a must when investing in any real estate property. Things you should expect when it comes to security and safety in your newest condo home should include:

  • Security features - Do your chosen condo communities contain 24/7 security, a perimeter fence, and provisions for CCTV cameras? Properties like Lumiere Residences offer all these features and more across all units in their modern-tropical development.
  • Proximity to police stations and fire stations - Property developments in this city are well-surrounded by various police and fire stations, making it extra safe from crime or condo fire risks.
  • Neighborhood safety - This is especially important for condo-dwellers hoping to start a new family. The good news? All DMCI Homes condos boast thriving communities that highlight neighborhood safety and security for families of every shape and size.


4. Rental potential and returns on investment

What might one expect from future rental opportunities for properties in this city? What could the returns on investment (ROI) look like? Here some things to expect:

  • Rental rates - As mentioned earlier in this guide, rates range between Php 18,000 to Php 50,000 per month - an important rental tip to keep in mind when picking a new home in this Metro Manila city.
  • Demand for rentals - With rental demand up by 33% all across the country, condo lessors can expect great gains from renting out their properties in the very near future.
  • ROI for your investment - If you want to rent out or resell your owned unit, you can easily calculate the ROI of your investment by comparing its fair market value to your incurred taxes, fees, and other expenses.


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5. Property management

At more established developments in this city, like Brixton Place or East Ortigas Mansion for example, you can expect higher standards for various pillars of property management:

  • Professional management style - At Pasig properties like Levina Place, you can expect a management style that DMCI Homes offers across all developments: one that ensures convenience, safety, and comfort for all its clients.
  • Support for tenant selection and management - You can also expect expert support in the selection and management of your tenants when you enroll your unit for leasing with DMCI Homes Leasing agents.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair - Lastly, you can expect maintenance and repair services guided by our homeowners manual which are comprehensive, professional, and supportive of your needs as a lessor or tenant.


6. Future developments and growth potential

Overall, you can definitely expect lots of potential for growth in this riverside urban landscape; these can include:

  • New DMCI developments - Prisma Residences, Satori Residences, and Fairlane Residences are just some of the many new developments by DMCI Homes in this bustling part of the Metro Manila area.
  • Impacts of new developments on investor interest - As more and more people express investor interest in these new developments, the more valuable your purchased units will be, thus leading to even more chances for growth for your long-term investment.
  • Greater growth potential - With such an exciting forecast for real estate, you can certainly anticipate great growth from your properties - especially if you purchase them as early as this year.


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Knowing your obligations as a condo owner

All these expectations and awesome opportunities will hopefully lead you to being excited about your real estate investment future, today. But as you step into this huge financial responsibility, remember to take note of your obligations as a condo owner too.

Even with the perfect property at your disposal, you should always keep in mind the rules and responsibilities one must follow as a condo lessor. Explore your options with DMCI Homes Leasing today to have the best experience possible as a property owner and lessor right now.

Key takeaways

Pasig is one of the best locations to be when it comes to affordable condominiums this year. Invest in the best in the metro today with the help of these final takeaways:

  • Identify your “why.” Are you interested in a condo for its proximity to your workplace? Do you think it’s a great place to raise your family? Identify the reason why you want to live in this part of Metro Manila, to inform the rest of your real estate decision-making.
  • Try the rent-to-own ownership path. Want to become a homeowner in today’s expensive real estate market? Try out rent-to-own in Pasig as your next best path to purchase your own property instead.
  • Explore all your options. Given all the exciting DMCI Homes properties that you learned about in this guide, remember to talk to your leasing agent today to explore all your options for investment this year.


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