Being a first-time condo renter is always a daunting prospect.

As a first-timer, you’re often confronted with tons of new condo-dwelling experiences, and you’re usually expected to deal with these challenges all on your own. Unless you have connections with expert leasing services, you might have a tough time finding the ideal home or lessor, which can negatively affect your experience of entering the rental market for the first time condo renter too.

If you want to have an enjoyable experience as a newbie renter, then it’s essential that you find the right tips and guidance to help you out today. From finding the ideal properties to befriending your landlord and beyond, you’ll want all the help you can get to ensure your happiness in your brand new condo this year.

Luckily for you, this guide by DMCI Homes Leasing has you covered.

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Understanding the rental scene for first-time renters

Condo living can be pretty daunting for people renting a home for the first time. Understanding the local rental scene is therefore crucial for any first-time tenant, especially when it comes to finding, securing, and enjoying the perfect place to call home.

The good news is that there are tons of options available for you to understand the local leasing process. With DMCI Homes, you have access to expert guides and real estate agents who can support and guide you through your first tenancy. You'll also have this list of tips to guide you towards making informed decisions to find the right rental home.

Ready to understand the rental scene? Keep on reading to discover 10 tips for maximizing your first condo renter experience this year.

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How to maximize your time at a condo unit for rent

Here are some of the most important things you should do to enjoy your experience as a first-time renter at DMCI Homes today.

1. Identify your most preferred location

It’s important that you choose a property that is within the vicinity of your most preferred location, like near school or work. It will make your routines easier and cut down your travel time every day. You can choose among three methods in finding a unit, based on location.

  • Online ads - Online advertisements typically outline the payment terms, basic amenities, and other general information about a unit. Still, you have to pay the place a visit to confirm everything that’s been advertised. Don’t put your money down on a property that you haven’t seen personally.
  • Agents -Sometimes, property owners hire real estate agents to find potential tenants. These agents can answer your questions about the property, help you get acquainted with the area, and introduce you to the ins and outs of living in your chosen location.
  • Open houses - Property developers often host open houses to entice future renters to invest in their place. By going to an open house near your ideal location, you’ll have first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in the neighborhood.


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2. Stick to a budget plan

Renting entails saving up and budgeting wisely to pay off your initial down payment, monthly rent, and general utility bills. Landlords typically require new tenants to drop two months’ worth of a deposit and one month’s worth of a cash advance to secure a unit - so if you want to rent, make sure you can pay all these fees throughout your lease with a consistent budget plan.

Sticking to a consistent budget plan might simply mean that you learn how to save enough money in order to pay bills on time. Some lessors impose penalties for late payments - so unless you want to waste a couple more pesos for something completely avoidable, stick to a budget plan and pay your dues on time.

3. Look around and check the amenities

Before making your final decision, study the state of the unit you’re renting. What are the physical issues that you need to talk to your lessor about? While you’re at it, ask about the different amenities that come with the lease agreement.

DMCI Homes properties have two basic amenities across all of its residential properties, namely a swimming pool and a fitness gym. New developments in the metro also offer an optimized lighting and ventilation system called Lumiventt Technology, DMCI’s architectural brainchild.

Depending on the development you’re looking at, you can also expect other amenities like cabanas, sky parks, jogging paths, promenades, study rooms, in-house cafes, laundry pits, and water stations.

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4. Meet your lessor and roommates

All landlords conduct background checks on future tenants. You must conduct one for yourself too, to learn everything you can about who you’re renting from today. Observe your potential landlord when you meet them in person. Does it seem like you both hold the same basic principles? It’s best to know now whether you can be on the same page with most things.

The same applies with your roommates. If you’re planning to share a condo with fellow renters, make sure that you can vibe with them so that you can ensure a peaceful living situation in your future home.

5. Inquire about pet policies

If you’re planning to take a pet in your new home, make sure you find a condo that has gentle pet policies. Some properties owned by DMCI Homes, for example, allow you to bring pets inside your unit in the building.

Ask your landlord or landlady to clarify the rules about pet ownership. Make sure you get all the details: animal size, type, and other essential qualifications that apply. When it’s time to move in, make arrangements to make sure that your pet won’t get in the way while you’re unpacking and moving things around, too.

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6. Secure important documents

Leasing may seem like a complicated process for a first-time renter. There are a lot of documents you need to process, and legally binding papers you need to sign. For instance, you need to secure your last paycheck or any proof of employment so your potential lessor can make sure that you have a source of income.

The contract, of course, is the most important document you need to secure. It outlines your rights as a tenant, together with rules that apply to the unit. If your landlord promises something, make sure it’s clearly indicated in the contract. If there’s an article in the contract you want to change, negotiate with your lessor prior to signing. Read through all the fine print before you sign too.

7. Plan the logistics of the move

Once the deal is done and you’ve signed your contract, it’s time to plan one of the more stressful worries of condo living - the logistics of moving into your brand new home.

Who will take you from your current place, to your new one? Can you ask your friends and relatives to help you move your belongings to your new DMCI Homes condo, or should you just hire a professional service? Make sure to strategize everything in advance to avoid any worries and ensure things run smoothly on the day of your big move.

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8. Unpack your bags and boxes

Now’s the fun part: unpacking. You’ll get to decorate your living space again—isn’t that exciting? You can arrange your books in your new shelf and your clothes in your new dresser. You can even invite your friends and family over to help you move things around.

Just don’t forget to unpack essential things a first-time condo renter like you can’t do without. These include getting a new lock for your doors, installing major appliances, buying cleaning supplies and bathroom essentials, and bringing in your own kitchen equipment, among others.

9. Personalize your space

Once you have everything unpacked and ready to go, you can finally personalize your home and bring it to life. Some common ways that tenants make their unit their own are to maximize the smaller space, or to transform it into a luxury abode. But how you go about personalizing your home all depends on what you want from your up-and-coming condo-dwelling lifestyle.

Want to make the most of the smaller living space? Use smart storage solutions, utilize lots of natural light, and decorate your home with lighter colors. Want a luxurious-looking unit? Fill it up with greenery, plush furniture, and other rich-looking items. How you decorate your home is up to you now - this brand new space is yours to personalize today.

10. Update your billing address

One of the final things you need to do when renting is to change your address in important documents. It’s one way to make sure that all your mail, bills, and communications go to the right place. Double checking and confirming your address will also make it easier for you to automate some of your bill payments, and avoid potential renting horrors in the long run.

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Final tips for a great condo-for-rent experience

You deserve to enjoy your first ever experience with a home for lease this year. Aside from all the tips listed above, remember to plan for the future of your lease as well by saving up today.

Save up your extra money throughout the duration of your lease, so that you can avoid any financial troubles in the long run. Make realistic budget plans, cut down on expenses when you can, and commit to your financial goals. You’ll enjoy your newfound independence a lot more if you know how to think ahead for a less stressful condo-dwelling experience in the long run.

Key takeaways

Enjoy your experience as a first-time renter with DMCI Homes today. Here are some final tips to take with you as you make the most of your tenancy this year:

  • Ask questions throughout the whole process. From the condo searching process to the move-in experience, don’t be afraid to ask questions from everyone you can so that you can be prepared for anything.
  • Save up for the future. This is so that you can enjoy a stress-free tenancy without any financial woes, even in the far future.
  • Get help from experts in real estate. With the help of the reliable agents at DMCI Homes, you can find the perfect property for lease for all your lifestyle needs today.


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